Windows XP is more secure at some point without a password

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Microsoft wrote in an official guide: At some point, it's better to have a weak password, such as abc123, than to set a password.

This is because Windows XP accounts cannot be accessed from the remote network and the Internet without password protection.

Microsoft guides users in the documentation and must follow these guidelines when using a blank password under Windows XP:

You have only one computer, or you have several computers, but your other computers do not need to get information on this computer.

The computer is physically safe (no outsider contact)

Using a blank password is not always a good idea, especially when the computer is not in a safe place, for example, a laptop that you take out of the house, using a blank password may not be safe, so there should be a strong password. If you want to enter your XP Professional Edition of the computer network, and the password is blank, you can fix it in Group Policy.

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