SAP ides configuration process after installation

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SAP ides installation, login, initialization, and some concepts

For installation details, refer to the above link.

Configuration process:

Update kernal

Install patch, add on

TCM scc1: Client copy

TCM rz10: Edit profile
Some profile will be pre-generated in the IDES system, but it does not make any sense, So delete it and get it again!
Precautions for profile configuration:
If you modify the profile on the OS layer, you must pay attention to the consistency in rz10. That is:
On the OS layer, modify the profile and restart sap to make the profile take effect. you need to delete the profile of the current version in rz10 and obtain it again (import profile> of Active Server ). after this operation, you can write the parameters in the OS-layer profile file to the SAP system database.
If you do not perform the 'reget' operation, when rz10 modifies the current half-current profile, the profile modified on the previous OS will be lost, that is, the data inconsistency will occur.

TCM Sa38QueryProgramRsparam to get a list of all available parameters in the system

TCM slicense: License Administration
Install> system num. & license key

TCM STMs: Transport Management System
TMS Configuration
System> creat parameter UA system
Transport router> | menu | standard configuration> Dev & Pro

Change Profile: $ Sap $/usr/SAP/EWD/sys/Profile
Default :
# -------- Logon Client
Login/system_client = 800
<Sid> _ dvebmgs00 _ <Sid>:
# --------- Language -------------------
Zcsa/installed_ages = 1e
Zcsa/system_language = 1

TCM sgen: SAP loader Generator


Change Profile: $ Sap $/usr/SAP/EWD/sys/Profile
<Sid> _ dvebmgs00 _ <Sid>:
# ------- Disp, backgroud ------------
Rdisp/wp_no_dia = 6
Rdisp/wp_no_btc = 3

To be continued ...

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