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Although it's a bit late than expected, YouTube is finally supporting degree video, which should appeal to VR enthusiasts. This January, Google said the feature will appear in the "next" few weeks. Now there are some panoramic videos on YouTube, and there will be more video in the future as the cameras go public.

The degree video is characterized by the ability to move the viewing angle during the viewing process, which is more shocking and interactive. With VR devices such as Oculus or Google Cardboard, you can move your head while you're watching, just like you're really in it.

Currently, thelatest version of YouTube for Android has supported this feature, and when users watch panoramic video on their phone, the content on the screen changes as the phone moves. applications for iOS and other platforms are under development.

When viewing these videos on a Web page, you can use the navigation tools to drag to change the perspective.

Or is this more reliable?

Predictably, as more and more degree panoramic cameras, YouTube's similar video will be more and more. Now on the market can take panoramic video equipment, has the Kickstarter project Giroptic, it can capture the image from three angles,Bublcam, it can record four angles of video, and Ricoh Theta. Google is also making adjustments to images taken by other devices, which YouTube says will allow the upload tool to automatically recognize degree videos.

This new feature also reflects YouTube's efforts to increase video interactivity. Last month, YouTube also introduced the ability to switch perspectives in video playback, which allows video producers to upload and merge multiple videos. In addition,Google also try to add degree images in Street View, then really can go home to travel around the world.

Here is a degree video, if you want to change the perspective, you need to visit the original site.

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Panorama VR video outsourcing company: Long-term VR Panorama video outsourcing (technology sharing YouTube  Panorama video)

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