MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Installation U-Disk production

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First, the preparatory work:
    1. Prepare a USB flash drive with a capacity of 8GB or more to ensure that the data is properly backed up (this process erases all data on the USB stick)
    2. Download the official version of Apple OS X Yosemite installer (optional appsotre or online download)
    3. If you downloaded from Mac AppStore, the installer may start automatically when the download is complete, then exit the installation
    4. If you downloaded from a Web drive, move to the Applications folder by downloading the "Install OS X MacOS Sierra" (Shown as "Installing OS X MacOS Sierra").
Two, the format U disk:

Insert your USB drive, and then find and open Disk utility in the Application "->" utility, or open it directly with the Spotlight search Disk utility.

    1. -Find the name of the USB flash drive in the left list and click
    2. Select 2-partition on the top right, then select 1 partitions in 3-partition layout
    3. 4 "name" in the partition information input "iplaysoft" (because this name will be used in subsequent commands, if you want to change to another (English), be sure to modify the following command)
    4. Select 5-"mac OS Extension (journaled) in format
    5. At this point, do not rush to the "application", but also first in the 6 "options", such as
    6. Select the "guid partition table, and then tap OK
    7. Finally, click "Apply" to start formatting the USB drive.
Third, the input Terminal command to start making the Startup disk:

Sudo/applications/install\ macos\\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan--applicationpath/applications/install\ macos\

If two computers are updated on this computer first, the installation files will be downloaded in the application.

Erasing disk:0% ... 10% ... 20% ... 30% ... 100% ...
Copying installer files to disk ...
Copy complete.
Making Disk Bootable ...
Copying boot files ...
Copy complete.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Installation U-Disk production

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