Smart Home System Architecture Based on the Internet of Things operating system hellm

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Smart Home System Architecture Based on the Internet of Things operating system hellm

Smart Home is a branch application of IOT and a huge IT market space widely recognized. There are already many products or solutions for smart families on the market. However, unlike the mobile Internet, smart families have not yet formed a complete ecosystem. The reason is that different smart family participants have different understandings of smart families. Some people think that smart home is "smart control", remote control of home lights/switches/curtains/air conditioners, and some think that smart home should be more "entertaining ", like a private cinema, the "N screen interaction" and other solutions flood the market. Another point is that smart home is "three-in-one", which is widely used in the operator field, so it launched a series of triple-play businesses. I am in the communication industry, so I have some knowledge about solutions such as triple-play. In theory, to implement triple-play, you need to implement multicast (Multi-case)/QoS classification functions on the IP network, which is quite difficult in Engineering. These things can be said to be an "Image Project" in the operator's network, which not only has no effect, but also brings great pains to both equipment vendors and operators.

In general, my point is that the smart home market is still in a "chaotic state", with no unified standards, a unified understanding, and a unified reference. Participants are exploring, it is in the phase before pangu. Over time, cosmic rules are gradually established, such as yin and yang, such as the five elements, such as the conversion of gas. After these rules are clear, the universe naturally evolves from a "Chaotic" state and becomes orderly, so everything is born. The same is true for smart families because they lack basic things, such as principles, such as order, such as platforms, so they are in a relatively chaotic state. To promote the development of the industry, participants in the industry must try to establish rules and orders that can govern the industry, as well as basic platforms. This process may be long and frustrating, but it is a stage that must go through and a stage for consensus-seeking. After this stage, I believe that the smart home industry will become clearer.

The Smart Home Platform framework described in this article is an experimental project that the author is working on. It is also one of the efforts to establish a smart family order or platform. It is written here for reference and criticism by many industry friends. The process of establishing rules and platforms is a process that is full of accidents and random, and requires all people or organizations who love the IOT industry to try. The results of the attempt will fail for most people and organizations. However, our attempt should not aim at the success of individuals or organizations, but the success of the entire industry. From this perspective, you will find that whatever the outcome of your attempt, it is beneficial to the development of the entire industry. From this perspective, any attempt to establish platforms and rules is successful. Therefore, the author tries this inevitable success with an attitude of failure.

The author is committed to the development and promotion of the IOT operating system. Therefore, this smart home platform architecture is also based on the IOT operating system. Specifically, it is based on hellm, a general term for Iot operating systems and platforms. Therefore, this smart home framework is also known as the hellm Smart Home framework ". The overall architecture diagram is as follows:

It looks complicated and is easy to understand. In the figure, the dark red entity (or module) is a component contained in the hellm Smart Home framework, while the gray entity is composed of a third party (home appliance manufacturer/app developer) developed based on the APIS provided by hellm.

In any appliance (appliance), there is a helox module, which consists of the software (helox operating system) and the corresponding hardware. Among them, the hardware is very simple, is the General Embedded Processor (such as Cortex-M3 series CPU), and for communication components, such as WiFi chip/Bluetooth chip. Software is open-source and hardware is open-source and standardized. appliance manufacturers can design their own hardware or buy standard modules. The software complies with the BSD Protocol and can be directly modified and customized for use. The hellm operating system has built-in support for the entire Smart Home framework. For example, it automatically establishes a connection with the hellm gateway and automatically switches from the appliance specificserver) download the configuration of the home appliance, and so on.

Helox gateway is a custom vro with the Home Router function. It supports the helox operating system and the entire Smart Home framework. Its main function is to automatically scan the newly installed home appliances, and then automatically add the appliances to your smart home app and the smart home cloud platform). In this way, as long as you put the home appliances that support helox, the app on your mobile phone will automatically display the corresponding operation options, without any installation and configuration, completely automated.

