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OpenStack Installation Deployment Tutorial

composition Three Basic Environment (1) We built the OpenStack environment as an example, a total of 5 machines, one as fuel Master, one as controller node, the other three as compute node. One of the basic requirements for hardware is to have three physical network ports (except fuel Master), the other is not very large requirements, the theory is certainly higher, the speed of the operation will be faster, before the installation of a note is to t

[Openstack] Openstack-mitaka High-availability Mariadb-galera cluster deployment

special:Controller1:/etc/init.d/mysql bootstrapController2:/etc/init.d/MySQL StartController3 :/etc/init.d/mysql StartLog on to any node for verification:# mysql-p123456mariadb [(none)]'wsrep_cluster_size';MariaDB [(none)] ' ws% ';Comments:The Wsrep_cluster_status is primary, which indicates that the node is the primary node and reads normally.Wsrep_ready is on to indicate that the cluster is functioning properly.The wsrep_cluster_size is 3, which indicates that the cluster has three nodes.To c

Openstack deployment Summary: Install a single-node openstack through a local Yum Source

= eth1Config_cinder_volumes_create = N#########Config_lbaas_install = yConfig_ceilometer_install = yConfig_heat_cloudwatch_install = yConfig_heat_cfn_install = yConfig_heat_install = y Configure the NIC DEVICE=eth0HWADDR=44:33:E7:D1:D4:C4TYPE=EthernetUUID=180283345-0a6f-478c-6f51-d87a128c5ab8ONBOOT=yesBOOTPROTO=staticIPADDR= Configure/etc/hosts # localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4localhost4.localdomain4127.0.

OpenStack deployment and O & M practices

perspective of application results, the Netease private cloud platform developed based on OpenStack has achieved the following goals: This increases the company's infrastructure resource utilization and reduces hardware costs. Taking the CPU usage of physical servers as an example, the private cloud platform increases the average CPU usage from 10% to 50%. Improves the level of infrastructure resource management and O M automation, thus reducing

Deployment of OpenStack Issues Summary (ii)--openstack Dashboard solution

-py2.6.egg-info ', '/usr ' /share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard ']The above error by canceling the endpoint interface in the $\ (tend_id) S $, no more such an error, but there is another errorKeyerror at/admin/' Tenant_usages ' Request Method: GET Request URL: Django Version: 1.4.8

Maas+juju+conjure-up fully automated deployment of OpenStack

Maas and JuJu are Ubuntu products, recently want to play OpenStack, see if you can deploy an experimental environment, although finally found that Maas and juju pattern is very useful but the official documents to the thing is too little, here I do not list the specific installation steps, I can only say that the installation steps are simply too simple and do not require very complicated documentation at all. The combination of Maas and juju with Con

Openstack implementation management manual-Chapter 1 deployment preparation

, so you can repeat each time. Correct use of the automatic configuration management tool not only simplifies the automatic deployment release of deployment and configuration changes, but also ensures that each component of the cloud system is in a specific State. These tools also make it possible to test and roll back changes, as they are fully repeatable. conveniently, a large body of work has been done

Openstack deployment Summary: "error: local IP for ovs agent must be set when tunneling is enabled" during deployment

Tags: centos openstack error local IPProblem description When using rdo for multi-node deployment and testing, the models of several dilapidated machines are different (some hp PCs and some Dell PCs ), the following error occurs: Applying [ DONE ] [ DONE ] 192.168

Openstack-swift Cloud Storage Deployment (i)

Services manages the directory of services in the OpenStack environment, which the service uses to locate other services in the environment, and creates service entities using the following command:Keystone--os-token 89bbecb48e973be18dd7--os-endpoint http://localhost:35357/v2.0 service-create--name Keystone-- Type identity (after executing this command, an ID is generated and the table prompts)Keystone--os-token 89bbecb48e973be18dd7--os-endpoint http

