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The security of Windows XP has improved greatly, allowing different users to have their own desktops and settings, and to protect the privacy of their users. But what if the employee leaves the company without disclosing the password, or the user forgets his or her password? Here are a few options for your reference.

1. Use password reset disk skillfully

A password reset disk can restore user accounts and personalized computer settings when the user forgets their password. A password reset disk is a password backup disk that is made when the user does not forget the login password, depending on whether the computer is in the domain or not, here we simply do not log in to the domain of the computer as an example to do a brief introduction.

2. Make password reset disk

Click "Start" → "Control Panel" → "User account" → Click your account → "block a forgotten password" → Follow the Forgotten Password Wizard step-by-step until you are done. If your computer does not have a floppy drive, you will be prompted to "insert a blank, formatted disk in drive C:" Without it, click "Next" and follow the on-screen prompts to continue, Finally, the root directory in C disk will produce a key file size of 1.5KB, with the name USERKEY.PSW, cut to secure Removable storage media for standby.

3. Use password reset disk

When you forget your password when you log on to Windows XP, the password reset disk comes in handy. It's very simple to use: Insert the password reset disk into the floppy drive, click the arrow to the right next to your account, click "Use password reset disk" in the Prompt box, and then follow the Password Reset Wizard to reset your password if your computer does not have a floppy drive, the situation is slightly more complicated. Start the computer in any way that identifies your C-disk and Removable storage media, and copy the USERKEY.PSW to the C-packing directory to reset the password in the above procedure. Although your password has been changed again, the password reset disk is valid for the user name and does not have to be made again.

4. Change password with administrator privileges

If the password hint does not help you remember your password and you do not create a password reset disk, then it is necessary to have your computer administrator account create a new password for you. For security reasons, when the password is forgotten and the computer administrator cannot recover the password, he can only recreate a password for you, a method that the user naturally can think of. Unfortunately, many times we set up only one computer administrator account on a single computer, and the password for this account is what we forget, so the problem is complicated.

But there are more ways than problems. We know that in the process of installing Windows XP, the system is first logged on as the "administrator" and then asks to create a new user to log in using this new account when you enter Windows XP, and you will not see the " Administrator "This account with the qualifications of a computer administrator appears. But the account actually exists, and the password is empty. Knowing the above principle, then the next thing is much simpler, we discuss two kinds of situation.

5. Restore the password at the command prompt

1. Restart the computer, press F8 when the splash screen appears, and select "Safe Mode with command line".

2. In the login interface that appears, you will see "Administrator" and the user name of the other local user, and click "Administrator" with the mouse to enter command line mode.

3. Use the net command to force the user name of the forgotten password to change the password.

4. Restart the computer, in normal mode, you can use the "command" username and "netadmin" This password to log on to the system.

6. Log in to the system in the normal login interface

In the normal appearance of the login interface will not see "administrator" This user, then hold down the Ctrl+alt key, and then press the DEL key two times, and then there will be a classic login interface. Enter "Administrator" in the username, the password is empty, login to the system and then reset a password to the user who forgets the password in the Control Panel.

7. Use LC5 to crack the login password

LC5 can be used to detect whether Windows, UNIX users have used unsafe passwords. The main question now is, how can we restore user passwords in Windows XP when the account password is gone? There are solutions. In a computer that uses Windows XP normally, you will find the Cmd.exe file, copy it to the C-packing directory, and rename it at the command prompt. The current directory is the C-packing directory, the input "RENCMD.EXELOGON.SCR", after the carriage return, Cmd.exe became LOGON.SCR such screen saver file. Copy the LOGON.SCR to the C:windowssystem32 directory of the Windows XP computer that needs to recover the password, overwriting the original Logon.scr file, with a DOS boot disk, or even a gadget that recognizes the NTFS partition format.

The normal startup need to restore the password of Windows XP, when the login interface is nothing to do, silently waiting for about 10 minutes, because there is no operation, the system will automatically call the screen saver LOGON.SCR, and this file is our hands and feet, so the last occurrence of unexpectedly is a command prompt window. In the Command Prompt window, enter "Explorer" and return, the magical scene appeared, Windows XP desktop appeared, with the normal no difference, u disk, optical drive and other mobile devices can be used normally. At this point, click Start to see that the user name is "system" and that the user name does not actually exist. Do not close the command prompt window and quickly install LC5, because it does not appear on the Start menu at this time, but you can go to the installation directory to run it. Enter the registration code, follow the wizard prompts, select "Retrievefromthelocalmachine" → "strongpasswordaudit" → all select the page option → "complete." At this point, the LC5 automatically analyzes the password file and displays the user name in the file. If the password is not very complicated, you will see the result in a very short time. The greatest advantage of this method is that it is important to encrypt data with EFS without destroying the original system password.

8. Delete account password with Active@passwordchanger

Active@passwordchanger is a DOS based software that removes the administrator password for the windowsnt/2000/xp/2003 system when the user forgets or loses the login password. The shared version of the software can only list all the accounts within the system, but it cannot clear the account password or modify other features of the account.

Select a computer that can operate normally, unzip download Active@passwordchanger install compression package, double-click the installation file, follow the on-screen prompts step-by-step. Do not run the program after installation, the software created by the "Active@passwordchangerfordos" in the program can not be executed under Windows; Bootablecd-romisoimage "is linked to a WinRAR CD image file that can be opened with an ISO extension, which needs to be burned to the disc using burning software to start the system; and" Bootablediskcreator " is used to make the boot system to the DOS state of the floppy disk or USB disk tools. Go directly to the installation directory to find pwd_chng. EXE This small program, it is our core software Active@passwordchanger, copy it to U disk standby.

To Windows98 to create a USB disk can start the system, if you want to identify NTFS-formatted partitions in the Autoexec.bat load Ntfsdos such a gadget, and finally pwd_chng. EXE copy to the U disk. Use the U disk to start a computer that needs to restore the Windows XP password, run pwd_chng, select "Searchformssamdatabase (s) onallharddisksandlogicaldrivers" in the option that appears, press the number key 2. After the return of the program will automatically in an Instant search out Windows XP stored in the Windowssystem32config directory of the password file Sam, enter the next page, you can see the system inside the list of all users, just enter the account to the left of the corresponding number, Then enter the next page, with the keyboard key to move the cursor to the "Clearthisuser ' Spassword", press the Y key, followed by the ESC key back to the DOS state, reboot the system, so that the user's password is gone. Since Active@passwordchanger only deletes the account password instead of retrieving it, the whole process is very fast.

This article provides a variety of ways to clear the Windows XP password, I believe there will be a way to help you find the forgotten password.

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