Middle-aged to do four-point elimination

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People to middle age, the body's parts began to "tide", is "dangerous" "troubled". Therefore, people to middle age should keep healthy, in order to prevent some common diseases, in addition to pay attention to daily diet, but also should abstain from some bad habits.

  quit being lazy. people to middle age, unconsciously feel two legs heavy, easy to fatigue, so do not love sports, which shows that the aging has quietly come. Therefore, middle-aged should strictly avoid lazy, diligent walk, diligent movement.

  quit Labor. Middle-aged shoulder work and housework two burden, if too fatigue, the body organs can not get proper rest, time is long, will overwork, cause sleep bad, loss of appetite, weight loss.

  quit being angry. Middle-aged family chores, task heavy, mood swings easily, when people are angry, mood changes sharply, sympathetic nervous extremely excited. The adrenaline secretion increases and the heartbeat accelerates. blood pressure rises, the blood circulation in the body needs to be redeployed urgently, the normal physiological function of organ is disturbed, easy to induce gastric ulcer, hypertension, coronary heart disease and so on. Therefore, in middle age, people should learn to control their emotions.

  abstain from sexual indulgence. people to middle-aged, some people think tide, seize the time "missed lessons." Medical home Sun Simiao said: Hither Desire, then life with the morning dew also! The Motherland medicine thinks: the excess of the room labor is injured kidney. If kidney gas failure, light is dizzy, waist knee limp, heavy is all sick, endanger life. People to middle-aged, couples love is understandable, but should be enough, not indulge.

Middle-aged to do four-point elimination

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