MediaWiki installation under Windows

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MediaWiki installation under Windows

For friends who have just contacted the wiki, configuring a server environment, installing and running MediaWiki is a very troublesome thing, here, I try to use the easy-to-understand language, the installation process of MW (MediaWiki, hereinafter) under Windows.

MW is developed using PHP, PHP is a recently mature web scripting language, in order to run a PHP-based program, you need to configure PHP operating environment. MW uses a database to store information such as data, support MySQL and PostgreSQL, and here in MySQL, for example, describes how to install MW in a Windows environment.

1. Server section:

As mentioned earlier, to run a PHP program, you need to establish a server environment, for beginners, with a complete apache+mysql+php of the operating environment may be slightly difficult, fortunately, there are many amp (apache+mysql+php, the same) integration package, Debugging your wiki with an off-the-shelf AMP integration pack avoids a lot of headaches.

After using most of the AMP environment in the network, travel believes that WAMP5 ( is relatively mature and easy to use, the program is small, easy to get started, we take WAMP5 as an example to explain.

In this address download WAMP5, you will get a Wampserver2.0c.exe program, double-click the installation, we can install it anywhere in the system, I installed into the e:\ Webroot. The installation process is very simple, the default is the next step, the middle will prompt you to select the browser and set the host and Administrator Mail dialog box, do not care about it, OK, next.

After the installation is complete, the AMP environment in the Wamp will start, and a small semicircle icon will appear in the system tray area, and the left and right click icons will have a popup menu, but the menu items are different. First right click, in language Select Chinese, then wamp5 menu becomes Chinese (what, not Chinese, sorry, then you wrong).

Then, we open the browser, enter http://localhost in the Address bar, will go to the default home page of WAMP5.

Here have to praise a, in addition to XAMPP, I most appreciate the amp environment home is WAMP5, home by default provides a lot of management functions, so, unless necessary, do not easily delete the default home page.

Next work we need to set the password for the root user of the MySQL database, WAMP5 provides us with a handy tool: phpMyAdmin, you can find it in the Tools section (see), you can find it in the Your alias section, find it, left click to enter.

Now you see the PMA (phpMyAdmin, the same as) management interface, to set the root password, please click Permissions.

Here you can see the users in MySQL, by default, the guest user is disabled (that is, the few "any"). There are three root users, each belonging to a different domain. [email Protected],[email protected] and [email protected]. The last one is mainly used for database maintenance upgrades, the first two are the root accounts we need to use. By default, represents native, which is the computer you are using, and the results of parsing are generally localhost and the computer you are currently using. is based on IP address access, localhost is based on domain name access, localhost can also be parsed into your current intranet ip--shape such as form and the form of the outer network ip--shape such as If you want to set a password for root, click the Small pencil icon on the right side of the line [email protected].

In the User Rights window, we set the password for root in the Change password entry, please set the password (to be consistent before and after) and then click on the right side of the execution. The root password is set to complete. Now that we return to the Permissions page, the PMA will prompt that the database cannot be connected. This is normal, because the PMA in the WAMP5 to access the database as root, and now the root password has been modified by us, PMA of course, can not connect the database. Now we need to modify the PMA configuration file, which is in the apps\phpmyadmin2.11.6 directory of WAMP5. Use any of the file editors to open this file and find $cfg[' Servers ' [$i] [' password '] = '; Add the password that we just set for [email protected] in the middle of the two single quotes. Tim should be like this $cfg[' Servers ' [$i] [' password '] = ' mysql5 ';

Now go back to the browser window and refresh the page, and the PMA will be able to connect to the database properly. For the sake of safety, we need to set a password for [email protected] at the same time, as in the same way.

Now, we need to create a dedicated database account for the wiki, after all, Root is too powerful to be almost omnipotent. Go back to the Permissions window and click "Add New User" below the list of users.

User name:Fill in your wiki to manipulate the database user name, here is WikiUser;
Host:Just now explained the concept of the domain, where "host" we use "local", that is, "locahost";

I had a problem with this place, I originally specified "Any host (%)", but I was prompted for an error (no user was found) at the last installation, even if I assigned "GRANT" permission to the WikiUser user. It seems that the MySQL Rights Management Section, it is necessary to study hard!

Password:Add a consistent password to the next two boxes.
Generate Password:This is used to generate passwords, and if you're willing to memorize character combinations that don't have any features, you can try them. Click Generate Generate code, copy the generated password to the above two boxes.

Next we set the WikiUser permissions, you can choose according to the need, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, "data" in addition to the last (FILE) and "Structure" segment except (DROP) proposed to select all, "Management" segment installation will not be used. (This is not the most restrictive permission setting, if your machine is to be configured as a public server, please review the database manual for Setup, paying special attention to the File,drop and the large administrative privileges are dangerous).

I give a [email protected] Permission table, this permission is set relatively loose, if really do not know how to set, please refer to the following:

OK, now that the permissions are set, start the wiki installation. Installation section:

First, download a MW program to Http://

Unzip, the MW program directory (copy/cut) to the Wamp5 www directory. You'd better change the name of the folder, such as MediaWiki. Below, open the browser, enter Localhost/mediawiki in the address bar, the browser window shows the first page of MediaWiki, because your MW also needs to be installed (Generate configuration file, create database and data table). Below, dot the blueset up the wikiGo on.

The Setup program checks the server environment and, if you see it,You can install MediaWikiIndicates that your server environment meets the requirements for MW installation.

Below, start the installation setup, the following mentioned section, please check carefully.

Wiki Name:Wiki name, can be set to your liking, but can't use MediaWiki
Contact e-mail:If your server doesn't have PHP mail set up, it doesn't matter what it is set to.
Language:For Simplified Chinese users, please select the "Mainland China" item.

