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Despite the mixed comments on Internet cafes, it is undeniable that it has played an important role in promoting the public's understanding of the Internet. It has quietly changed or is changing people's lifestyles, the aim is to provide Internet cafes or online coffee shops for Internet users with a comfortable and relaxed Internet access environment and high-speed and convenient Internet access services, attracting more and more Internet users to patronize, the number of Internet users showed a high-speed growth trend. The Internet cafe business model has been accepted by the majority of users.

Although the overall trend of Internet cafe operation is towards large-scale development, in some cases, the operation scale of some Internet cafes is relatively small due to the limitation of the place of operation. Many Internet cafe operators are concerned about the small-scale Internet cafe networking solution consisting of less than 50 computers. Internet cafe operators are also facing a challenge in choosing an Internet access method: they are choosing an expensive enterprise-level router with complete functions, or should I choose a single ADSL modem + proxy server? This problem seems to be a headache, which makes it impossible to have both the fish and the bear's paw. However, there is a better way to choose Internet cafe router products, which meets the requirements of Internet cafe users to share the Internet and replace expensive traditional enterprise-level routers to a certain extent. For small-scale Internet cafes that consist of less than 50 computers, the scale is small, but the functions still need to be large. The operation quality of Internet cafes cannot be affected because of the small scale.

Small Internet cafe Solution

Small-sized Internet cafes use the hard drive Boot Mode of the local machine in the client system because of their small scale. The network is an equivalent network without servers. The M network trunk is used. Common switches are used to connect all clients. Connect to the INTERNET through ADSL and use a multi-functional Broadband Router and adsl mondem. The entire system has a simple structure, stable performance, suitable cost, easy installation, simple maintenance, stable and reliable performance, and a large space for upgrading. It provides high-speed access to the Internet, which is especially suitable for a variety of stand-alone, lan and Internet games. It is more suitable for game enthusiasts.

The main devices required for networking are one adsl moodem, one Broadband Router, and two switches. In consideration of security, we also need to install a hardware firewall.

The topology is as follows:

Product Model Rating Reference price

Features:Using its self-developed Linux Kernel System
Advantages:High reliability, stability, and cost effectiveness
Note:Office and Internet cafe Routers

Features:Provides a complete Chinese configuration interface, easy to set
Note:SOHO Broadband Router

Alpha V9
Features:Rich and easy to use features
Advantages:Excellent Stability and Load Ability
Note:Internet cafe Broadband Router

Features:Standard Design
Advantages:Outstanding Performance
Note:24-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Jin Lang S1024P
Features:Standard Design
Advantages:Practical and cost-effective
Note:24-port Standard switch

Features:Powerful functions
Advantages:Great factory products with good quality
Note:24-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Features:Integrates Network Address Translation (NAT), routers, switches, anti-virus, and print servers.
Advantages:Secure, reliable, cost-effective
Note:Hardware firewall
Internet cafe router featuresInternet cafe routers have ADSL/Cable/FTTx + LAN connection capabilities. Internet cafe routers generally have a 10 Mbps or 10/100 Mbps wide area network port, up to 4 ~ 8 10/100 Mbps LAN ports with NAT for Network Address Translation) to achieve shared access for multiple users. Internet cafe routers generally use a dedicated operating system, which is not prone to attacks. Even if an attack occurs, the restart time is very short, ensuring the operation of Internet cafes. The most important thing is that Internet cafe routers generally use the Chinese wizard interface, which is easier to configure than the proxy server. TENDA TEI6611The TEI6611 vro uses its self-developed Linux kernel system to ensure high reliability and stability. It can connect multiple computers in the LAN to the Internet at high speed through broadband. TEI6611 is built with a full-duplex 4-port 10/100 M switch. If there are less than 4 computers, you do not need to configure another hub or switch. TEI6611 can be configured as a DHCP server and supports standard Linux Iptables firewall configuration scripts. You can customize your network security policies by using advanced firewall scripts. It can control and filter the forwarding data of routers and enter the target data address as a router) to realize the real router + Firewall function. It is the best internet shared router for offices and small Internet cafes. It truly supports UPnP, MSN sound, video voice communication, MSN, QQ, and other chat tools. It supports online upgrades and is the preferred product for 50-node Internet cafe broadband routers. TP-LINK TL-R402M
TL-R402M SOHO Broadband Router is designed to meet the Office and home Internet needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, in line with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, ICMP, NAT, and SNTP protocols. Provides one 10/100 M Adaptive Ethernet WAN interface, which can be connected to xDSL/Cable/Ethernet, and Four 10/100 M Adaptive Ethernet LAN interfaces, auto MDI/MDIX can be automatically flipped over ports, built-in DHCP servers, and static address allocation. This product features superior performance and simple configuration. Provides a wide range of management functions to manage systems, DHCP servers, virtual servers, DMZ hosts, firewalls, Internet access permission management, static route tables, and UPnP. It also provides a full Chinese configuration interface, the user interface is user-friendly and easy to configure. It is the preferred product for a 50-node Internet cafe Broadband Router. Alpha V9Alpha V9 Broadband Router is a simple and efficient Broadband Router product designed and manufactured for Internet cafes, small and medium-sized enterprises, and schools. It has the most outstanding features, outstanding stability, outstanding throughput and strong load capabilities, rich and easy-to-use features. It supports CABLE/xdsl modem access, or Ethernet access. Provides four 10/100 Mbps LAN ports and one 10/100 Mbps WAN port. The WAN port can be connected to xDSL, Cable Modem, leased line, LAN, and so on. It supports DDNS, DHCP server, and network address translation NAT), and DMZ, which can be used for multimedia applications such as IP phones, video conferences, and online games. As a Broadband Router with a wide range of applications, Alpha V9 is suitable for small businesses and has high load capacity and high throughput, at the same time, the price below yuan makes it very suitable for small-sized Internet cafes. VswitchIn terms of vswitches, we mainly choose cost-effective products. Because of the small scale, the vswitch can select a 24-port M switch to meet the requirements. NETGEAR 24-port M switch JFS524

