Cannon (Checkerboard DP)

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Always think that they write is the state compression, the result is written to know is a chessboard DP

First look at the topic

Yes, chess, or only chess.

For the number of scenarios, I was the first to consider DFS, but the time-out is stable, so decisively give up

And remember that there was a DP question similar to this one before.

So the idea began to shift to DP

After careful consideration, the state of the chessboard is pressed to three dimensions.


I: The first line of the Chessboard K: a few columns of the previous I row put a gun chess J: There are a few columns in the front I row two gun chess

Because the cannon will be played across the board, so there are up to two guns in a row or row


There are 6 elements of the DP equation:

1: No blasting chess, so the equation is dp[i][k][j]+=dp[i-1][k][j];

2: Put a cannon in a row without gun chess, the equation is dp[i][j][k]+=dp[i-1][k-1][j]* (m-k-j+1);

3: Put a cannon in a row with a gun, the equation is dp[i][j][k]+=dp[i-1][k+1][j-1]* (k+1);

4: Put a gun in a row with a gun and a gun in a row without a gun, the equation is dp[i][j][k]+=dp[i-1][k][j-1]* (k) * (m-j-k+1)/2;

5: Put a gun in a row with a gun and a gun in a row with a cannon, the equation is dp[i][k][j]+= (k+2) * (k+1)/2*dp[i-1][k+2][j-2];

6: Put a gun in a row without a gun and put a gun in a row without a gun, the equation is dp[i][k][j]+= (m-j-k+2) * (m-j-k+1)/2*dp[i-1][k-2][j];

Okay, now we can put the code on.


#include <cstdio>#include<iostream>#defineMoD 999983using namespacestd;intn,m;Long Long intdp[101][101][101],ans=0;intMain () {scanf ("%d%d",&n,&m); dp[0][0][0]=1;  for(intI=1; i<=n;i++)    {         for(intk=0; k<=m;k++)        {             for(intj=0; j<=m-k;j++) {Dp[i][k][j]=dp[i-1][k][j]; if(k) dp[i][k][j]+= (m-k-j+1) *dp[i-1][k-1][j]%MoD; if(J&&k<m) dp[i][k][j]+= (k +1) *dp[i-1][k+1][j-1]%MoD; if(k>1) dp[i][k][j]+= (m-j-k+2) * (m-j-k+1)/2*dp[i-1][k-2][j]%MoD; if(j>1&&k<m-1) dp[i][k][j]+= (k +2) * (k +1)/2*dp[i-1][k+2][j-2]%MoD; if(k&&j) dp[i][k][j]+= (m-j-k+1) * (k) *dp[i-1][k][j-1]%MoD; DP[I][K][J]%=MoD; }        }    }     for(intI=0; i<=m;i++)    {         for(intj=0; j<=m-i;j++) {ans+=Dp[n][i][j]; Ans%=MoD; }} printf ("%lld\n", ans); return 0;}

Cannon (Checkerboard DP)

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