In addition, helox gateway also provides Bluetooth or infrared proxy functions. Some household appliances may only support Bluetooth or infrared communication due to cost factors. Traditionally, to operate these appliances, you must configure an independent remote control to control the appliances. Helox Gateway provides more flexible solutions. It provides Bluetooth/infrared communication interfaces (APIs). appliance manufacturers can compile a plug-in (plug in) and install it on the gateway, this plug-in is used to control household appliances. The user's mobile app communicates with the gateway through the network to control the Bluetooth/infrared appliance.

Of course, helox gateway also provides functions such as communication optimization, local storage, and intelligent computing. The essence of smart home is that it is neither "Smart Control" nor "N-screen interaction" or "Triple-play", but can be tailored to user needs, A solution that integrates all smart devices in the home. Its functions cannot be predefined. Instead, it expands Smart Home functions through later applications, similar to the smart phone model. Helox gateway is the node that carries specific smart home applications.

If your home gateway supports functions such as Bluetooth and WiFi and supports online software upgrades, you can directly download the helox gateway software to implement Smart Home functions. Otherwise, you need to purchase a new helloxgateway or a helloxgateway bridge. The latter is a small box that is directly inserted into the power supply. Using the original home network, helox gateway is provided, traditional vrouters are not available for Internet access.

As for the backend helox smarthome platform and helox apps, you don't have to say much. Almost any mobile Internet application has these two components. However, for the helloxapp, one thing you need to emphasize is that no matter how many household appliances you have, you only need to install a helox app to manage all the household appliances, instead of buying each household appliance as you do now, you must install an independent app for management. This is also one of the advantages of the hellm Smart Home framework.

I believe you have a basic understanding of the hellm Smart Home framework. If you have any questions, contact the author. The following summarizes the advantages of the hellm Smart Home framework:

1. Completely automated and out-of-the-box appliances without configuration. No matter which manufacturer's home appliance or whatever type of home appliance, As long as helox is supported, after you pull the home appliance back and plug in the power supply, the operation menu for the home appliance is automatically added to your mobile app. The premise is that you have installed helox gateway or helox gateway Bridge in your home;

2. appliance manufacturers are not subject to any restrictions. Hellm only defines one framework, as well as underlying communication support and home automation support. For specific functions, appliance manufacturers can implement it through open API programming. This implementation not only includes customization at the household appliance level, but also plug-in development customization on helox gateway, including plug-in development and customization of helox app. For example, if the smart TV set of Vendor A has more functions than the smart TV set of Vendor B, you don't have to worry about it. by customizing the helox gateway plug in and customizing the Function Extension of the mobile app, you can fully demonstrate this advantage;

3. Low Cost for appliance manufacturers. The software is completely open-source and free of charge and can be customized at will, and most of the household appliance function code is pre-implemented. The hardware is also completely standardized and open-source, and can be changed at will according to your preliminary design and supply chain. Of course, the most important thing is that we also provide technical support services to help appliance manufacturers easily achieve smart household appliances;

4. features are highly scalable. You can download different apps to the helox Gateway (or to the cloud platform) to implement any features you want. For example, when the TV is turned off, the bedroom light is automatically turned on and the water is automatically filled in the bath ,... You can program any effect you want.


There are other advantages, so I will not talk about them much. At present, this practical project is operating in an orderly manner in the Open Source mode. The helox operating system and modules have been developed and are in the final debugging stage. The prototype of helox gateway has been designed and is in the production stage. Cloud platforms and mobile apps are in the development stage. After these components are complete, we will conduct promotion and market verification in the form of "volunteer partnership. If it is widely recognized, we will build a non-utilitarian company to truly productize this framework. The specific business model is also very clear. The sale of helox modules/helloxgateway and technical support services, of course, this sales will fully reflect the "non-utilitarian" principle, that is, the composition of completely open costs, profits are maintained to support the daily operations of enterprises.

The goal of the hellm Smart Home framework, including hellm, is not to make profits, but to promote the sound development of the industry and the implementation of the "smart China" concept, to realize the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Therefore, we have no retained. All source code, design concepts, and design documents are open to the public.

At present, a large number of developers and promoters are required. We welcome people who are interested in promoting the development of the IOT industry and promoting the progress of system software in our motherland to join us and realize their own value in this process.

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Smart Home System Architecture Based on the Internet of Things operating system hellm

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