Silverlight enterprise application development practices-5.0 Silverlight support preview on AgileEAS. NET platform

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1. Introduction to AgileEAS. NET platform

AgileEAS. NET platform is a rapid development platform for application systems. It helps small and medium-sized software developers quickly build their own enterprise information management development teams to save development costs and shorten development time, to quickly adapt to market changes, AgileEAS. the. NET application development platform consists of four parts: basic library, resource management platform, running container, and development auxiliary tools, the Resource Management Platform provides parallel design, implementation, testing, and other development processes for agile parallel development.

AgileEAS. NET platform achieves this goal based on software process improvement and component-based rapid development. In terms of software process improvement practices, a unique "agile parallel development method" is proposed, the purpose is to propose software engineering practices, software process improvement ideas, and supporting project management systems that comply with the actual conditions of small and medium-sized software enterprises in China.

In terms of rapid development, AgileEAS. the. NET platform provides enterprise application development tools such as ORM, IOC, distributed communication, plug-ins and platform infrastructure, and a system for Quick Generation, it covers the design, coding, integration, deployment, O & M, and other aspects of the development process.

2. Support for Silverlight on the AgileEAS. NET platform

I will not mention the Silverlight technology in this article. I believe all of you will have this basic knowledge. If not, please google or baidu on the Internet. In general, silverlight is an important method for component RIA applications, because it adopts and. NET compatible but streamlined programming model, it will greatly reduce the development cost of RIA applications and greatly improve the speed of RIA application development, and thus improve the efficiency of production turnover of enterprises.

AgileEAS. NET platform is an enterprise-level rapid development platform/middleware/framework based on the Microsoft dotNET technology system, we have been striving to provide the best enterprise application rapid development tools for domestic central software developers, entrepreneurial teams, and independent developers to help everyone grow up in the latest AgileEAS.. NET 5. in version 0, Winform, WPF, Silverlight, and WebForm all provide operation support platforms. We strive to provide a multi-layer distributed architecture system with different Winform, WPF, Silverlight, and WebForm presentations and unified backend support.

Iii. Technical System of AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight 1: Component Technical System/plug-in Platform

Adhering to AgileEAS. NET support for the component technical system, AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight implements the component organization model of the Silverlight version, in version 5.0, we provide component installation, configuration, access authorization, basic account management, role management, navigation management, standard permission management, and basic parameter control management business building.

2: AgileEAS. NET RIA

In addition to supporting Silverlight in the component technology system, we also provide a set of AgileEAS. net ria technology similar to WCF-RIA for business communication between Silverlight and the server.

3: unified data entity Layer/Business Layer

To achieve"Winform/WPF/Silverlight/WebForm different presentation and unified multi-layer distributed architecture system supported by the backendIn the Platform's Support System for Silverlight, we provide.. NET platform traditional developed compatible Orm technology system, that is, the same ORM entity can freely in Silverlight and traditional.. NET development.

4: distributed Linq Technology

Strictly speaking, the distributed Linq technology is already in AgileEAS. NET platform version 4.0 is widely used. This time, we also provided support in the Silverlight support system. I believe the distributed linq technology can provide great convenience for Silverlight to develop RIA applications, this person with Silverlight development experience can better understand this point. Among the Linq technologies provided by Microsoft, there is no way to transmit the data through the distributed network, it is also said that, for example, in Silverlight cannot dynamically query the server data, in the WCF-RIA provided by Microsoft can not, that is why we do not use WCF-RIA and independent development of AgileEAS. net ria.

5. Resource Replacement Technology

This is also AgileEAS. NET mature technology, we just moved him to Silverlight, We are in AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight provides a set of resource standards in the running container, so that developers can dynamically Replace the logon interface, the start page module, and the Top and Bottom area images of the main application interface.

Iv. Display of the Silverlight Support Platform

I have introduced the basic concepts of AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight and the technology system. I believe that the text introduction is not comparable to the display by the real guys of the application.

Logon page

Main Interface

Module Management

Account Management

Role management

Navigation Management

Resource Replacement

Currently, the Silverlight support platform can dynamically Replace the logon interface and the start page module.

To replace a resource, replace it in the configuration file of the server deployed in Silverlight:

5. How to obtain AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight

AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight is AgileEAS.. NET platform version 5.0 will be integrated with AgileEAS. NET. the NET5.0 version is released together. Please pay attention to our blog and official website in time. If your business needs our technical support, please contact us through various channels in time.

Vi. Technical participation, reference, and thanks

AgileEAS. NET For Silverlight references the outstanding achievements of many friends in the garden, such as some controls of the EasySL Project (paging and Loading) and menu hiding actions on the main interface, I have also referred to the works of many other friends. I will not list them here. I would like to thank you for your experiences.

7. Download AgileEAS. NET 4.0

For information about the assembly, class library manual, and related information of the latest version of the platform, refer to the release on the official website of AgileEAS. NET.

8. How to contact us

If you have any questions about using the AgileEAS. NET development platform, use the following contact methods or communication methods.

1. Official Website:

AgileEAS. NET platform:

Agile Software Engineering Laboratory:

2,AgileEAS. NET platformCommunication Group:

Communication Group on the AgileEAS. NET platform: 120661978 (super group) [full]

Communication Group on the AgileEAS. NET platform: 116773358 (advanced group) [full]
Communication Group on the AgileEAS. NET platform: 125643764 (advanced group) [New]
Communication Group on the AgileEAS. NET platform: 147168308 (advanced group) [New]

3. System Architecture exchange group:

System Architecture Communication Group: 9105332 (advanced group) (full)
System Architecture Communication Group 1: 124825459 (advanced group) (full)
System Architecture Communication Group 2: 49124441 (advanced group) (full)
System Architecture Communication Group 3: 47025564 (advanced group) (full)

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