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DirectX 9.0c Game Development Journal of RPG Programming Self-learning log 15:drawing with DirectX Graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (第8-9 section)

This article by Harry _ Spider-Man original, reproduced please indicate the source! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]This time we continue to tell Jim Adams old brother's RPG Programming book Second edition of Chapter 8th: Using Fonts (use fonts), and section 9th: Billboards (Billboard). The two sections are not much, so put it in one issue.Original translation:=============================================================================== 2.8 Using Fonts ( use fonts )

DirectX 9.0c Game Development Journal of RPG Programming self-learning log nine--drawing with DirectX graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (B)

set ZF to a higher value in your project, if you want to draw objects that are more than 1000.0 units long.After you have constructed the projection matrix, you use the Idirect3ddevice9::settransform function to set the projection transformation matrix, and this time set the state parameter to D3dts_projection:g_pd3ddevice =pre-initialized device Objectd3dxmatrix matproj; Create theprojection Transformation Matrixd3dxmatrixperspectivefovlh (MATPROJ,D3DX_PI/4, 1.0f, 1000.0f,); Set the Projection

DirectX 9.0c Game Development notes of RPG programming self-learning log eight--drawing with DirectX graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (A)

of these sections are finally finished. Perhaps the reader is not very clear, especially the meaning of the specific parameters of the function. In fact, you can refer to the SDK documentation, or refer to the second edition of Dragon Book. In addition, the method used here to set the vertex is not used in my updated version of the code, but with the second version of the Dragon book more advanced, more flexible way, so see not very understand also has no relationship.DirectX 9.0c Game Developm

DirectX 9.0c Game Development Journal of RPG programming self-learning Diary of the Ten--drawing with DirectX Graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (C)

Direct3D to update the entire display (because the function can show only a portion at a time), as shown in the following code:g_pd3ddevice =pre-initialized device objectif (FAILED (g_pd3ddevice->present (null,null, NULL, NULL))) { // Error occurred}That's it! In order to create more realistic scenes, you use a number of different vertex caches to draw a variety of mid-range objects in your world. Another way to improve the authenticity of your graphics is to use texture mapping.============

Beginning DirectX 10 game programming (Chapter 01 DirectX Introduction)

DirectX is a game API on Windows. A few years ago, game developers struggled with hardware incompatibility, making it difficult for everyone to play the same game. Later, Microsoft launched DirectX. It provides a single and clean API for game developers to achieve compatibility with different types of hardware. Due to the release of DirectX, the number of games o

DirectX Study Notes (1)-What are DirectX and directx3d?

What are DirectX and directx3d? DirectX has two different meanings: 1. DirectX SDK (also known as "DirectX Development Kit") or DirectX API (DirectX applicationProgramProgrammable Interface), which is an application interface pr

How Windows 10 looks at the DirectX version of the DirectX version

Win10 not only brings new edge brand new browser, Natalie Assistant functions, Win10 also built in the latest DirectX 12, can bring a better gaming experience. DirectX 12 is a very important API update that improves drive efficiency and gives developers more control over it. Win10 bring DX12? What do you think of Win10 with the DirectX version? The following is a

2018 newest and most complete--ai + Big Data high-end training tutorial-ai video Tutorial

2018 newest and most comprehensive--ai + Big Data high-end training courseCourse Study Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.com5 Stages, 20+ course, 16+ Classic case, 4 major commercial project combat, 5 level Competency Training model (code level, application level, engineering level, algorithm level, expert level), to create the most practical, understand, learn, the mos

Visual C # DirectX Development Series A first-knowledge of DirectX

1. How to view the version of the native DirectX:Click "Start"-"Run", enter "DxDiag" in "Run", the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window pops up, on the home page, there is a lot of system information, the bottom one is the DirectX version.2. Add a reference to the DirectX Class Library:Create a new WinForm form application and add three reference (References), respecti

2018 the newest great God teaches you to use Python to play the data video tutorial

-party packages in Python are also discussed.MODULE 05: Object-oriented and graphical user interfaceThis module mainly discusses the object-oriented, graphical user interface and object-oriented relationship, this part of the content only requires the understanding of concepts, in the future can be used in a variety of new functions more easily and easier to ground hands, do not require writing programs. In addition, the basic framework of graphical user interface, common building and layout man

Introducing Exthereum, the newest Ethereum Client

his team's support and feedback to the project. Harley ' s work to explore the project at Truebit. To Igor at POA for his team's dedication to continuing to move this project, Exthereum, forward. Ethereum builds its strength through teams from all over the world building new tools, new protocols and trying new ideas. I hope that Exthereum can is a tool that inspires new teams to take the leap and start contributing or participating in T He Ethereum community. If you ' re interested in learning

