Ipad/ipad air cannot be turned on. What should I do? ipad cannot be turned on? Summary

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According to Xiao Bian's experience, ios devices cannot be turned on. Most of the problems are caused by power failure, crashes, and system crashes, the following small series will introduce different solutions to these problems.

1. System crash

If none of the above solutions works, and the iTunes connection screen is displayed on your ipad/ipad air screen, it indicates that the mobile phone is in recovery mode. In this case, the system is only restored for the mobile phone.

Try the following solution:

Connect your phone to your computer using a data cable, hold down the home key and power key for 10 seconds at the same time, then release the power key, and continue to press the home key for 5 seconds. If you see a connection to iTunes, it will fail, and you will have to restart. If the screen does not light up after these two steps, the DFU recovery mode will be enabled. Then, you can use iTunes to restore the iPhone, or use a third-party Flash software to re-flash the iPhone.

2. No electricity

If the device has no power, the machine cannot be turned on. This problem is mostly caused by the novice fruit powder, which is also a small bit of information on the network. To solve this problem, the ipad cannot be turned on and the method is charging, start the instance one hour later.

III. Software faults

If some software is installed, the device cannot be turned on, but the power is still sufficient, the problem can be solved simply by pressing the power of the ipad and the Home key of the main screen.
About 3-10 saw the white Apple and it was able to boot successfully.


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