How Windows 10 looks at the DirectX version of the DirectX version

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Win10 not only brings new edge brand new browser, Natalie Assistant functions, Win10 also built in the latest DirectX 12, can bring a better gaming experience. DirectX 12 is a very important API update that improves drive efficiency and gives developers more control over it. Win10 bring DX12? What do you think of Win10 with the DirectX version? The following is a detailed introduction.

1, in the WIN10 desktop interface, use the "Windows + R" combination of shortcut keys to open the Run Command box, and then enter the command "DxDiag", then click on the bottom of the confirmation open;

2, Next will pop up a DirectX Diagnostic Tool tip, here directly click on the bottom of the "yes" is good;

3, in the DirectX Diagnostics tool in the "System" tab, you can see the version of DirectX;

Obviously Win10 is the latest DX12 version, which can bring a better performance experience, from this point Win10 is undoubtedly better.

DirectX 12 is currently the latest version of DirectX in Microsoft's Windows 10 system, which brings better D graphics and sound effects, and is currently only Win10 with DX12
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