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Includes Ibm,gigabyte (gigabyte), Lenovo (Lenovo), HP (HP), Compaq (Compaq), Dell (Dell), ASUS (ASUS), Acer (ACER), BenQ (BenQ), Fujitsu (Fujitsu), Samsung (Samsung), Sony (Sony), TOSHIBA (Toshiba), NEC (NEC), LG (LG), founder (founder), TCL (Delta Love), Hasee (Shenzhou computer) and other 20 OEM versions.

Be prepared to do well! CD-ROM larger than!

I 1M ADSL broadband, upload speed is limited up to only 60K, and CD-ROM is larger, so download takes time, if you feel too slow, then I have no way!

The disc has been updated, the size of the updated 4.14G

Update content:
1. Has joined the IBM version, the file comes from the IBM R60e-acs pre-installed Vista machine. It is not interesting to do this version alone, as Lenovo does, so this version joins some of IBM's applications in the original machine that IBM's machines are generic and seem to be pretty good. The certificate file is the same as Lenovo, so activation and association are the same.

2. Joined the gigabyte version, should be gigabyte pre-installed Vista machine is not currently in China, so this version is my own, to MSDN as the master, joined the gigabyte OEM information files and certificates.

3. Updated HP and Compaq versions, joined some HP applications in the original machine, and enabled some items in the welcome Heart Help and support menu to be used.

4. Update added to the Toshiba version of the other two certificates, now this version has 3 kinds of certificates, can activate the current domestic sales of 3 models series of Toshiba, but do not rule out the new models can be activated, the Toshiba of the various models of the certificate are not the same. Also joined the founder of the BIOS of the Slic file.

5. Updated a few patches, in particular, this collection of versions I have joined MS for IBM to speed up the speed of the patch KB929291, there is a KB932079 seems to be for IBM to solve the problem of power consumption, These two patches, IBM's original Vista machine, are already on, and can actually speed up the startup speed and have a noticeable effect on other computers.

6. In response to the needs of friends, so this collection I added a free activation of the OEM version, the so-called free activation is the foreign release of the hardware analog BIOS, the use is indeed very convenient, do not need to modify the BIOS, after installation has been activated, can be verified by genuine, the use of no problem, But in the end, by adding system-driven files to simulate the BIOS, so there will be compatibility problems, not all machines can be installed, to remind the NForce chipset machine please use caution, you can install, but the driver installed nforce chip may be the system will collapse blue screen, This I have found this problem when the foreigner just released, the blue screen code is this simulated loading driver file error, unable to read memory address. Other devices such as Intel, such as the chipset of the machine installation and use of no problems, but Ms will not be through the patch sealed off, then do not know, I think it will not be sealed!

7. Fixed in the system under the hard disk installation, Vista installed in non-C disk, after the installation of no OEM information. But this amendment is also very reluctant, now if the hard disk installation Vista in non-C, also have OEM information after installation, but the first time to enter the system before the Welcome settings interface of the OEM's wallpaper is still unable to show, this is no way, I have said before, if the welcome interface of the OEM wallpaper can be shown, But after entering the system desktop background settings will be a blank, the system can not recognize the relative path below. So the male and the palm cannot have both. But to install through the CD-ROM, no matter what you install in the letter, will not have such a problem, in addition, to remind you, some such as IBM,HP version has joined the relevant applications, so do not install the Windows under the system to install the Vista in non-C disk, Otherwise after installation may be some application path error can not be used, promote the CD-ROM boot to install, of course, if you install the system below the Vista or installed in the C disk, it will be no problem.

8. Fixed an insignificant minor error, which is also the error of almost most of the original OEM version, that is, the link in the Help menu in the installation system that shows the Microsoft software License terms in Windows is in English. The friend who bought the original Vista machine can take a look at this item in your system, except Dell. This version of the collection has fixed this error and is displayed in Chinese all the normal. This is actually a small bug in MS's installer.

9. Finally, a temporary addition to the original MSDN, which is not integrated with any patches and OEM information of the Pure Ultimate version. Note: Because the CD-ROM is a free serial number, so this version of the installation will also use the OEM's public key key installation, you do not try to activate Oh, after the installation of their original key to activate, or to import the method of the certificate to the OEM version.

10. Replace the PE external file, is the antivirus software alarm, think is the so-called virus files. The entire disc has been 2 kinds of anti-virus software to kill, there is no alarm sound!

11. In addition to the CD-ROM upgrade directory to join me in the packaging of all OEM version of the OEM Information automatic installation package, you can automatically install the relevant OEM information, you can install the original MSDN version after running their respective needs of OEM installation package installation OEM information! (see third picture)

10. OK, the update is complete, all the 20 versions I have in 3 sets of different configurations of the machine installed the test, all normal, really tired ah, version too much, do I am dizzy, just do a good test when the discovery version of the whole mess, clearly installed Lenovo unexpectedly out of the Asus, Halo, pull down the problem, Come back, cough!

Well, these editions already contain all the brands in the country, some brand-free activation version, the new Haier is also, so it is not joined, the collection version should be no problem, so the next update time is SP1 out, as for the English version of the temporary cannot be produced, not so many English version of the OEM, Some OEM information is not the same, not my own to translate it, only IBM and HP OEM information is a multinational language.

Finally, or this sentence, don't ask me how to activate AH? What, I can't activate my outfit? If you can not activate, please find the problem of your own machine first, why I installed these 19 versions can be free of activation, and yours is not. All versions I have passed 3 sets of different configurations of the machine rigorous testing installed, there is no problem, so if you install the problem, first look up the reason for your machine! Thank you!

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BT seed Download: 4.14G Yhirbhbhpuo01ygr4r01

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