Install Apache in Windows environment and use Apache to build reverse proxy

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First, configure Apache platform software

1. Download Apache software the Apache official website to download the Windows installation version of the Apache server, now share to everyone.

2. The method/steps are as follows:

2.1, enter the Apache server official website, here we download stable version of httpd 2.2.29 for example, click Download.

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2.2, download.cgi page, scroll down to find 2.2.29, with two download options

source:httpd-2.2.29.tar.gz [PGP] [MD5] [SHA1]

source:httpd-2.2.29.tar.bz2 [PGP] [MD5] [SHA1]

But these two are installation packages installed under Unix-like systems, not what we want. Here we click Other files.

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2.3, the page will prompt: Thisdownload page includes only the sources to compile and build Apache yourself with th e proper tools. Download The precompiled distribution for your platform from binaries/.

That is, just those two are not compiled by the source code, to download the corresponding compiled platform needs to go to binaries download, click here next to the binaries link.

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2.4, click Win32 can.

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2.5, after the point in, 32-bit Windows HTTP Server 2.2.25 with SSL and non-SSL version, according to the need to choose one, the following FTP plug-ins can be downloaded

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 5.png " alt= "Wkiom1qo-z_dfgnbaaqdc_6lzwm643.jpg"/>

Second, the installation of Apache services in Windows environment

1. Install Apache software:

A, run the installation software, welcome interface, Direct Click Next.

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B, agreement, agree, click Next.

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Click Next

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 8.png " alt= "Wkiom1qo_gvzs6rpaaj5syatqum241.jpg"/>

C, basic configuration information, are used for error message prompt information: The first two server-related information, if there is a fixed domain name, For example,, the first line to write, the second line to write; otherwise two write localhost; the third line fills in the administrator email address (This is my own mailbox), other according to the picture the way fills in!!!

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 9.png " alt= "Wkiom1qo_ypyruc7aag7pw3_j4a506.jpg"/>

D, typical or custom installation. Here I choose the first typical installation, next.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 10.png "alt=" Wkiol1qpagutqnppaafuno6xvzi757.jpg "/>

E, the path to their own set of address, must be in English, do not put in the website address inside Oh!

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F, installation Install

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G, start the installation, please wait patiently.

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H, installation complete, finish.

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I, Apache service start, stop, restart

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To some Apache installation completed.

Third, use Apache to build reverse proxy under Windows

1. Install Apache and enable it to work properly

2. Open httpd.conf, find the following module and enable it (if not, you can add it yourself) (Module_proxy) (Module_proxy_http) (Module_cache) (Module_disk_cache)

3, refer to the following VirtualHost section, to set:

<virtualhost *:8081>

ServerName server intranet address

Proxypass/test Http://

Proxypassreverse/test Http://



#下面这几段可以加也可不加, look at the demand

# cacheroot "d:/apache_cache/"

# cacheenable Disk/images/

# cachedirlevels 2

# cachedirlength 1


where Proxypass and Proxypassreverse represent the original address, CacheRoot is the cache directory, and it needs to be built on its own, assigning NTFS permissions to the user who is hosting the Apache process. The first parameter after cacheenable disk means to cache with disks,/images/represents the directories that need to be cached, and if set directly to/, may cause dynamic scripts to be cached, it loses its own meaning. You can add multiple cacheenable to cache multiple directories. Cachedirlevels and cachedirlength generally do not need to be modified, which represents the series and directory name lengths of the data directories in the cache directory.

Web Access to the domain name or IP address of the public network, the above Apache is used 8081 of the port, then the external network to 8081 of the port to access. For example, the public network address is, the open port is 8081, and the access is as follows:


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Install Apache in Windows environment and use Apache to build a reverse proxy

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