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As a developer you may not have heard of Sublimetext. But you never heard of it, it's okay, let you know. Sublimetext is a very sophisticated text editor for writing code, taking notes, and writing articles. Its user interface is neat, the features are extraordinary, the performance is surprisingly fast. These great features include any jump (Goto anything), multiple selection (multiple selections), Command Panel (command Palette), intrusion-free mode (distraction Partition editor (split editing), quick Project switch (instant project switch), you can also customize more features at your own discretion. Also, this editor supports Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. But these are not what this article is going to discuss.

The sublimetext itself is already very powerful, but the great thing is that there is a long list of plugins that support it and bring it more powerful functionality, which is what this article will discuss. Not much nonsense, let's take a look at 20 powerful Sublimetext plugins. If you are already using them, please let us know and tell us what you think is the best one. As always, your opinion is important.


By default Sublimetext does not feature FTP, and if you are looking for a free and easy-to-use FTP tool that can be used in your Sublimetext application, you can consider ftpsync. This is a very simple FTP synchronization tool that can control the multiple naming of the upload target. Let us know what you think.

. SASS Build

SASS Build is a pre-processor that writes CSS. This special plugin will help you properly build Sass files that include compression options. Once you have installed this plugin, you can easily start it by pressing CTRL + B (Mac system is Command +b).

. Package Control

This is something you have to install after you finish installing the Sublimetext, it's easy to say. Why do you ask? With this special "plug-in package", you can easily install, upgrade, delete, and even easily view the list of packages or plugins you have installed in Sublimetext. It makes these processes very easy and organized through menus and corresponding behaviors.


Generally speaking, Emmet (translator Note: Formerly known as the Zen Coding, this if you have not heard and used, it is sad) is a can make you faster and more efficient writing HTML and CSS, save you a lot of time plug-ins. How to use? Instead of writing the entire code and pressing the "extended" key, you simply write the abbreviated form of the contract, and the abbreviations are automatically extended to the corresponding code content. For example, you only need to enter ((h4>a[rel=external]) +p>img[width=500 height=320]) *12 , then it will be extended to 12 list items and the image immediately followed. Then you can fill in the content on this basis, it is so simple.


This plugin was recently rebuilt and released for SUBLIMETEXT3. The new version obviously brings a lot of new and different features, rather than simply putting all the linter in one package, and the developer allows the user to select and install their frequently used linter while upgrading. Obviously, this can save disk space. "More Customization", which is very friendly to the user.


This plugin can be used to extend the Sublimetext sidebar menu, including: Create a new file in the current project folder, move a file or folder, create a copy of the file or folder, open in a new window or browser, refresh, etc. This is just a summary, after installation explore it more features bar.


This special plugin will give you a lot of convenience in viewing and editing the different packages included with Sublimetext. You can also extract any given package. This action copies it to the user folder so that you can safely edit it.

. Git

The name doesn't look friendly, but as a developer you can see for sure what it does. This plugin will integrate git into your sublimetext so that you can run GIT commands in Sublimetext, including adding, submitting files, viewing logs, file annotations, and other git features.


This plugin allows you to open your project folder directly using the terminal in sublime, and supports the use of shortcut keys.


This is the format plugin used to sort the CSS properties. If you want to keep the code clean and tidy, and want to sort it out in a certain order (is it a bit obsessive?). ), then this plugin is an effective solution. Especially when you work with other developers who have their own code-writing style.

Ten. Caniuse

If you want to check whether the browser supports the CSS and HTML elements that you include in your code, then this is the plugin you need. All you need to do is choose the element in question, and the plugin will do the rest for you.

9. Alignment

This plugin allows you to align your code, including PHP, CSS, and Javascript. The code looks more concise and readable, making it easy to edit. You can see the picture below to understand what I mean.

8. Trmmer

You know that when you write code, there are some unnecessary spaces due to errors or some other reason. It is important to note that extra spaces can sometimes cause errors. This plugin will automatically remove these unnecessary spaces.

7. ColorPicker

If you often want to view or set a color value, this plugin can easily call your native palette app. (Translator extension:) This is a two-way function, you can either select a color in the palette, and then press the "OK" button to fill the value into the current position of the active document in Sublimetext, or you can select a color value in the active document. Pressing the shortcut key for this plug-in will locate the color for that value in the displayed palette.

6. MarkDown Editing

Sublimetext is not just able to view and edit Markdown files, but it will treat them as plain text with poor formatting. This plugin is able to perform these tasks better with proper color highlighting and other features.

5. Filediffs

This plugin allows you to see the differences between the two different files in Sublimetext. The objects you can compare can be data copied from the Clipboard, or files in the project, files that are currently open, and so on.

4. Docblockr

Docblockr can make it easy for you to create documents for your code. It parses functions, variables, and parameters, and automatically generates a document paradigm based on them, and your job is to fill in the corresponding instructions.

3. Customized Themes

Having different themes can trigger ideas and ideas, and you may want to use these plugins to achieve different themes, bringing better and exciting prospects.



2. Snippets

Snippets, you must have heard, can help you write code quickly. But it's not using abbreviations like the plug-ins mentioned above, it's reusing code blocks to save you time. You can even create your own code snippets, which is entirely up to you.

1. Other syntax support

If there is a language that the Sublimetext itself does not contain, it will not be able to display the appropriate syntax highlighting. These languages include less,sass,scss,styls and Jade (or other). If you are using these languages, you may want to install their syntax plugin.

    • Less

    • Sass

    • SCSS

    • Styls

    • Jade

Sublime Text Plugin

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