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Recently, many of my QQ and msngroups have asked me where there are soft texts or other training courses to be trained. What more do I have to offer soft texts, of course, all my friends know that I will not launch these so-called "profitable classes. I. time and energy are not supported; II. I don't like playing tricks; III. I don't make any money on the grassroots level of writing soft texts unless I use them myself. 4. What training is not provided for soft texts, just like the application of computer networks, due to the lack of accurate rules and regularity, different solutions to different events are diverse. In fact, soft text is also a behavior that involves long-term practices and operations, in our hometown of Sichuan, we say that it is the main thing that requires you to make a hard effort to get rid of him, learn from experience, and improve your learning experience. Of course, the premise is that you must be aware of the importance of soft texts.
The actual function of Soft Text:

1. the first role of soft text is to attract attention. A large number of soft texts within the same period of time can quickly attract people to pay attention to your physical products, websites, and services, it is necessary when the website is acquired or the new site is just established. In the early stage of the website, it can attract a group of early adopters or potential customers.

2. Import of potential audience traffic. This advantage may be related to Seo. In the beginning, the release of new products was very difficult. If you wrote a soft article and carried a link to the promotion, then someone will be concerned, accessed, and consulted, it brings basic traffic and attention to our new products and websites. New Products and websites have some stable traffic sources at the beginning, and the website structure and content settings and products are excellent and reasonable, then, the popularity ranking will gradually rise.

3. Spread the author's values. Different from advertising, soft text has a personal opinion in it, for example, "I am looking at Baidu today", and then bring a link to my website, this is a kind of expression of your own values. By the way, you can use this soft article to express your opinions and publicize the website, it can also attract friends from the same point of view to discuss progress together.

4. the link to your website can be used to increase the effective external link, guide the search engine to climb to your website, and thus increase the probability and ranking of searching by the search engine.
First of all, all kinds of enterprises and product suppliers now know a soft article. It is rare to open a variety of magazines, newspapers, and magazines to fill all kinds of soft articles. Varying content and quality. The difference in results is simply the gap between the sky and the ground. To write a soft paper, we must first understand our current positioning and then take relevant measures to start writing:

0. First, find out who to say, what to say, how to say, where to say, and when to speak;
1. If you are in China, you still need the literary talents with Chinese characteristics. You may choose to be more official;
2. Understand the basic conditions of your industry and analyze the business, strategy, planning, key products, website configurations, and audience habits of ten top enterprises in the industry;
3. analyze what kind of problems potential customers are interested in, plan and think from the standpoint of customers, and write text from the standpoint of enterprise units and websites;
4. predictive release of Related Knowledge-Based Soft articles, analysis of Baidu, Google's analysis of the relevant weights of the measures to be taken;
5. Encourage third-party organizations to publish relevant authoritative reports
6. You must understand that your website, company, and organization are ultimately aimed at making profits or maintaining normal public continuity.
To address this, we are now talking about some important points in the actual operations of Soft Text:
1. Title; attractive and penetrating; impress people at a glance and follow up, focusing on the core hot topics of the moment or a period of time later, or you can consider the subsequent continuity issues related to near-writing. (The focus is to make proper use of public curiosity, life-oriented, direct question-raising, and other forms)
2. Original Articles as much as possible, paragraphs, etc. should be edited in place, short sentences, keywords should be hyperlink, color change, etc.
3. Make full use of actual results, data, and success stories
4. Do not run the problem. You must have a center and a topic. All content is organized around this topic. For example, the soft text I made for a new smelting and cooling product is about 900 words, but it is divided into five sections with informative content and accurate data, what's even more valuable is that these texts and data are all centered around concepts, and there is no extra. One day after the launch of the Guangzhou market, I received more than 500 business consulting calls. Of course, I also spent some energy doing research and organizing the selection of questions. Of course, everyone is optimistic about the profit.
5. The article is interesting to read. You can briefly write some appearance statements about the actual product. The overall appearance of the article does not waste any text, you need to know that the regular Soft Text outside the long circle of grass roots bamboo is still relatively expensive in the market. The average price of a soft article in Level 2 cities is about 3-5 yuan per word, in a type of city, the price is as high as 6-10 yuan, so it is very important to make the text concise.
6. I can't really think about any strategies or ideas. I can make some summative exploration and analytical texts to organize texts based on the current events in the industry and circles, we can analyze and study some celebrity comments and other topics, discuss things, adapt and combine, and write details.
Of course, the release platform of softwares is also crucial. You can't say that a steel smelting product is for sale.
Run to admin5 and KDD to publish it. You won't write a business operation policy analysis article to the computer newspaper. Of course, you have to do it for the specific customer direction of the owner. For example, my own blog, my goal is to avoid the traffic from grass-roots webmasters and online marketing circles as much as possible, I prefer more plug-ins such as Alexa on enterprise owners, organization management, and Internet users on IE, so I have never been doing any publicity in the circle, generally, business cards will be distributed and exchanged at most meetings, or cards will be left for each other when drinking with some business owners. This is crucial, and money must be spent on the cutting edge.
Soft Text must respect the fruits of others' work, especially today's copyright issues. It is necessary to carefully learn relevant online copyright knowledge, for example, if the network software seems to have a rule or the default rule is the same as the 60%-70% in the original article, it is pirated and someone else's article is taken directly to insert their own links in some places, this is the least popular, but it can indeed get a lot of links, of course, you can also communicate with the original author to get the corresponding authorization.
In a word, no matter whether it is for any audience, the purpose of Soft Text Creation is only around one core: To promote websites, products and spread the corporate brand image and serve, in terms of writing, there is a general character that never changes, and it can be accessible. As long as the above points are met, the greatest gains will be made at the minimum cost. In addition, soft text cannot simply achieve the effect of website promotion, but also to promote themselves, write more articles, it is easier for more people to know you, is conducive to the future cooperation between websites. Soft Text is also easy to be reproduced by others, the more easily the Soft Text to be reproduced, the greater the effect.
Soft Text is not as difficult as you think, but it is not very simple. I hope that you can contact soft text more, because soft text is also part of network marketing/physical marketing, it is not a bad thing to write a small article. In fact, each person has different skills in writing, with different emphasis and methods of thinking. The performance of soft texts is also different. The soft texts are not elegant, but cannot be exaggerated, just like a friend of mine, Xin Chang Qing, the new launch of a webmaster navigation a good industry circle of interpersonal and platform, to the time of the size of text propaganda within two weeks has been obtained a lot of GAINS, so far, several well-known domestic network companies have asked him to discuss some advertising business matters. Of course, he is also a real-person and basically did not plan to commercialize the cloud in the early stage. Only by grasping a theme and doing things persistently can we make steady strides!
Recently, some of my friends have been in a bad mood and have never updated their blogs. I would like to remind my friends that security is coming at the end of the year. Health is more important than anything else. Look, I don't need to talk about it. I 've been talking about it all over the world, and some of them are against some of the things I 've mentioned, sorry.

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