Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Server installation configuration

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Symantec Backup Exec 12 pre-installation requirements:

The name of the computer. The name can only use standard ANSI characters.

Check Windows security settings to ensure that they apply to the BackupExec service account.

Install the storage device hardware (Controller, drive, and automation Media Library) on the media server.

1, install the Symantec Backup Exec 12 Console

Install the CD-ROM into the optical drive, double-click the CD drive directly or open the CD drive double-click Browser.exe to start the Installation wizard:

Select language--Start Backup Exec Installation--Welcome--View License Agreement--installation mode (local or Remote installation)--Environment Check--Enter authorization serial number (none, use 30 days)--environment option (because it is an Oracle environment, this option must be selected.) --Enter local administrator and Default domain administrator account--Support--symantec device driver for database--Confirm installation information--Complete reboot computer

2. Install Backup Exec Agent

Open the installed be Console selection tool, and in the toolbar, choose to install the agent and Media server on the other server:

Welcome--Select Windows Agent Installation < Add the computer that requires the agent ip>--enter your username and password for the computer where you will install the agent--Select the option to install on the proxy < Select the first two >--release remote agent information Installation Complete After successful

3. Configure Be Agent

1, open be proxy, select the Oracle item, select New, select the Drop-down menu in the local instance name, find the instance name that needs to be backed up, enter the system user in the username, and enter the system password in the password bar. In the Media server bar, fill in the IP address of the computer on which the be console is installed, and click OK.

2, select the DBA settings, in the user name, password input Local System login username, password, in the IP bar input This computer IP, click OK. So the be agent is configured successfully.

4. Create Backup disk files

Open the Be console, select the device bar, right-click back to the Disk folder, select New "Backup to disk File" input filename, select the location in the path where backup data is stored, enter the set value in Backup to disk file management, and click OK.

5. Create a Media Library

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Open the Be console, select the Media Bar, right-click the media set, select a new media set, enter a name, set the period you want to protect and overwrite in the media set cycle, and click OK.

6. New Job

Create a new backup job to add a voucher to a database access in the Be console (previously configured on an Oracle server that contains this step)

Open the To be console select a new job backup for the backup, select the new job interface, write a name in the selection list name, and select the database that we want to back up in the resource view.

Select the resource voucher and enter the login username for the Oracle server (previously configured on the Oracle server for this step)

Select the device and Media bar, select the device in the device, and select the media in the media.

Select the general bar, write names and descriptions separately in the job name and description, select Full backups in the backup method, and use the archive bit.

Select the Oracle bar, select full in the Backup method, and choose to delete the archived log files for the backup.

Select the time of plan execution, click OK, and then click Submit.

7. Backup Job

Click on the job settings in the be console, you can create new, delete, restore, and other appropriate actions.

The job list in the job monitor can also view the current job, as well as the job history.

Job alerts can view your server startup, updates, and job failures.

The job report is based on the user's needs, select the report you need to get.

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