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HP-UX System overview

Installation At the factory, the computer should have installed the system, ready for use. If you have not already installed the system, refer to the "Hardware installation Guide" or "Owner's Guide" that came with your computer. Also, refer to

Connect HP-UX iSCSI to netapp

  Follow the http://docs.hp.com/en/T1452-90011/index.htmlInstall iSCSI software initiator on HP-UX.     Verify under 11.23     1) # swlist iSCSI-00# Initializing...# Contacting target "db1 "...## Target: db1 :/# # ISCSI-00 B .11.23.03f HP-UX iSCSI

"Translated from MoS article" installs TUSC under the HP-UX operating system as a non-root user

From:Installing TUSC for HP-UX 11.00, 11.11,11.23,11.31 (Pa-risc and Itanium) on the fly as a Non-root user (document ID 314533.1)Applies To:All PRODUCT access-version: HP-UX Pa-risc (64-bit)HP-UX Pa-risc (32-bit)HP-UX ItaniumGOALThe goal of this

HP-UX 11.0 Kernel Parameters

HP-UX 11.0 Kernel Parameters 1.1 Kernel configuration Concept Abstract, kernel configurations are a collection of all administrator options and settings that are used to determine kernel behavior and functionality in the HP-UX. 1.1.1 kernel

HP-UX Installation

Required media and materials for installation:HP-UX 11.0 core OS install/update/recovery Cd (1)HP-UX 11.0 support plus (1)HP-UX 11.0 Application Software Cd (5)1. Preparations before installation:Before installing the system, check the connections

HP-UX system backup and recovery

Directory I. Common commands for system backup and recovery1. fbackup/frecover2. Tar3. Sam4. copyutil5. make_recovery Ii. methods and strategies for system backup and recovery1. system backup policy2. System Recovery Policy 1. Common commands for

Installation and configuration of Oracle 8I under HP-UX

Oracle recently in the toss hp-ux11.11, I will be the Oracle 8I in HP-UX installation and configuration process written out, I hope to share with you, if you can help, Diao greedy feel gratified. If you have any questions or your experiences and

Oracle -- HP-UX Itanium Oracle 11g R2 Remote Installation manual

The project team needs to install Oracle on a remote HP minicomputer. The hardware information of the system is as follows: The software information is as follows: 1. Download the correct Oracle Installation version HP-UX can run on HP's own

HP-UX platform IoctlASYNC_CONFIGerror, errno = 11 Error Analysis

The most recent user's database has the following error: IoctlASYNC_CONFIGerror, errno11 environment is as follows: HP-UX11.31, ORACLE10. metali The most recent user's database has the following error: Ioctl ASYNC_CONFIG error, errno = 11

HP-UX View version command

HP-UX View version command first use uname-a to view server type $ uname-aHP-UXWEBDB1B.11.31Uia640749665296unlimited-userlicense server name for HP-UX service: WEBDB1 server version: B .11.31 $ machinfo... HP-UX View version command first use

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