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The technique of HP laser printer fault troubleshooting

Laser printer is a good thing, printing speed, Office is also simple. But it can cause a lot of trouble in addition to its problems. After all, we are not experts, in the face of such a aroud things, as if the usual contact is not much, but also do not play, in addition to the problem is really bad whole. Therefore, when there is a problem, there is no alternative but to help. got good luck these days, me

Laser color Printer Maintenance Common sense FAQ and Troubleshooting _ Hardware Maintenance

Q: EPSON C2000 in the Pink box of the developer roller has extra toner, resulting in the glass under the toner cartridge on the top of the toner, what is the cause? A: If you are using special powder: In addition to the carbon powder damp, is the powder bin scraper is not very good, replace the scraper on it. Q: After adding toner to HP1010, print blank, do not know why? A: It is possible that the conductive copper plate of the photoconductor drum is not in contact with the outside PIN or the p

How to clear toner for Samsung laser printer

How to clear toner for Samsung laser printerToner for Samsung installation should be clearedThe clearing method is as follows:1. Press and hold the stop key to open the power supply, and then plug in the power and press the OK key (do not press the stop key ).2. Open the stop key and confirm key at the same time, and press OK.How Lenovo peripherals restore factor

An example of trouble repair for 29 cases of Lenovo Laser printer

It is inevitable that a laser printer fails after a period of time, as is the case with the Lenovo Laser printer ... Failure one, printer cannot print Symptom: Lenovo lj2000p Type laser

FAQs about laser printer photocopier maintenance

light is not on. After the power is turned on, only one power lamp is on, and the machine cannot work normally.Repair Method: check shows that it is not a problem with the recorder, nor a problem with the power supply or a small relay, but a 102J small resistance heated by a tube in a small box next to the power supply box is not in good contact with the circuit board, because it is a dual-sided circuit board, it must be welded on both sides, and troublesho

Laser printer fault and maintenance skills knowledge _ Hardware Maintenance

photoconductor drum, then the printed page is the first half blank, no image, the second half is the first half of the manuscript, and the image is normal, otherwise the image is distorted. The reason for this is that there is a problem with the bit sensor or the controller, which checks the sensor on the frame next to the scanner track. Found a sensor problem, resulting in a bit of the roll in advance feed, replace the sensor after the trial printing, tro

Laser printer faults and maintenance skills

whirlpool laser printer. When the printer sends a print job from the software, if the printer does not respond, the cause and troubleshooting methods are as follows: (1) The power cord is not connected to the printer or cannot b

Example of laser Printer maintenance

installed. After the boot, printed out the handwriting is very full. Fault two: A Canon St Laser printer often appears heating lamp does not light the fault, after the boot only one power supply light, the machine can not work properly. Repair method: Through the inspection found that the problem is not a fixer, is not a power supply, small relay problems, but the power box next to a small box tube heati

Common laser Printer Failure

power supply light, the machine can not work properly. Repair method: Through the inspection found that the problem is not a fixer, is not a power supply, small relay problems, but the power box next to a small box tube heating a 102J small resistor and circuit board contact is not good, because it is both sides of the circuit board, to both sides of the welding, electric chrome welding after troubleshooting. This fault in the St

Two cases of laser printer without handwriting fault maintenance _ Hardware Maintenance

Maintenance: The power self-test operation shows that the mechanical part of the laser printer is basically normal. After the power off, turn on the chassis to check the toner cartridge, toner, no abnormalities. Based on the fault of the long running time, the initial judgment may be related to the paper Road fault. Because the hand does not have this machine ready-made circuit diagram and related informa

Laser printer Failure overhaul Daquan 1th/2 page _ Hardware Maintenance

A Maintenance of no image in the front half of the printer's printed pageAn HP Kserjei laser printer, on the printed page often appear in the first half of the image, the second half of the manuscript is printed in the first half of the original, but the image is normal, no deformation.Failure phenomenon: Indicates that the paper is caused by poor, under normal circumstances, when the paper is rubbed to the

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