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Windows Server 2016 Official edition tutorial: Install, activate, set


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Microsoft has provided OEMs with the latest version of the Windows Server 2016 official ISO image, the Russian explosive material man Wzor has released the release. Currently only English 64-bit version, the Chinese version has not been released, but we can install the language package to solve the problem.

Although the desktop version of Windows Server 2016 and the official version of the WIN10 first anniversary update of the official version of "This is the same root", but after all, "the main", so many places still have obvious differences. Since the IT home users reading this article should be basically not "pure white", so we pick up the important to say just fine.

First, installation

The overall installation process is similar to WIN7/WIN8.1/WIN10, or nearly as many versions of Windows Server, as the old driver does not have to say much. For the first contact with Windows Server System installation users, you need to clear the steps to remember to choose the right, or white busy:

For example, 4 versions are available in a disc image, respectively:

? Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition

? Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition (Desktop Experience)

? Windows Server 2016 Data center

? Windows Server 2016 data Center (desktop experience)

If you are not very professional users, or plainly no desktop do not know how to use the computer users, Remember to choose one of the two parentheses above , if you choose a version without "desktop Experience", installed after the basic need to use the command line to play, the specific feeling like " WIN10 installation: How to make the first anniversary update official pure version PE startup disk? "In the original Windows PE, if there is no old driver to take you, it is estimated that you can not send a car ...

If you are smart enough to choose the "Desktop Experience" version (with desktop GUI version), then basic usage and WIN10 are basically the same, at least you know what to do. The It house takes the data center (Desktop experience) version as an example, after the main installation is complete, only the administrator password can be set in the subsequent setup phase, such as:

It is important to note that the system is required for password complexity , although you can disable the rule in Group Policy, but for security reasons, the default rule is better. When entering a password, the system will only prompt for non-conformance when the complexity is insufficient, but will not tell you the content of the rule. In fact, the default rule is to meet the following criteria:

? More than 6 bits in length

? Contains 3 or more character types, such as uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols (two letters of case)

? Must not contain user name full name or partial character

Once you have successfully set up your password, you can log in to the system, such as-

▲ Default Administrator account

Second, Chinese

Since we are using the English system, we have to download and install the language packs manually if we want to use Chinese. The method and Windows10 are the same, as follows:

1. Enter settings (Settings) → Time and language (Time&language) → region and Language (regional&language)

2, in the right "language (Language)", if you have set up before the installation of Chinese, then will display the Chinese information, but this is only display support, not the overall Chinese, if you want to complete the Chinese, you have to download the language pack, click on the "Chinese (PRC)" in the " (options), if you do not set the Chinese language at the time of installation, you will need to find Chinese in "Add languages" and then set

3, here the first is the language pack, followed by a voice pack and handwriting, the first is the interface of Chinese, followed by voice and handwriting recognition support, you can download as needed, such as-

4, after the download is complete, enter the control panel → language → options , such as-

5, click "Make thisprimary language", the system prompts to log off and login to take effect, if the system is not busy now, you can immediately log off and then log in, or then manually log off, restart, such as-

▲ Button function: Logout immediately (left), Logout later (right)

After such a toss, the system will be able to use the familiar Chinese, other languages are set up the same way.

Third, activation

There is no essential difference between the activation of the server version and the Personal edition, but the volume activation is more, because the enterprise buys the version mostly. It home to remind users, it is best not to try to use third-party tools to activate , because even if the activation of success, there is a great risk, because you do not know what they put in the tool, especially the enterprise users may have to face greater risk, not worth the candle.

The following is a Windows Server 2016 Volume Licensing key (GVLK) that is given on Microsoft TechNet for KMS activation:

Text version:

? Windows Server 2016 Data center


? Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition


? Windows Server 2016 Embedded edition


Iv. New Account

The creation method and WIN10 are similar, but some details need attention. For example, adding an account by default is not an administrator level , so you need to give it the right to run a variety of programs and make various settings. Of course, if the new account is limited in use, there is no need to give it the right to avoid complications.

The method of creating and extracting weights is as follows:

1. Access to Computer Management → system tools → local Users and groups → users

2, in the middle blank right click, select " New User ", in which to fill in the user name, password, click OK, such as-

3, in order to mention the right, continue to operate in the Administrator account (non-administrator account is not valid), on the target user right-click, select " properties ", such as-

4, click on the " member of " tab, select " add ", such as--

5, enter administratorin the " Enter object name to select " below, then can click " check Name " To verify that the input is correct, the correct words will give the full name, all the way to click "OK" to complete, such as-

The next time you log on with the user, the new affiliation takes effect and becomes a member of the Administrators group with administrator privileges.

V. Restart and shutdown

A non-administrator account cannot be restarted and shut down because it is best for the server to power on forever, it is the individual can shut down the trouble. Even if the administrator, want to restart and shutdown also have a clear reason to do, click Restart or shutdown, the system will give you the reason:

▲ Many reasons

▲ the non-admin account clicks the power button and then pops up blank

Click " continue " to restart or shut down after choosing a reason, but the shutdown behavior is documented. This feature can help server administrators to determine unexpected conditions such as abnormal shutdown, preferably not in Group Policy shutdown.

Vi. part of the details

When Windows server 2016 is turned on, Server Manager is automatically opened to facilitate administrator action, such as.

In addition, the App Store, Cortana, and Edge browser are not available in the system, and the latter two are replaced by traditional features, namely "search" and IE11 Browser (security enhanced mode, for example).

▲ Search seemingly no Cortana flexible

If individual users have a high degree of system stability, consider using Windows Server 2016, but generally it is not necessary, and users who have this idea have better weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Windows Server 2016

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