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Access. chm-Windows Help File
Accstat. exe-auxiliary status indicator
Advapi32.dll-advanced Win32 application interface
Aha154x. MPD-SCSI driver
Am1500t. vxt-NIC Driver
Am2100.dos-NIC Driver
Appstart. ani-Animated Cursor
Apps. HlP-Windows Help File
Audiocdc. HlP-"easy code decoder" Help File
Awardpr32.exe-added printer tools
Bigmem. DRV-bigmem Virtual Device
Billadd. dll-dynamic link library (MSW supported)
BiOS. VxD-plug-and-play BIOS interface
Buslogic. MPD-SCSI driver
Calc. exe-calculator Application
Cannon800.drv-Canon Printer Driver
Choice. com-msdos command
Chs16.fon-font file (16 dot matrix files)
Example of Canyon. Mid-Midi File
Carddrv. exe-PCMCIA Support Program
CDFs. VxD-CDROM File System
Cdplayer. exe-CD player Application
Cdplayer. HlP-CD player Help File
Chips. DRV-chip technology display driver
Chkdsk. exe-DOS disk check tool
Choosusr. dll-network customer
Chokd. wav-audio file example
CIS. SCP-script file (demonstrate how to establish a connection with compuserveppp)
Clare ~ 1. Rmi-mini Sequence
Clip. inf-installation information file (Clipboard viewer)
Closewin. Avi-video clip (AVI) (how to close the window)
CMC. dllail-api1.0 public information call
Combuff. VxD-com Virtual Device
Comctl32.dll-32-bit shell component
Comdlg32.dll-32-bit public dialog Library
Comic. tif-TrueType font file (Comic Sans MS)
Command. com-public dialog Library
Commdlg. dll-16-bit public dialog Library
Common. HlP-ole Help File
Compobj. dll-ole16/32
Conagen. exe-32-bit control support
Confapi. dll-Microsoft network component
Config. sys-configuration file
Config. txt-readme file (how to use the command in the configuration file)
Control. exe-"Control Panel" Application
Cool. dll-uniform resource location file
Copy. inf-installation information file
CP-1250.NLS-natural language support documentation
Cpqndis. DOS-NIC Driver
Cpqndis3.vxd-Compaq Ethernet controller NDIS driver
Cr3240.exe-dos6.22 cr3240 Printer Driver
Crtdll. dll-Microsoft C Runtime Library
Csetup. exe-msdos6.22
Csetup. Win-csetup.exe Supports files
Csmapper. sys-System File (PCMCIA supported)
Cspman. dll-dynamic link library (soundblaster 16 driver)
Ctrlpan. exe-msdos command (system console Program)
Ctrlpan. exe-msdos6.22 Control Program
D Branch
Dblbvff. sys-Dual-buffer driver
Dc21x4. sys-ndis3 driver
Dciman. dll-Display Control Interface
Dciman32.dll-Display Control Interface
Ddeml. dll-DDE Information Library
Debmp. dll-grating Display Device
Debug. exe-Debug debugging tool
Decpsmw4.inf-installation information file (Dec printer installation)
Declan. VxD-Declan NIC Driver
Defrag-open the "selected drive" Window
Del. inf-installation information file
Deltemp. com-initialization help Tool
Deltree. exe-directory deletion Tool
Demet. dll-vector display Project
Deskcp16.dll-16-bit desktop control panel
Desktop. MSN-Microsoft Network Components
Dess. dll-table display Project
Dewp. dll-Word Processing Display Project
Dialer. CNT-dialog help
Dialer. exe-dialing program
Dialer. HlP-dialing Help File
Dialmon. exe-dial Monitoring Program (ie2.0)
Dibeng. dll-same project as independent device bits
Diconix. drx-Printer Driver
Very good ^__ ^. Wan-audio file example
Directcc. exe-connecting applications with direct Cables
Diskcomp-disk comparison tool
