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1. What is a cab file?

Cab is a type of compressed file on a computer. It is a Microsoft product. It can be decompressed with WinRAR and some cab compressed files can be seen in the DOS boot disk. In fact, the cab compression program is already included in windows, but now the cab file is not commonly used and is replaced by zip and RAR.
PPC cab package (For details, refer to my reference on the 7th floor)
The cab on PPC is actually an installation package, which contains files required for installation, information such as the software name, company name, applicable operating system, version number, and default installation path, there are also shortcuts.
The cab installation package is used on many handheld devices. However, you must select the cab package suitable for your current system. Otherwise, incompatibility and errors may occur.
The cab of PPC must be decompressed/added with special software, and a bunch of garbled characters are opened with WinRAR. For details about these details, see the 5th floor.
A cab can also be called a compressed package, because the size of the installed file is larger than that of the original cab.

It is convenient to install the cab without any external software. You only need to copy the cab to PPC and open the cab to automatically install the cab with the built-in installation program, the disadvantage is that you cannot select the installation path (only applicable to wm2003) and the cab file is automatically deleted.
In this case, we need a third-party tool. We recommend that you use cabinstl and SK. The latest version is 1.04 in Chinese. There is also a prompt during the installation of the software, that is, whether you have installed the software in this directory or not. Of course, you can cancel it if you feel annoying. After associating it with the cab, double-click the cab file to open it automatically. It is convenient to select the installation path and not delete the cab.
During cab installation, shortcuts are generally generated in the "Start" menu/program.
Some taxis are suitable for the installation of old systems. In this case, you only need to click "yes" when the "continue installation" dialog box appears. But for some different systems, such as PSPC cab for PPC, it is best not to install it, and the system is not damaged.
For details about how to select a cab suitable for your machine, refer to the sixth floor.

. Cab Installation File: The WindowsCE cab file is different from the traditional cab file. The WindowsCE cab file contains a lot of information: the company of the software maker, the software name, and the file is installed in the PPC/SP location, system Requirements of the software (for example, a cab package that can only be used for SH3 CPU. After it is opened with Wince cab manager, processor type: hitashi SH3 will be indicated, and the maximum supported version is 3.1, the minimum value is 2.0, so this package cannot be installed in the host of the 2003 system.) write the registry information, the shortcut location, and the setup DLL file.

2. How to Create a cab file

Next these are transferred from:


There are many websites on the Internet. Here we use wince cab Manager 2.0 as an example to describe it.

Wince cab Manager 2.0: A software used on a computer. It is a program designed for programmers and developers in the Windows CE operating system. It directly reads files in the Windows CE cab format, removed learning to use the complex Windows CE inf file format to install the Windows CE program. You can create a cab package or unbind the cab package to view all the programs and registries in the cab package. You can also modify the cab Installation File Created through Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005. Can this software go to Tid = 229676 download

Wince cab manager is a practical PPC-side cab packaging software that allows you to add, delete, modify shortcuts, set the installation directory, and edit the registry, you can customize your own cab installation files. The new version is compatible with the cab package of Wince 5.0 and supports all Windows ce cab files.

Create a cab file

1.decompress wince_cab_manager3.0_green release .rar, then open the greening software. BAT for registration, then open cecabmanager. EXE, and press the "new" button on the tool button to display a wizard. Enter the company name and program name, click Next, support device default, click Next, select process (Processor type) default, click Next, and click Finish.

2. Click "cab information" on the Left bar, double-click the default installation directory, add the installation directory, and check "compile to execution program.

3. Click "file" on the Left bar, drag and drop the file into it, or right-click to add the file. After adding or dragging a file, the file Properties dialog box appears. Select the installation path from "location". % installdir % is the default path (which has been set above ), check "compile to execution program" and click "OK.

Note: different files must be added one by one in different paths. If all files are installed in the same directory, they can be added together.
Folder cannot be added directly. To open the folder, add all files to your newly added directory.

4. Import and save the Registry file exported from another cab file. Open the saved file again, and you can see the file. Click the Registry directory and double-click it to directly change it to the directory you need. Then, check whether the file directory is correct, save and the cab file is created.

Entry 2 of the Registry: directory where the desktop shortcut icon is stored
Item 3: name of the desktop shortcut
Item 4: software storage directory
Item 5: locations where the desktop shortcut icon is displayed
Item 6: Position of the desktop shortcut icon on the page

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