An article about DirectX 10

Microsoft's DirectX 10 represents the greatest progress in 3D APIs since the advent of programmable shader. With a variety of re-engineering, DirectX 10 presents a series of very eye-catching new features, including highly optimized runtime, powerful geometry shader, texture array, and so on, these features will bring PC real-time 3D graphics into a new world. A Brief History of

Get newest V5.5.5 xprog-m ECU Programmer on Eobd2

Simply judge from Price, we can get the conclusion that xprog-m V5.5.5 is obviously much stronger than version V5.50.Here comes with newest V5.5.5 x-prog M ECU Programmer Highlights:1. Package comes with Lenovo T420 laptop, hard disk and USB dongle;Laptop Lenovo T420 Specifications:Condition:usedMemory:2gbScreen size:14.0Memory (RAM): Intel (R) Core (TM) I5 CPUPrimary DRIVE:DVD+/-RW Processor Speed:2.53ghzProcessor configuration:dual Core2. Add new au

DirectX -- Filter property page call, directx -- filter

DirectX -- Filter property page call, directx -- filterIEnumFilters * pEnum;HRESULT hr;If (pigb){Hr = pigb-> EnumFilters ( pEnum );If (FAILED (hr )){Return;}IBaseFilter * pFilter = NULL;While (pEnum-> Next (1, pFilter, NULL) = S_ OK){// Check for required interfaceIUnknown * pUnk; // query the Filter interface. There is only one?HRESULT hrQuery = pFilter-> QueryInterface (IID_IVideoWindow, (void **) pUnk

DirectX video playback ------ manual connection, directx ------

DirectX video playback ------ manual connection, directx ------ IGraphBuilder *pigb = NULL;IMediaControl *pimc = NULL;IMediaEventEx *pimex = NULL;IVideoWindow *pivw = NULL;IMediaSeeking *pims = NULL; ICaptureGraphBuilder2 * g_pCaptureBuilder = NULL; IBaseFilter * pF = 0; void CTestFilterDlg: OnButton4 () {// TODO: Add your control notification handler code hereCoInitialize (NULL); HRESULThr = CoCr

Indie games are getting easier: Unity releases its newest game engine, Unity 5, and still has a free version

It's becoming easier for independent developers to develop games, because many of the thankless work in game design can be solved directly using game engines like Epic games or Unity Technologies. These days, the game engine has announced that its products will be cheaper or even free of charge to the game developers, the threshold for the development of the game is further reduced.First Epic Games announced its Unreal Engine 4 (Unreal Engine 4) from its official blog in Monday and is available

In, MVC uses Iframe to implement a brushless newest upload file instance, mvciframe

In, MVC uses Iframe to implement a brushless newest upload file instance, mvciframe The example in this article describes how MVC uses Iframe in to upload files without refreshing the new one. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: Html:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: CallBack function:Copy codeCode: var UploadFun = {CallBack: function (msg ){$. Messager. alert ('upload file', msg, 'in

Discussion on Remote Data Acquisition Technology of Brushless newest

Refresh Technology has gone through several stages: 1. Add a key to the HTML file header so that the page jumps to the specified page (including itself) after the specified time ); For example: Ii. Use the framework and regularly refresh the framework content in the JS script. The above two methods will reload the page, that is, refresh. It doesn't feel good! So the new anti-bot technology emerged. 3. It is an alternative to the second method. Set the length and width of one of the many framewo

[ASP. NET 2.0] Use icallbackeventhandler in Step 6 to implement brushless newest callback)

[ASP. NET 2.0] Use icallbackeventhandler in Step 6 to implement brushless newest callback========================================================== ================================Step 6: Use icallbackeventhandler to implement the callback without refreshing The non-refreshing callback promoted by Ajax technology requires a lot of JavaScriptCodeOr use some Ajax frameworks to greatly reduce development efficiency and maintainability. In fact, this in

JQuery + ajax Implementation of the brushless newest cascade menu example, jqueryajax

JQuery + ajax Implementation of the brushless newest cascade menu example, jqueryajax The front-end uses AJAX to directly call the back-end method. Some old people post and ask questions. There is nothing to do with an example. The following is a front-end cascading menu that uses JQUERY and AJAX to call the background method. CasMenu. aspx page: CasMenu. aspx. cs Using System; using System. collections. generic; using System. linq; using System. web

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