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I would like to dedicate this article to the same people as I need a convenient knowledge management software. Write this article, just want to share their favorite things to more people, not advertising. If you use other similar software, and still feel that the note is not good enough, please ignore this article automatically.

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When it comes to personal knowledge management software, a lot of people think of the famous Evernote, someone who uses the Microsoft Office-brought OneNote and the Youdao cloud note. But if it is me, I will not hesitate to recommend to you "for the notes" this excellent domestic knowledge management software, is also a very small number of I have been very optimistic about the domestic software.

A chance to know a note

Many years ago, I used to keep some good articles while surfing the internet, but I didn't have the right software. At that time, some software was found, such as the famous Internet fast catching and so on. But always feel that the use of the side, especially the interface is always confusing, and it seems very old. is from the Baidu Encyclopedia found a net text fast capture software (to tell the truth, now for the software this very traditional 98 Style menu and toolbar, I really do not have any affection).

Later on the accident was found to know the notes. The first to be attracted by the note, is to take note of the installation features, beautiful interface, easy to operate, supporting file format, and other excellent features.

I am a like to toss the computer, the most afraid of is to reinstall the system after all the software is not used, many years ago in the collection of various green free installation software. Discover for note the official has to provide a green version of the installation, and the most amazing is that the green version can also automatically update the upgrade.

It is not very convenient to start the Internet, and it is mainly used as a local use for notes. Found for the note can easily import Txt,doc and other formats of files (directly drag the file to the corresponding Notes folder can be, the operation is very simple), and can be full-text search, I decided to put a lot of small pieces of the computer's little files into the notes, from this full-text search very happy.

At that time, the word-of-mouth is good, not only for free, but also as a domestic software, every few days will be updated, each upgrade will add a variety of new features. In the forum has mentioned some questions, this thought is to make suggestions, ask for new features, the results did not think of the Administrator's reply let me all a little embarrassed, I want a few features have already had, but I have not know O (╯-╰) o

A beautiful interface

For the understanding of the interface is very good, you can replace multiple sets of different styles of the skin, for the note to quit the first version of the skin-changing function, I experienced some. Now my notes are such skin.

Powerful file import feature

When you import a file for notes, an HTML is automatically generated from the file for full-text search. Remember when you first used to import PDF files for notes, the resulting HTML display is very bad, the layout is quite confusing. I couldn't see it at all, and I could only use it as a full-text search, which is the HTML generated by the PDF I imported two years ago (2013-2-4).

Some knowledge of the computer, I also know that the PDF file format is actually more complicated, because the various PDFs of the internal structure of the file is not the same. Forum also has a lot of netizens posted that hope to know the notes can solve this problem at an early date.

Later, adding an OLE viewer to the note added a lot of improvements, at least through the viewer to see a good display of the PDF, but the viewer opened the file is slow, and seems to be unable to search the full text.

Developed to this day, for the note finally took care of the problem, the HTML generated from the PDF and directly open the quality of the PDF as high, and even according to the size of the window itself to the layout of the line (this is said in the text format of the PDF). As you can see, the results have been greatly improved.

Although PDF import is not necessarily useful for a lot of people, at least it can be seen from here, and it really takes a lot of thinking to make this product for the Notes team.

Web Editor

The most common use of the first is to use for notes to save the content of the Web page, I seldom write things. The web editor for note-taking is very useful, I usually select what you want to save, and then press the shortcut key to Win+S save the selected section.

For the note there is also a text automatic extraction function, you can automatically detect the text in the Web page, and then save it. But it may be because the page format is becoming more and more complex, it may be because I did not set up a good body extraction rules, so the effect is not very good.

Easy to use editor

Since it is a note-taking software, of course, the editor is also a core function. The editor for note-taking is very powerful. Some general features, such as font settings, alignment, hyperlinks, and superscript I do not explain, here are a few of my favorite features.

formatting text

The buttons in the editor are as follows

Formatted Text tool, you can remove all the extra formatting in a page, will clear all HTML tags, only the text and pictures, and text into the P tag, the picture is centered. Formatting adjustments are useful for pages that do not use complex formats.

Clear Formatting

The buttons are as follows:

Unlike the format Text tool, clear formatting removes all attributes from an HTML element, but does not change the label.

The editor comes with a handy tool that makes it easy to edit documents, especially tutorials on computer operations, without always switching between software and editors, as well as copying and pasting pictures.

Code insertion Features

The Code insertion feature is also very useful and supports many languages.

Markdown Support

Markdown is a high-quality article writing language, easy to use grammar, easy to learn. When writing articles for notes, add the suffix of the article name .md , and then open it automatically with Markdown to create high-quality articles that are beautifully formatted. This article is based on the use of Markdown to note the editing.

For me, the use of markdown has a big advantage, because often need to insert the code in the notes, and then publish to the site, but has been plagued by the local code to note the insertion function and my wordpress site code highlighting plug-in incompatible, so each time still have to manually edit the code, repeatedly Daoteng , especially annoying. But later found that the use of markdown, it will be very easy to generate high-quality blog, and in the local and site blog free synchronization between.

For this, please see my other article "wordpress+markdown+ for notes, high quality notes and blogs" Http://

for note markdown has a congenital advantage , on the market all kinds of markdown software when inserting pictures, all need to through hyperlinks, insert a picture, I need to find that picture, upload to the cloud image service, or put in a local designated folder, Then edit markdown Input the address of the image, in order to display, but also to consider the picture save location, file name and other issues, very troublesome. But in the notes, can be directly mixed to write, the picture or the same as the general document, the direct visualization of the insertion into the document, directly with the, from the computer dragged into, copy and paste, etc. can be, the software will automatically handle the picture, as shown in the effect, nothing to consider.

