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UML Modeling Online UML modeling tool ProcessOn use

Summary :-- recommended reasons : Recently from the Windows operating system to the MAC, is looking at design patterns and refactoring, can not find good UML tools, so on the internet to find an online use of the UML tools, used to find it well, recommend to everyone;-- tool address :;I. UML

[JavaScript] Objective-C parameter list syntax Conversion Tool. Can be converted to UML or C ++ syntax for drawing UML

Author: zyl910I. background Currently, many commonly used UML tools do not support objective-C, which is inconvenient to draw UML. You must manually convert the objective-C syntax parameter list to the UML or C ++ syntax. It is laborious and error-prone.So I want to write a tool that automatically converts the paramete

UML class Diagram StarUML---Recommend a uml tool (very good very strong) _2

Blog Park Flash Home new essay contact management subscribe Essays-295 Articles-111 reviews-6633 STARUML---Recommend a uml tool (very good very strong) Last week a friend of mine, who is also a colleague of the company, recommended a UML tool for me to start using, but the more I used it, the more I felt good, I even w

The most powerful CASE tool in the Network + typical UML learning e-capital download summary, essential for software design and development personnel

CASE tool: Sybase powerdesigner 15.0 perfect edition + special files UML modeling and CASE tools Visual paradigm suite 4.2 sp2 enterprise edition download (including authorization files) UML modeling and CASE tools Visual paradigm for UML 6.1 enterprise perfect edition download Start the source

The UML class diagram of Java tool

relationship that is represented in UML with a solid line with arrows pointing to the contained class. In the you may find that there are 1 online. 1, this is a description of the inclusion relationship. There are several types of UML classes.1..1 表示另一个类的一个对象只与该类的一个对象有关系0..* 表示另一个类的一个对象与该类的零个或多个对象有关系1..* 表示另一个类的一个对象与该类的一个或多个对象有关系0..1 表示另一个类的一个对象没有或只与该类的一个对象有关系* 任意多个对象关联Aggregation (Aggregation) relationshi

Is there any good uml modeling tool on mac?

I am going to build a small community website. I want to use uml tools to sort out the required functions, use the environment mac, and use php for development. Is there any good tool to support? It is best to support generating part of php code. I am going to build a small community website and want to use the uml tool

Found a good open-source UML Tool

On, I accidentally saw a link to an open-source UML tool named staruml. On the homepage of the official website, we will introduce the following:Staruml-the Open Source UML/MDA PlatformStaruml is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platfor

Recommended UML tool: staruml

Taruml-the Open Source UML/MDA PlatformStaruml is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platform running on Win32 platform. the goal of the staruml project is to build a software modeling tool and also platform that is a compelling replacement of cicial UML

A good free UML tool: Jude community

Reprinted please indicate the source and the author contact: Contact information: Yu Tao See a good free UML tool, Jude community (free UML modeling tool), Java and UML developers' environment.Http://

Enterprise effecect 7.5 (UML tool) is integrated into Visual Studio (downloaded)

Enterprise architect is a good UML modeling tool, which can also be integrated in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. (Including the ea7.5 original version and the Chinese versionProgram, Integrated into vs): Ea Kit Appendix: The size of the compressed package is 49.5 MB (the size of SkyDrive is 50 MB). It is said that there is a traffic limit for downloading SkyDrive. If not, please leave your

STARUML---Recommend a uml tool (very good and powerful)

Transferred from: week, a friend of mine, but also the company's colleagues to recommend a UML tool, began to use nothing, but the more with the more feeling good,I even want to remove rose from the machine, directly with the software, I heard that this software is a Korean with Delphi written, supportUML2.0. here are some of my occasional de

A good UML tool-Borland together to vs. net

After reading the cold fengtian injury crazy comment: After the UML tool, I downloaded Borland together for vs. NET and looked at it. The effect was really good. However, as mentioned by the author, resources are greatly occupied due to Java development. However, as long as the computer configuration is good, there is not much problem. Below are some of the sub-projects in my projectProgramDigoal diagram (

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