JFS524 non-Network-managed rack switches provide Gbps line rate switching performance. Provides 24 10/100 M port access, up to 4 k mac address table, each port operates at 10 M or 14.8 M, the packet forwarding rate is K/second; the maximum delay is only 20 u/second; achieve the performance required by Fast Ethernet. In addition, JFS524 also provides the positive/reverse line self-identification function for each port connection line, facilitating the connection of the Computer Nic; Concise LED status display, allowing the network administrator to intuitively view the switch running status.

Jinlang 24-port Standard switch S1024P
The S1024 switch is a 24-port 10/100 M plug-and-play Ethernet switch with a standard 19 inch rack structure. It is designed for the steel shell structure of the engineering rack and provides intelligent Configuration Management settings, ease of cooling and basic smart configuration. It has 8 k mac Address Table capacity, can learn and automatically refresh MAC address table; provides true non-blocking NON-BLOCKING) exchange mechanism; uses reliable storage forwarding Store-and-forward) switching mechanism; full duplex mode is based on 802.3x traffic control, and half duplex mode is capable of Back-voltage traffic control. Supports Broadcast Storm filtering) and 160v ~ V voltage fluctuation.

TP-LINK 24 port ethernet switch TL-SF1024

The TL-SF1024 is a two-speed 24-port 10/100 M Ethernet switch, with a rack-type steel shell structure design, suitable for small and medium-sized office and home networks, compatible with 100Base-TX and 10Base-T network environments. The port speed is 10/100 MB. The LED panel light dynamically displays the power supply, network disconnection, port rate, and full/Half Duplex status.

TL-SF1024 provides a simple, economic, high-performance, seamless, standard M network solution, in improving the performance of the Working Group provides a lot of flexibility, with simple and flexible use, easy to install, featuring superior performance and high cost performance, it is an ideal choice for small-sized Internet cafes that increase service speeds.



We recommend NETGEAR FR114P SPI firewall. The FR114P firewall Integrates Network Address Translation (NAT), routers, switches, anti-virus, and print servers. It is the best choice for small-sized Internet cafes.

FR114P firewall has one WAN port, four lanports, and one printing server port. The 10/100 m wan Interface of FR114P supports various broadband access methods such as xDSL, Cable Modem, and Ethernet access. The 10/100 m lan interface is used for internal network connection. The print server port can be connected to most brands of printers to facilitate the printing services for Internet cafe users.

FR114P SPI broadband firewall has Lan-Wan throughput performance greater than 15 Mbps. built-in SPI status connection packet detection) firewall, which can avoid internal network attacks from the Internet. At the same time, the built-in policy rules provide the Administrator with various measures to define policies. For example, to determine whether an internal host has the right or when the Internet can be used, filter sensitive words or websites on the Internet. You can also define and close the service port to prevent internal and external virus attacks.

The stable performance and low price of FR114P are the best purchase options for small-sized Internet cafes. At the same time, the stability of the firewall is a key part of the Internet cafe network.

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