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In my previous blog post, I described how to create a virtual machine. In this chapter, I'll show you how to remove a virtual machine.

The content of our blog post is divided into the following four steps:

A. New Windows Azure Storage storage Account

Two. Create a new virtual machine service and save the VHD disk of the virtual machine in a storage account in step one

Three. Delete the virtual machine service created in step two

Four. Delete the corresponding VHD for the virtual machine

Let's start with the content of our blog post.

1. First we create a new Azure Storage, and named Leivms, screenshot slightly.

2. Then create a new virtual machine, DNS we named LEIDELETEDVM, and save the virtual machine under the Leivms store. The following figure:

3.Virtual machine After successful deployment, the following figure:

4. After the virtual machine is created, Windows Azure automatically creates VHDs this container under Leivms this storage, and the access mode is private (private), as shown in the following figure:

5. We click on the VHDs in the above text box, the page will automatically jump, display VHDs content.

We created previously, the DNS name called virtual machine, its system files saved path is in the following figure Leideletedvm-leideletedvm-2013-06-12.vhd this virtual disk. We can see this virtual disk size is 127G

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