OpenStack Deployment Summary: Use RDO Standalone installation Icehouse (Ml2+gre) on CentOS 6.5

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This article mainly describes how to install Icehouse through RDO on CentOS6.5, because the installation process involves more software and more complex dependencies, it is recommended to use a new operating system for installation.

Installation steps in detail such as the following

(1) Installing the operating system

Install the operating system using a disc or image file.

Partitioning requires dividing a logical area and creating a group named Cinder-volumes. This logical volume group will be used by cinder.

The effect created is similar to the following:

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To create the process please refer to:

Can also be created by command after loading the operating system

(2) Configure the network

Configure vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-em1, edit content such as the following


After the above configuration. Make sure the network is able to connect.

Because the instance executes in the process. The ability to stop the NetworkManager service, assuming that the service is useless and consumes a lot of memory

Chkconfig NetworkManager off

In addition to the NIC and NetworkManager off two configuration items, you also need to configure the host name, edit the/etc/hosts file   Yourhostname

(3) Install the relevant Yum source

Whether the correct installation of Yum source directly affects the correctness of installation, I install the process of a lot of problems are related to the source

The installation process mainly involves three sources:

Install 163 source

1, Backup/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo


2, download the corresponding version number repo file, put in the/etc/yum.repos.d/(please do the appropriate backup before operation)

    • CentOS5
    • CentOS6

Installing the Icehouse source

Run the following command

Installing the Epel source

Choose a 64-bit system, run the following command


Foreman.repo source will be generated when the source is installed, this source can be deleted directly

(4) Installation Openstack-packstack

Run the following command

Yum Install-y Openstack-packstack

(5) Configure and change the Packstack configuration file

For the convenience of running the same packstack configuration multiple times later. Be able to pilot out an original configuration and make some changes to this file. You can then install OpenStack in a way that specifies the configuration file

Build your own configuration file

Change configuration file

In order to verify the new features in Icehouse such as heat,lbaas,ceilometer, you need to install these builds, and the configuration on the network also makes some adjustments.

Overwrite the following configuration in the Myanswer.txt


(6) Run configuration file


(7) Login

Username to Admin,password for admin

OpenStack Deployment Summary: Use RDO Standalone installation Icehouse (Ml2+gre) on CentOS 6.5

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