UML modeling tool Visual Paradigm (VP-UML) Tutorial: Installation Details

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Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML)It provides developers with the most convenient and intuitiveUML modelingFunction. In order to help Visual Paradigm for UML users get started quickly, huidu has compiledUML modeling toolsVP-UML use tutorial series, this article mainly explains how to install, next will involve UML modeling, enterprise architecture, business modeling and other aspects, welcome to exchange.

Installation of VP-UML

1,DownloadAnd run the VP-UML installer.
2. Click Next To go to the License Agreement page.
3. After reading the authorization protocol, select the I accept the agreement option and click Next.
4. Specify the installation directory of the VP-UML, and then click Next to go to the Next step.
5. specify the name of the Start menu file used to store shortcuts. If you want to use shortcuts for all user accounts on the local machine, select Create shortcuts for all users and click Next.
6. On the File Association page, select Visual Paradigm Project (*. vpp) and Visual Paradigm License File (*. zvpl) to open the Project File and License key File.
7. Once the file copy is complete, you can choose to start the VP-UML immediately or not to start VP-UML. Select Don't Start and click Finish. After installation, VP-UML is not started.

Start VP-UML

Start VP-UML using the shortcut in the "Start" menu. If you do not create shortcuts in the Start Menu during installation, you can find the installation folder for the VP-UML and allow Visual Paradigm for UML.exe in the installation folder to start VP-UML.

Select workspace

When you start the VP-UML, You need to specify the workspace folder. The workspace folder is mainly used to set the appearance of the application.

Select authorization type

When starting the VP-UML for the first time, you will be asked to select a way to unlock VP-UML. You can follow these steps based on your authorization type:

  • Official customers
    Formal customers will receive an email or notification with an activation code. You can also find the activation code in the Customer Account's license key. Copy the activation code, click Perpetual License, paste the copied activation code, and Click Activate c.
  • Trial customers
    If you are downloading the trial VP-UML version, click 30 Days FREE Evaluation. Then select the version of the trial version, because the VP-UML varies in functionality due to different versions. Click the Evaluate button to confirm the selected version.


1. Menu bar: a drop-down Menu string at the top of the window that allows you to select and execute various operations in the VP-UML

2. Toolbar: located at the bottom of the menu bar, it is an extension of the main menu. Open button to execute various functions

3. dimo-navigator: Lists supported chart types and positions of existing charts. Allows you to create or access existing charts by type.

4. Properties Pane: display model element/shape attributes

5. Message Pane: displays all information or errors.

6. dimo-pane: displays all charts.

Save and open a project

SelectFile> Save ProjectOrFile> Save Project...Save your operation. When you save the project for the first time, you need to specify the file location. You can save the new project in the current workspace or the directory you selected.

SelectFile> Open Project...Option to open an existing project.



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