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SAP NetWeaver Process Integration XML external entity Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2012-11-01 Affected Systems:SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAP NetWeaver Process

A Preliminary Study on the Implementation of SAP NetWeaver: The difference between SAP NetWeaver and traditional sap Products

Today, SAP NetWeaver is a platform technology that has gradually become familiar to the industry, and there are more enterprises that have implemented or are implementing this platform in China. In my opinion, SAP's NetWeaver platform is indeed quite different from traditional products (such as R/3 and CRM and APO) in implementation:1.

Ethan's self-study notes-SAP NetWeaver background (1)

. Remote function call is replaced by Web Services technology. D. dynpro and sap gui are replaced by enterprise portal and SAP Web dynpro. E. Ale (R/3 old inter-system communication module)/idocs (Transport Protocol) is replaced by NetWeaver XI/XML (Transport format). Xi is the communication Implementation of SOA. NetWeaver's Technical Architecture diagram: refe

SAP NetWeaver platform Introduction

flexibility. At the same time, it realizes personnel integration (Multi-Channel Access, enterprise portal, collaboration, etc.), information integration (Business Intelligence, knowledge management, master Data Management) and Process Integration (Integrated proxy and Business Pro

SAP NetWeaver business client (nwb)

SAP NetWeaver business client-FAQs What is nwbc? What are the main elements of nwb? What are the benefits of nwbc? What sort of users benefits most from nwbc? What sorts of applications run in the canvas? What versions of nwbc are there? What platforms does nwbc run on? How do you install nwb? What is the relationship between nwbc and sap

Jin Yong and Cologne, NetWeaver and MicroServices, and SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud

tile:Billing Data View billing informationWhen you create a quote, you can then view the generated bill with a one-time and monthly fee due to the subscription start date in the past:usage data maintains customer usageThe customer's usage data for the product can be maintained in usage database, and if the customer sunny used 1200 times Apicall, maintain the usage data such as:Review your billing data again to see the new billing item generation. Product Mail_service definition contains apicall

SAP Netweaver "EPS_DELETE_FILE ()" Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:SAP NetWeaver 7.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 49321 SAP NetWeaver is a service-oriented application and integration platform. It provides a development and running environment for

Streamline business processes with interactive forms based on Adobe software (I)-SAP NetWeaver technology tour documentary

Preface: This articleArticleAccording to SAP NetWeaver technology tour, I developed the second lecture "streamline business processes using interactive forms based on Adobe software-Improve the efficiency of end users" on the afternoon of the Beijing site, I have added my own understanding of this technology. UseAdobeInteractive forms have specific business needs: paper-based forms need to be manually inp

Note 1049712-applying SPS/patches for SAP NetWeaver bw/Bi frontend

You are facing a problem in the Bi 3.50 \ 7.00 \ 7.x frontend and you want to apply a patch on an installation server or on a workstation. Other terms FEP, SP, patches for NetWeaver 2004 s business explorer frontend. Reason and prerequisites Due to an error in the business explorer frontend tools, the application of the latest bw/Bi frontend patch (FEP) or support packages (SP) from the sap service

BPM shared with SAP & Oracle EBS Integration Solutions

of the programme 1. H3 BPM has developed a dedicated adapter for SAP and Oracle EBS--H3 Connector for SAP and H3 Connector for Oracle EBS. H3 Connector for SAP uses the latest SAP NCO 3.0 to convert bapi/rfc/Other custom functions to H3 bizbus acceptable methods. 2. the H3 Oralce Connector uses WebService to connect

Implementation of SAP travel Reimbursement Integration Scheme

Multinational groups usually have a centralized business unit for financial Sharing Center SSC, which is used to count travel claims from various companies, and 1). Traditional OA Approval Although the approval flow is the advantage of the need for SAP data two times input, data, such as difficulty, 2). If the end user uses SAP for reimbursement, SAP license fees

Interface comparison with SAP integration: Differences between IDOC BAPI RFCs

the exchange of data with external systems, they are essentially base on IDOC ... IDoc is a way to exchange document data based on SAP's own XML-like format. IDoc is document-based and can be implemented asynchronously.RFC is process-oriented, simple and straightforward to call;BAPI is object-oriented, with attributes, methods, events, complexity and richness that reflect SAP's business applications, andThe construction of the BAPI method is RFC-base

SAP & Oracle EBS Integration Solutions

adapters for SAP and Oracle EBS--H3 Connector for SAPand the H3 Connector for Oracle EBS. H3 Connector for SAP with the latest SAP NCO 3.0,will be bapi/rfc/other custom functions to convert to H3 bizbus acceptable method.The H3 Oralce Connector uses WebService to connect with the Oracle ESB API.H3 BPM is connected to SAP

Sap r/3 basic financial concepts and integration-primary data

settings will also become simple and efficient, and the original "Pyramid" organizational structure will become a "flat" organizational structure. There is no doubt that the above advantages will allow enterprises that successfully implement ERP to gain great advantages in the fierce market competition. Specifically, this will reduce costs, increase the efficiency of capital utilization, provide accurate data for decision-making, and reduce opportunity costs. There are many management software

SAP implementation method and process-ASAP

ASAP is a complete and fast implementation method for SAP to make R/3 Project Implementation simpler and more effective. Asap optimizes the time, quality, and effective use of resources during implementation. It is a complete implementation method that includes all the basic elements for successful project implementation, including: asap roadmap, SAP toolkit, SAP

Best practices for integrating IBM Business Process Management with SAP systems (i)

Part 1th: BPM integration with the SAP system through WebSphere Adapter for SAP Background information BPM (Business process Management, business process Management) is used to model and automate solutions for business processes, provide strong connectivity to the interfac

How does BPM business process management and SAP better integrate and integrate?

poor; Can not meet the rapid development of a fast; Notes does not enable subsequent integration with SAP. Solve with K2After a period of contact with K2, it is thought that K2 can meet their business needs, because K2 is the leader of the. Net BPM platform, has an open platform framework, and is highly scalable, satisfying the business needs of a good enterprise. The application of K2 can solve th

Description of the role of 16 fields in the sap sd Pricing Process, sapsd

Description of the role of 16 fields in the sap sd Pricing Process, sapsd Description of the functions of 16 fields in the Pricing ProcessDefine Pricing ProcedureSelect the pricing procedure which is the standard and copy it andcreate our own pricing procedure.Highlight it and double click the Control icon in the LHSscreen.We can see that there are 16 columns in the pricing procedure, these are going to be

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