Admin Username:Wiki Administrator
Password:Administrator's password, the password cannot be the same as the wiki administrator name. That is, if the administrator name is wikiroot, then the password cannot be set to Wikiroot
Password Confirm:Repeat the administrator's password (to prevent you from filling in the wrong password)

Database Name:Any, if you don't have the database, the installer will help you create
DB Username:Remember the wikiuser we used to set up to operate the database?
DB Password:WikiUser's password
DB Password Confirm:Repeat the WikiUser password (to prevent you from filling in the wrong)

Superuser Account:Superuser, Root, if your wikiuser permissions are set too strict, you may encounter some problems when installing MW, which provides a super user option to prevent errors due to insufficient wikiuser permissions.
Superuser Name:The default should be root, local installation, with Root will be very convenient, all do not need to create a dedicated user. In the case of a public server installation, the server administrator will typically assign you the specified user.
Superuser Password:Root's password
Database Table Prefix:
Data table prefix, if you plan to integrate other programs such as Discuz, and to install discuz into the same database as MW, it is wise to set a table prefix (prevent table name collisions from generating errors).

After setting up, click on the bottom of the page the bigInstall mediawiki!Button.

If you seeinstallation successful! Indicates that the MW installation was successful. Now the last step, enter the local folder of MW, the Config directory under thelocalsettings.php(this file is generated after successful installation) is copied to the root directory of the MW.

Now, back to the browser, dotThen follow the link to your wiki.In theThis linkLinks (actually localhost/mediawiki/index.php links).

The installation is all done.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

The complete wiki server is not so simple to go online! Starting from the server section, you need to conduct a series of security testing and system configuration, this article is only for the wiki novice of a guiding article, I hope that everyone can help!

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I don't know what to do now. 2012-03-17 00:35 reply TRAVEL981CN reply usst2004: Convenient words to the site package sent to this mailbox, [email  protected], let me see it! 2012-02-09 00:33 reply TRAVEL981CN reply usst2004: Should and Wamp no matter! You put down the Apache and PHP access logs! Wamp's homepage is PHP's AH. Homepage can be accessed, no reasonMediaWiki can not access the AH. You try to access the intranet IP, such as your intranet IP shape such as: 192.168, 1.120, your MediaWiki installed in the Apache Htdocs directory under the MediaWiki directory, then use mediawiki/index.php visit below to see. 2012-02-09 00:26 reply usst2004 reply travel981cn: Install in www directory ah. Create a new directory MediaWiki access is Http://IP, other machines can see the Wamp page, there are MediaWiki links, and then click on this link, it shows that the connection is not. It's strange. I'm using the Wamp server 2.2c version. 2012-02-08 17:19 reply TRAVEL981CN reply usst2004: can access the Wamp home page, but cannot access the wiki home page?? Excuse me, where did you install the wiki? Which directory is it installed in? 2012-02-08 01:13 reply. Usst2004lz, I follow your steps to install the wiki can be accessed on their own machine, but the LAN, the other machine still can't access my machine is Win XP, the firewall is closed, 360 also shut down the Wamp The server is already online, and other machines can access the main page of Wamp. 2012-02-07 14:15 reply travel981cn reply lemon xin Xin: Oh, this question!! Yes, as long as you can publish your machine's IP, if you are Netcom, you can use a peanut shell binding a domain name, and then you can use the domain name to access. If the kind of large LAN, such as long and wide, give up early, because it is almost impossible to achieve. 2011-05-06 02:04 reply Lemon xin xin reply travel981cn: Raise your hand! Again, the wiki is installed on its own windows, can it be posted out? Tokyu 2011-05-06 00:39 reply TRAVEL981CN reply lemon New: Wamp inside the Web server is Apache, and IIS is similar, not to run up should be port conflict! Anyway, the PHP environment is built up!&NBSP; 2011-04-30 10:40 reply Lemon xin xin for beginners, environment separate installation is more troublesome, download an integrated environment is a good choice! 2011-04-30 10:02 reply Lemon new Sweet reply TRAVEL981CN: According to the method installed several times, but it is unclear which step is wrong, the last step is always wrong. But the problem has been solved, the environment is separately installed, iis,php, and then installed MySQL, and then put the MW up 2011-04-30 09:58 reply travel981cn reply lemon xin: projects/wampserver/files/wampserver%202/wampserver%202.0/  Here are Wampserver2, you can choose the previous version, I can't remember from which version started, PHP becomes 5.3, you can next and my version of the same, and so on later familiar with, their own configuration of the AMP environment is the best. 2011-04-27 09:37 reply TRAVEL981CN reply lemon New: Wamp PHP version is too high, you go to SF to search the old version of Wamp try. Http:// 09:31 replies. Lemon Xin Xin want to ask, I follow the above method installed, but point open this link page, It appears Warning:parameter 2 to Parser::p arse () expected to be a reference, value given in C:\wamp\www\mediawiki\includes\StubO bject.php on line 58Fatal Error:call to a member function Getcachetime () on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\mediawiki\include S\article.php on the line 3387 error, how to solve this? 2011-04-27 00:04 reply zh_kq Thank you, thanks to you, I have successfully put the wiki on the 2011-02-17 08:18 reply TRAVEL981CN reply pig fish Piggy: day, Tutorial!! Tutorial again!! 2010-12-01 20:17 reply pig fish piggymediawiki import wikidata xxx.xml file?? HowWhat about the import? I also want to know, landlord write a tutorial bar 2010-12-01 13:38 reply travel981cn reply min Hao good: You should search MySQL Import export XML data about the article!! 2010-10-27 17:52 replies. Min Hao you ever used MediaWiki to import a wiki database Xxx.xml file?? How to import it? 2010-10-27 16:37 reply.See moreHelp Center | Space Customer Service | Complaint Center | Space protocol
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