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Fast tracking of Software defects

JIRA's website page enables testers to quickly report, manage, and track defects. Using Keyboard Shortcuts can easily navigate and modify problems. You can also access Jira directly from the IDE or through various other desktop clients, mobile clients, browser plug-ins, etc.

Your personal panel

You can configure your personal panel to display the issues assigned to me, View recent activities, or related issues. JIRA supports opensocial gadgets so that you can easily share them with other Atlassian products and Web applications.

Web Application Testing

If you are testing Web applications in your browser, you can quickly submit defects through Atlassian bonfire without switching to Jira.

Collect User feedback

Use the Jira issue collector to collect user suggestions, question sets, and other feedback from other products. You only need to add a button to other web applications, websites, and blogs. You do not need to log on to Jira. By clicking this button, you can enter the feedback information, after filling in the information, the information will be instantly transmitted to Jira. In this way, your development team or product manager can easily incorporate user feedback into the development plan.

Collect mobile phone feedback

Add Jira mobile connect to your mobile app to collect feedback from your mobile users. When a mobile application crashes, the full report is automatically sent to Jira for analysis and reporting.

Preset Project Report

By browsing the project page and built-in reports, you can intuitively obtain project information, access historical version change information and future version roadmap, run specific queries or share custom panels to your team.

Migrate from other systems to Jira

The previous tools are no longer used to adapt to development needs. Instead, they use Jira? You can easily import data and projects such as Bugzilla, Mantis, TRAC, fogbugz, and pivotal tracker to Jira.

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