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I don't know if you have encountered the following situation in your work:Code, You need to verify its correctness, but do not want to compile the entire project; or you need to verifyAlgorithmBut do not want to open a large Visual Studio to create a new project. Simply put, you want to extract a piece of code from the project and compile and execute it without Visual Studio. The following describes a small code snippet compilation tool: snippet Compiler (click to download ).

Snippet compiler is a green software that does not need to be installed. Extract the package and find the icon in the folder. Double-click it to run it. Although the total size of all files is only 3 m, the functions are quite powerful and the most important thing is practicality.

Let's summarize its functions in one sentence: it supports multipleProgramming Language. Multiple versions of the. NET Framework, multiple code files, and the editing and compilation software with smart prompts.

The following describes its interface. The interface is simple. The main menu, toolbar, editing area, and error/output box are simple in style.

Next, we will introduce the menu. Here we will only introduce the important parts.

1. File

(1) Support for Multiple Programming Languages

As you can see, it supports creating files suffixed with Cs, JS, and VB. CS is a C # file, and VB is a VB file. However, JavaScript is not a common Javascript file, but a JScript. Net file. it is not widely used by common people.

(1) supported projects

There is also the concept of a project here, but it is different from that of a vs project. When creating multiple code files, you can save them as a scproj project to facilitate the next practical operation.

In addition, there is a menu "Import vs. Net project", which can be imported from the vs project.

(2) Export formatted files

This function is useful for people who like to write technical blogs. You can export HTML and RTF files in a formatted format, including the font color and indentation, for easy viewing.

1. Build

If multiple code files exist and the code in the file is referenced, You must select build all. Otherwise, an error is prompted. Another powerful function is to compile the file into "build current to file", and the file type is optional, for example. However, the "build all to file" menu does not seem to have any effect.

If you need to specify the version of the. NET Framework to be compiled, you can choose from the toolbar, as shown below:

2. Debug

The Debug menu contains four sub-menus: start, start all, start as winform, and start all as winform. "Start" is to compile and run the current file. If there are multiple files with reference relationships, you must select "start all ". If you are writing winform code, you can select start as winform ".

3. Tools

The main menu under tools is "references. The default DLL reference of this software is very small. Sometimes you need to add other DLL references through the "references" menu. After you click it, the following reference form will pop up. You can add references through the. NET built-in and file system methods.

The toolbar is used to list common functions in the main menu for convenient operations.

This software is easy to use. After running the software, implement the code in the runsnippet method and press F5 to execute it. Similar to vs IDE, it is easy to get started. Some of its features and tips are listed below:

1. Code prompt

Although it is small in size and has the smart prompt function, it is acceptable even though it is not as powerful as.

2. A compilation error is prompted.

By default, this software does not display errors/output boxes. If it does not respond after pressing F5, it is likely that a compilation error has occurred. To see the error message, you can call up the error/output box in the main menu, such:

3. Running is the console interface

The default output of the software is the console interface ,. If you want to verify the winform or webform code, use. WL, a frequently used method, is the abbreviation of console. writeline, which improves the encoding efficiency.

Snippet Compiler (click to download)

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