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The first thing we can tell you is that the development of Gmail has been completed, and it is almost impossible to launch the market. Yahoo and Microsoft want to split up Google's search business, and Google will immediately return to their teeth and use Gmail to launch Hotmail and Yahoo's mail services. One of the biggest selling points is a whole 1 GB of email space. Even so, we need to declare that what you see is still a test version, so there may be a major difference with the final launch of the market products. Please remember this. Everything starts from inbox. Once you log in, you first enter inbox, which is not much different from other email services such as Yahoo, but still has some details. Look at the title bar on inbox and you will notice the excerpt from the latest message, which is helpful for you to quickly grasp the latest message. If you do not like it, you can disable it by setting options to restore the title bar of the traditional style. At the top of the page is a search box. Although it is a mail service, it is rare that it can still be used to search Web pages, which is very convenient when you need to conduct some research work based on a mail. If this is not enough, you can click search settings to perform advanced search settings. Even if we are already a veteran of Yahoo Mail, we still want to say that the Gmail search bar makes individual information search easier and more enjoyable.
In the inbox, compose mail (email editing), starred (Star mail), sent mail (sent mail), and all
Mail (all emails), spam (spam), and trash (waste bin), and the following is the specific mail Category column. The special "star mail" column allows you to select important emails for reference at any time. You can select one of the emails for archive operation at any time. Although you cannot see it again in inbox, you can still find it through the Gmail search function at any time, and make it appear in all
In the mail column. However, we still recommend that you provide a compressed email connection in the navigation bar so that you can see all the compressed emails at a glance. Gmail will automatically update your inbox on time, so that you can let the machine do other work without manual refresh. Even if you try Gmail on multiple machines at the same time, it can still synchronize with each other and automatically refresh.
Turning emails into traditional chat emails makes it easy to confuse an email. Most of the mail clients have some form of classification, but this is different from Gmail's conversation form. Gmail's "dialog" format allows you to display all related emails on one page. The latest emails are placed at the beginning, and the rest are arranged in the right folding mode. You can either view the full text or click "Expand All" (expand
All) Open all information for easy browsing. However, Gmail does not change the display sequence of information, for example, from the earliest to the latest. However, it does not rule out that Google will add this function in the future, but we do not think this is necessary. Gmail inbox won't be like Yahoo Mail or MSN
In Hotmail, a single email is displayed. On the contrary, a dialog connection is displayed. when new information arrives, the connection is automatically pushed to the top. At the beginning, you may not get used to it. Once you get used to it, you may wonder how you did it before. If you want to retrieve an email, there will be no problem, and you do not have to recall the content of the previous email or the context of the conversation. Click the print button to print the entire dialog. To write and reply to an email, you need to write a new email. You can click compose in the upper-left corner to connect to it. The reply page will pop up, so that you can start. Every time you send an email to a stranger, Gmail will automatically add him to your contact list, and you will be prompted when entering the email address. For the moment, the automatic address supplement function cannot be disabled. However, no one may think it will disturb or block the line of sight. In fact, after using it for a period of time, we can't do without it. I believe that we are used to outlook or outlook.
Express will also be excited about this feature. If you need to add many attachments, Gmail is the preferred choice. Compared with Yahoo's Restriction of 3 attachments, Gmail is still okay when we add 14 attachments and decide to give up trying more. At this time, anyone will package them into a file and then send it. As far as we know, there is no limit on the number of Gmail attachments. A friend with a low level of spelling can do this simply by checking the spelling at the bottom of the information. The wrong words may be highlighted in red. It is easier to reply to the email. You can click reply or click the blank part at the bottom of the recipient information to automatically pop up a reply window and move the cursor to the reply box. Farewell to folders. Welcome to Gmail without the folder concept. "tag" replaces it to classify emails. Each email can have more than one tag, so that you can classify the information in the most appropriate way. Once you set a label, it will appear on the left side of your inbox. To avoid manual setting of each new email when it comes in, you can set an email filter to automatically classify it. This is very simple and takes only five seconds to complete. Similarly, when we get used to the TAG method, we feel that we don't need to stay in love with folders any more.
Spam is no longer a problem. When it comes to spam, we find that the spam filter function of Gmail is quite useful. Although there was a bug in the Internet at the beginning, after the drop-down menu at the top of the page is reported, its performance has improved a lot.
One of our favorite Gmail features is that it does not automatically load HTML mail, which prevents spammers from using website beacon (Web
Beacons) function is important to detect the address validity. If you confirm that the email is valid, you only need to click at the top of the email to load the relevant content. Gmail designers are not only in front of spammers, but also take into account the convenience of user use.
The shortcut key settings of Gmail are not only very good with mainstream ie browsers, but even some non-mainstream Mozilla and Firefox are equally good. Using these hot keys can greatly improve mail processing efficiency. Custom and help settings allow you to perform a lot of Gmail configuration work to cater to your personal habits, including enabling/disabling hotkeys, the number of conversations displayed on each page, the renaming and deletion of tags, etc.
If you are not clear about how to use Gmail, or want to quickly find the answer to a question, you can click Help to view some common questions or search for relevant answers in the Gmail database.
Gmail advertisements do not talk about text advertisements and scanning functions in Gmail, which have previously caused a lot of controversy. It is clear that this use report is flawed. The advertisement in Gmail is the most "modest" we have ever seen. It does not appear in the blinking, rotating, or other way, just in text on the right side of the message.
As for the placement of advertisements, it is obvious that Gmail is much better than other Internet Mail Services-they both take into account the feelings of consumers and keep it as a viable business model. In fact, we don't mind about this, and sometimes there is no advertisement at all. Even if there is, it's just as unpleasant as the "related page" you appear when searching by Google.
Despite the above advantages, Gmail can still be improved. For example, you cannot save a draft email. This is a basic function and must be added as soon as possible. In addition, the "reply" connection only appears at the bottom of the mail, which is equally unpleasant. For Hot Key lovers, this is nothing, just press the "r" key to OK, but for those who only use the mouse, a reply connection placed on the top will be much more convenient. For the time being, Gmail contact management is still relatively lagging behind. You should learn from Yahoo. At the same time, the function of importing a contact list from other email services, such as MSN, must also be added. We also miss Mozilla's three-window interface. We hope Gmail can introduce similar interfaces, so that we can use one window to view the topic list in inbox and the other to view the mail content. Finally, we hope to see Gmail's support for POP3 mail and integrated virus scanning functions, especially the latter, which should be added as soon as possible. Conclusion so far, we are quite satisfied with Gmail! This is the result after a short period of time. Since we often switch between Windows and Linux systems, Gmail has become our savior. We no longer need to set up a troublesome email server. In both systems, we can directly access all emails through a browser, without worrying about the capacity! After several days, we only occupied 39 MB of all 1 GB space. Once you try Gmail, it's hard to stop. We are willing to give it a 9-point high score. However, it depends on how the final product can be finalized.

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