RabbitMQ (a): Windows under RabbitMQ installation

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Installing RABBITMQ under 1.Windows requires the following steps

(1): Download Erlang because the RABBITMQ server code is written using Erlang in the Concurrency language: http://www.erlang.org/downloads, Double-click the. exe file to install it, create an environment variable named Erlang_home after installation, its value points to the installation directory for ERLANG, add%erlang_home%\bin to path, and finally open the command line ( Note Pit: WINDOW10 need to open with an administrator , enter Erl, if the version of Erlang appears, the installation of Erlang language environment is successful;

(2): Download rabbitmq,:http://www.rabbitmq.com/, also double-click the. exe to install it ( Note pit: The default installation directory is C:/Program files/...., there are spaces in this directory, We need to change the installation directory, it seems RabbitMQ installation directory is not allowed to have spaces, my installation path is D:\RabbitMQ);

(3): Install Rabbitmq-plugins, this is equivalent to a management interface, convenient for us to view the browser interface RABBITMQ each message queue and exchange work, the installation method is to open a command line CD into the RABBITMQ sbin directory, Input: Rabbitmq-plugins enable Rabbitmq_management command, you will find the plugins installation successful prompt, the default is to install 6 plug-ins, if you install the plug-in process, the following error occurred:

Error 5; system error 2 .... such as

The workaround is to:

First enter at the command line: Rabbitmq-service stop,

Then enter Rabbitmq-service Remove,

Then enter Rabbitmq-service Install,

Then enter Rabbitmq-service start,

Finally re-enter Rabbitmq-plugins enable Rabbitmq_management try,

Normal start-Up successful interface

(4): After the plug-in installation, in the browser input http://localhost:15672 to verify, you will see the following interface, enter the user name: Guest, Password: Guest You can enter the management interface, of course, the user name password you can change;

RabbitMQ (a): Windows under RabbitMQ installation

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