Common computer hardware failure problems in XP system

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The whole computer is divided into hardware and software two parts, when the computer fails, everyone will analyze the hardware or software, the software part of the system will be roughly solved by reloading, but the hardware contains a lot of content, computer chassis, main body, hard disk, built-in memory, CPU fan and so on are included in the hardware facilities, there are problems when you do not know how to troubleshoot what part of the problem, the following small series for everyone to summarize the computer hardware will appear problems and how to solve the problem!

XP system computer Hardware common problem analysis is as follows:

1: The computer's motherboard capacitor damage to our graphics card is not normal use, the solution is that we directly use the capacitor on the motherboard to replace the nominal value can solve the problem.

2: The computer power switch can not be used normally, the Start button is not open after the computer, the solution we preferred to test the computer, the use of a multimeter can be connected to the power to start can see whether the line has been broken, broken off will need to be replaced.

3: The computer appeared wrong jumper computer can not start, can not boot, the solution is that we need to be based on the installation instructions to the docking, the right interface needs to be connected to the power, and then on the boot.

4: The computer can not boot on the other may be the motherboard capacitor damage, such as the case, we need to open our chassis, and then use the multimeter to our CPU next to the socket capacitance test, see can meet the standard, need to replace the same capacitor can solve the problem.

Computer hardware contains a lot of content, it is difficult to find out what is the problem, the above small collation of the content is very effective, can be effective solutions, if your computer also appeared these problems, you can see this tutorial!

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