Windows Azure Virtual Machine (9) Virtual Machine high availability and self

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Virtual machine high availability and automatic load balancing (bottom)

The contents of the previous chapter, our preparations for Azure Virtual machine have been completed. A DNS address corresponds to 2 different virtual machines, Leizhangvmone and Leizhangvmtwo respectively. and set the high availability, the name is Leiabvset.

This time if we access the DNS address via IE:, it is inaccessible. This is because the previously selected Windows Azure Virtual machine is Server Datacenter, and IIS is not installed by default. We need to configure IIS through Remote Desktop Connection.

After the high-availability settings are complete, we can set up automatic load balancing by setting up Windows Azure endpoint endpoints. The following figure

We know that the default port number for IIS is 80, and we can set the corresponding public port and private port to achieve automatic load balancing.

For information about endpoint, you can refer to: [New portal]windows Azure Virtual Machine (5) Configure the VM's endpoints

Now let's start with the contents of this chapter.

1. We clicked on the first virtual machine Leizhangvmone created before, and then click Connect, Remote Desktop Connection this fictitious Machine.

2. Configure IIS for the first virtual machine, step slightly.

3. In the remote desktop of the first virtual machine, modify the start interface of IIS Leizhangvmone the first virtual machine.

See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cn

4. Under the <body> label page, add the following red area code. and save the Iisstart file.

5. Back to Windows Azure Management Portal, select Leizhangvmone, click Endpoints, click Add

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