HP-UX. Use HP-UX to build fonts server, combined with xmanager connection, and display Chinese characters on the terminal

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1st  Confirm that the system supports the Chinese Language Environment
Execute locale Query
# Locale-A | grep ZH
The above is the Chinese language environment supported by the system

/(Root) # swlist-l fileset International

# Initializing...

# Contacting target "myhost "...


# Target: HP5400-1 :/



# International B .11.11 International

International. Arabic B .11.11 Arabic

International. Bulgarian B .11.11 Bulgarian

International. Chineses B .11.11 Chineses

International. chineset

The above operations should indicate that I have installed the Chinese environment.

Edit the/etc/DT/config/xconfig file and modify dtlogin * language: zh_cn.hp15cn.

// Sbin/init. d/dtlogin. RC Reset

Set-up a font server

It is necessary to set up a font server to provide fonts to the reflection X xserver so that CDE and HP-UX applications will work correctly. to determine whether or not a font server is already running on the HP-UX system, execute the following command:

$ PS-Ef | grep XFS

If a font server were running, you wocould see the following process in the Process List:

/Usr/bin/X11/XFS-config/etc/X11/fs/config-port 7000-DAEM

If a font server is already running, continue with the section "loading an existing font server"; otherwise, go to the section "loading and starting a new font server"

  • Processing an existing Font Server

    1. Append the following font path to the end of the catalogue = line in the font server's config file,/etc/X11/fs/config:


Note: All font paths are separated by a comma (,).

    1. Stop and restart the font server:

      $/Sbin/init. d/XFS stop;/sbin/init. d/XFS start

    Note: Stopping and restarting the font server while in use by users on xterminals cocould potentially reset their xserver, causing their session to exit.

    • Grouping and starting a new font server

      1. Append the following font path to the end of the catalogue = line in the font server's config file,/etc/X11/fs/config:


      2. Set the run_x_font_server environment variable to 1 in the/etc/rc. config. d/XFS file:

        Run_x_font_server = 1

      3. Start the font server:

        $/Sbin/init. d/XFS start

      4. Verify that the font server has been started:

        $ PS-Ef | grep XFS

    • Resolving "xfontserver error: cannot open configuration file." Errors

    If the error, "xfontserver error: cannot open configuration file." results when trying to start the font server, Perform one of the following steps to resolve the problem:

      • Install the latest font server patch.

      • Add the following line to the end of the/etc/rc. config. d/XFS file:

        Config_file_name =/etc/X11/fs/config


    Setup xmanager:

    1. Enter the connection properties, and click "Configure ":

    2. on the configuration page, click "font"-"add font server ":

    In hostname, write the IP address of the font server you just set, and write port 7000. Connect after applying


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