For Markdown, refer to the article "Markdown Introduction and Basic grammar" Http://

Third-party editor support

Notes can also be edited with a third-party editor, which can compensate for the lack of functionality of the self-brought editor.

Multiple note templates

There are many new types of notes that can be created for your notes, but I haven't used them very well, or have gotten used to the most original document in the form of notes.

Show templates

For notes you can set a display template for your notes, such as the light blue background color I set. If there is no background in the HTML of the note itself, the notes are displayed automatically with the display template.

Cross-platform synchronization

At first I mainly saved the Web page, later found that sometimes want to write something, found that the note-taking mobile phone client is also quite useful, and can be synchronized across the platform.

For note syncing, limit the amount of note data, limit the size of individual notes, and synchronize traffic per month. The free version has 600M of traffic per month, and as the level increases, traffic increases. In addition, the use of points or pay, you can buy VIP, monthly traffic will increase a lot.

In order to know the notes in sync, you will also save the historical version of notes, if you accidentally changed the wrong, you can restore the historical version.


For notes you can set the software password (lock on each boot, minimize to the tray lock, etc.), you can also set a password for a separate note or folder, or hide the Notes folder, can protect the security of the note information. On the mobile side, the security features do just as well.

Post to WordPress Blog

To know the features of the blog post to the real good, accustomed to writing articles in the local and then directly publish to my blog, not to the site of a picture, illustrations, adjustment format, just to take advantage of the local powerful editing functions, a variety of easy to drag and drop, you can edit good articles, and then a key to publish, will automatically upload all the pictures and text, publish a blog. And all of this is high quality.

Specific operation can refer to the "Note Offline blog publishing function" Http://

Practical applications can refer to "wordpress+markdown+ for notes, high-quality notes and blogs" Http://

Plug - ins

There are a number of plugins available for note-taking, some of which are powerful and scary. For example, importing data from other notes, exporting notes to HTML, or even exporting notes from one folder to generate CHM ebooks. Blog Downloader can be bulk download online blog (but I tried to look like the general effect). Well, can also be the computer's notes directly exported to the mobile phone version for the notes, eliminating the phone synchronization to consume a lot of traffic trouble.

Simple comparison of similar software

Not many other similar software know much, but also accidentally contacted, in addition to not accustomed to, for some other reasons abandoned the use.

EverNote: Mobile free version good multi-function limit

When using the Zaker software on the phone, see some good articles, want to save it, but zaker bring the sharing function can only be saved directly to Evernote. So downloaded the mobile phone version of the impression notes, originally considered a period of time to try, the results found a can not tolerate the problem: the free version of the Evernote feature limit is too many ... Many of the free features in the notes for the note, the Evernote free version is not used ... Decisively gave up.

Youdao Cloud Notes: User experience is not enough

Some time ago and a few students to do the project, a classmate built a Youdao cloud notes group, let us add in, you can share some articles. Although has been used for the notes, but look at everyone has used the Youdao, I have to change the Youdao. In less than a day, I found the Youdao experience is really far better than to know, for example, from the online copy of an article, pasted in, the article will not automatically save the pictures, but also need a picture inserted into. This makes me think of, many years ago for notes also have this problem, that is, the picture in the Web page can not be automatically saved to the local, can only save hyperlinks, cut off the screen of the picture is not seen, later version, for the note slowly solved the problem, so far this function for the note is not a problem. Youdao Cloud notes than for the note start late a lot, if not because of bundling in Youdao dictionary installed, estimated also not so quickly spread out to the popular bar. In a lot of detail, Youdao Yun notes have yet to be strengthened; for the time being, it is definitely the first choice for notes.


I'm used to taking notes and using them almost every day when I turn on my phone or computer.

Save the article and build up a personal knowledge base

On the Internet when you can save a variety of good articles, so that the next time to see, or have time to look, sync to the mobile phone can also be seen. When the train is bored, pick up the phone for notes, before you have not seen but has been synchronized Good article turned out to see, the feeling is also excellent.

See good articles on the phone can also be saved to the notes, but due to the limitations of the mobile phone itself, the mobile phone article preservation is very difficult to be like a computer-friendly. In particular, the layout of the article is easy to confuse, or I want to save the text, in fact, will save the entire Web page, after all, the phone can not be like a computer with the mouse keyboard flexible operation.

Save fragmented documents on your computer

For notes support the import of various common file formats, as mentioned earlier. Computer has a lot of messy fragmented files (mainly documents, pictures of a Class), tidy up particularly troublesome, some use very little, but dare not casually delete, afraid of which day will be used, such as high school classmate's address book. Later thought for the notes, simply put a bunch of scattered files all dragged in, put in a humble folder.

There are usually from the online collection of various funny small pictures, or can be placed in the notes.

Note that this method is not suitable for large files, such as a variety of dozens of m e-book, or directly placed in the hard disk folder is more appropriate. For the free version of the notes, too large files can not be synchronized, and such a file even if synchronization is very consumption.

Keep track of your feelings, thoughts and inspirations

Usually think of something, or what inspiration, and so on, I will habitually use the mobile phone version of the notes recorded, it is necessary to sync to the computer to continue editing. Or if you want to write something and no inspiration, you can write some outlines on your phone anytime, anywhere, and then continue to refine the outline on your computer.


The goods can also be used as memos to make notes. Before the use of Anydo, the results of a period of time the Android version of the bug, updated several versions are, simply do not have. Later changed a few software is not satisfied. Well, I moved a part of the memo to the notes.

Now I have saved nearly 4,000 notes on the note, the online preservation of a lot, there are many of their own writing. The software has become more and more inseparable.

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NOTES: The use of excellent domestic knowledge management software

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