DirectX Study Notes (1)-What are DirectX and directx3d?

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What are DirectX and directx3d?

DirectX has two different meanings:

1. DirectX SDK (also known as "DirectX Development Kit") or DirectX API (DirectX applicationProgramProgrammable Interface), which is an application interface provided by Microsoft for developing high-performance multimedia programs;

The second is DirectX runtime, which is a set of Dynamic Link Libraries necessary for running programs developed using the DirectX SDK. When installing a game program, A prompt box is often displayed asking you if you want to install the latest version of DirectX. The DirectX mentioned here is DirectX runtime.

The DirectX-based multimedia program runs on the hardware abstraction layer (HAL). It not only makes full use of the system hardware acceleration function, but also hides hardware-related device features, by writing highly efficient devicesCode, DirectX programs can always run in the best way, so it is efficient and easy to develop.

DirectX consists of several parts, each of which is responsible for specific functions. DirectX (d3d for short) is a component responsible for 3D graphics. It is the most important and complex component of DirectX.

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