Laser color Printer Maintenance Common sense FAQ and Troubleshooting _ Hardware Maintenance

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Q: EPSON C2000 in the Pink box of the developer roller has extra toner, resulting in the glass under the toner cartridge on the top of the toner, what is the cause?
A: If you are using special powder: In addition to the carbon powder damp, is the powder bin scraper is not very good, replace the scraper on it.

Q: After adding toner to HP1010, print blank, do not know why?
A: It is possible that the conductive copper plate of the photoconductor drum is not in contact with the outside PIN or the pin and the spring.
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Q: hp6l machine paper into the 2/3 of the paper jam, I would like to replace the paging device?
A: Paging is mainly responsible for a single sheet of paper, its damage will appear more than the imagination of paper, and paper jam, you can check the next rubbing paper wheel, transfer rollers, they are more likely to damage, if damaged please replace.

Q: Samsung 4500 after adding powder after the phenomenon of printing shallow is why?
A: First of all, add powder must be the original powder bin inside the powder clean clean, the powder bin scraper with a metal appliance scraping a few. (in one Direction) This can clean up the original scraping plate, which may be better.

Q: Samsung 808 after adding powder also reported powder?
A: In the drum in the middle of the groove with a 80 ma tube, so you can break the machine in the reset device, will not report the lack of powder.

Q: What is the bottom roll of the United States up to 1200 and what GM?
A: The United States can reach 1200 of the lower roller can be the same as epson5700/5800/5900

Q: hp6l Three lights all bright, where is the reason ah?
A: Press the Self-Test button, the first light, the other two lights out, possible reasons: 1 printer Lack of paper 2 printer front door open 3) cartridge not installed or installed incorrectly 4) Paper Jam 5 (6) the DC board damage. If the first two lights, after a lamp out, 1 laser error; 2 DC Board damage

Q: hp6l print out all white pages is that the problem?
A: There are many reasons to print a full white page, there are mainly these aspects: 1 OPC Copper sheet is not contacted, 2) the magnetic Roller is not charged 3 laser failure (including the laser light Path is blocked) 4 High-voltage board failure DC or interface board failure. can be examined gradually.

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