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Our people use VPS installed system environment most likely is LNMP, the author recently also learning to install and use VPS, also see many kinds of system environment can choose, of course, including can choose to install Panel management. Temporarily I do not choose to install the Panel, the use of panels without technical content, and from the difficulties of learning, direct use of SSH operating VPS feel is also very face. From multiple systems, I am not good or bad for the time being, each one is installed and tested again, and the relevant information is recorded, the comparison in the future.

Today first to install the LNMP system in the CentOS, the minimum system requirements for 128M memory, I believe that the minimum VPS should have 256M memory, I tested the machine for 512M memory, he room line machine.

First, login using SSH to login to our VPS.

The second step, remote download LNMP one-button installation package;

Copy Code code as follows:

Wget-c http://soft.vpser.net/lnmp/lnmp0.9.tar.gz

The official latest version 0.9.

The third step, after downloading completes, carries on the decompression;

Copy Code code as follows:

Tar zxvf lnmp0.9.tar.gz

The fourth step, after decompression completes, we enter the lnmp0.9 file directory;

Copy Code code as follows:

CD lnmp0.9

The fifth step, because our system is CentOS, so here we install./centos.sh

We are required to enter the main domain name, we do not recommend the use of our own domain name, you can enter a domain name, or other not used to test the domain name. Because the root directory generally we do not use to build the station. I am here just as a demo to everyone, so enter my domain name.

The sixth step, enter our root permissions mysql password This must be set and remember well, and it is better to be more complex; below see ask us if we need to install the InnoDB database engine, generally is not installed, we will enter, if need to install on Y.

Finally, we are prompted to press any key to start the installation of LNMP, here for the different VPS performance of the installation of the length of time.

With the above 7 steps, it is easy to install a CentOS based LNMP environment in our Linux VPS. Today's installation tutorials to share here, although there are similar tutorials on the internet, but after all, they do not install, it is certainly necessary to prove the practice.

Now the installation continues, I will continue to wait for the installation, the following article I will share about how to add a domain name to establish a website and database management, the article first to this end.

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