CentOS 7 Deployment OpenStack (9)-Deployment Dashboard

installation Dashboard[email protected] ~]# Yum install-y openstack-dashboardConfiguration Dashboard[Email protected] ~]# vim/etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settingsallowed_hosts = [' * ']108 CACHES = {109 ' default ': {' Backend ': ' Django.core.cache.backends.memcached.MemcachedCache ',111 ' Location ': ' ',112}113}138 Openstack_host = ""Openstack_keystone_default_role = "U

OpenStack Deployment Operations Combat

This paper introduces a cloud management platform based on OpenStack developed by NetEase, as well as the problems and experience sharing during development, operation and maintenance. As a large-scale Internet company, NetEase's IT infrastructure needs to support the needs of production, development, testing, management and so on, and the change of demand and request exists almost every day, which requires

Openstack-mitaka Compute Service Management installation configuration deployment (compute node Installation deployment)

/89/ED/wKiom1ghlBzznoSiAACf83JFiQU397.jpg-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_2977389735.jpg "title=" qq20161108165829.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1ghlbzznosiaacf83jfiqu397.jpg-wh_50 "/>Reference,The following subsections will organize the OpenStack Network Service deployment, and moreThis article is from the "Zhong blog" blog, make sure to keep this source http://c

Openstack deployment Summary: "Error: Local ip for ovs agent must be set when tunneling is enabled" during deployment, ovsagent

Openstack deployment Summary: "Error: Local ip for ovs agent must be set when tunneling is enabled" during deployment, ovsagentProblem description When using RDO for multi-node deployment and testing, the models of several dilapidated machines are different (some HP PCs and some DELL PCs ), the following error occurs:

OpenStack Deployment Installation (Icehouse version)-Control node (Controller)-Compute service (NOVA)

openstack-nova-consoleauth on# chkconfig Openstack-nova-scheduler on# chkconfig openstack-nova-conductor on# chkconfig openstack-nova-novncproxy on4.1.10 See if the Nova service is installed properly# Nova Image-list+--------------------------------------+---------------------+--------+--------+|ID |Name |Status |Serv

Openstack deployment Summary: "Error: Localipforovsagentmustbesetwhentunnelingisenabled" during deployment

Openstack deployment Summary: "Error: Localipforovsagentmustbesetwhentunnelingisenabled" during deploymentProblem description When using RDO for multi-node deployment and testing, the models of several dilapidated machines are different (some HP PCs and some DELL PCs ), the following error occurs: Applying

Openstack-liberty version Ciner Deployment (ix)

--region RegionOne volumev2 admin\(tenant_id\)s+--------------+--------------------------------------------+| Field | Value |+--------------+--------------------------------------------+| enabled | True || id | c7c6845176214a64ab9abefb7cc7acf8 || interface | admin || region | RegionOne

Problems and Solutions for openstack icehouse 3 node deployment

Shortly after I first came into contact with openstack, I encountered some problems when implementing 3-node deployment by referring to the official documentation, mainly focusing on the compute node. Fortunately, I had more than a decade of O M experience to help me solve the problem one by one. The solution is marked in red. System Environment: centos 6.5 64-bit IP addresses of each node: configured acc

Deployment of FUEL OpenStack on VirtualBox

Deployment of FUEL OpenStack on VirtualBox Deployment process of FUEL OpenStack on VirtualBox: The 6.1 version of Fuel. iso was installed several times according to the domestic and foreign tutorials, but the network verification never passed. I am not very familiar with the network. Later, I saw on the Internet that v

Openstack-liberty Version Glance service Deployment (II)

Glance Mirroring Service:Glance consists of three main components: Glance-api, glance-registry, and image storeGLANCE-API: Accepts the creation, deletion, and read requests of the system image.Glance-registry: Mirrored registration Service for cloud systemsGlance installation:[[emailprotected] ~]# yum -y install openstack-glance python-glance python-glanceclient[[emailprotected] ~]# vim /etc/glance/glance-api.conf [database]connection=mysql://glance:[

QuickStart OpenStack, Mitaka Deployment (1)--pre-environment set-up preparation __openstack

Reference: Official configuration document ( Preface What OpenStack is. Official explanation: OpenStack is a cloud operating system this controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources Throug Hout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard this gives administrators control while empowering their users to provi Sion resour

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