Diskcopy. com-disk copy Tool
Diskdrv. inf-installation information
Display. txt-display card readme file
Dmcolor. dll-general printing driver color play support library
Doskey. com-doscommand
Dosx. exe-msdos configuration program
Dragdrop. Avi-video clip (AVI) (how to use drag and drop)
Driver. sys-dos driver
Drvspace. exe-disk compression Tool
Drvspace. HlP-disk space management help file
E Branch
Edit. com-dos text editing program
Edlin. exe-dos row Editor
Ee16.vxd-Virtual Device Driver
EISA. VxD-plug-and-play eisa bus counter
Ek550c. ICM-printer Overview
Emm386.exe-extended memory management program
Enable. inf-initialization information
Engct. exe-files supported by msn
Escp24sc. DRV-Device Driver
Eudcedit. CNF-help index files (Word Creation Program)
Eudcedit. exe-Word Creation Program
Eudcedit. HlP-Help File (Word Creation Program)
Eudcedit. inf-install the information file (Word Creation Program)
Evx16.dos-NIC Driver
Ewrk3.dos-NIC Driver
Ewrk3.sys-NIC Driver
Excel. xls-excel5.0 file template
Excel4.xls-excel4.0 file template
Exchange. txt-inbox and exchange readme files
Exchng. CNT-mail/exchange Help File Content
Exchng. HlP-mail/exchange component
Exchng32.exe-perform initial settings on the User Switch
Explorer. Avi-video clip (AVI) (how to use resource manager)
EXPLORER. EXE-"Resource Manager" Application
Expo. HlP-Help File (Product Information)
Expostrt. exe-Product Information Application
Extract. exe-decompression tool
Extra. txt-self-report file (online access to additional files)
F Branch
FAQ. txt-Troubleshooting self-report file
Faxcodec. dll-fax encoding/Decoder
Faxcover. exe-cover Editor
FC. exe-doscommand, compare two files
FD16-700.MPD-SCSI driver
Fd8xx. MPD-SCSI driver
Fdisk. exe-doscommand, hard disk creation, deletion, and display of the current Partition
Filesec. VxD-File Access Control Manager
Filexfer. CNT-File Transfer Help File Content
Filexfer. exe-Microsoft File Transfer
Find. Avi-video editing (how to use search)
Find. exe-find the specified string command
Findmvi. dll-Media Vision support
Finstall. dll-font library Installer
Finstall. HlP-Help file for font library Installation
Flsimtd. VxD-PCMCIA support
Flsimtd. VxD-PCMCIA support
Font16.exe-dos6.22 file version 16 dot matrix font driver
Fonts. inf-font select initialization information
Fontview. exe-font Browser
Format. com-DOS disk formatting Tool
Foutline. exe-contour font driver
Framebuf. DRV-svga display driver
FTE. dll-audio browsing File Transfer Engineering File
Ftp://ftp.exe/-File Transfer Protocol TCP tools
Fureli ~ 1. Rmi-mini Sequence
G Branch
GBK. txt-Windows 95gbk code set character definition table
GDI. exe-lite version win3.1 graphical interface
Gdi32.dll-32-bit GDI graphical interface
General. IDF-General MIDI indicator
Kgconv. exe-Windows Group Converter
Guide. exe-application (MSN)
H Branch
Hardware. txt-hardware self-report file
Hosts. Sam-TCP Configuration
Hpclrlsk. ICM-print Overview
Hpdesk. ICM-printer Overview
Hpdskjet. DRV-Printer Driver
Hpeisa. VxD-Network Adapter Driver
Hpjahlp. CNT-JetAdmin program Help File
Hpjd. dll-hpjetadmin Support Program
Maid-Network Adapter Driver
Maid-msdos command (HP printer driver)
HPLJ-31.SPD-Printer Drivers
HPLJP-V4.INF-printer installation information
Hpnetprn. inf-hpjetadmin Support Program
Hppjxl31.spd-Printer Driver
Hpplot. DRV-Printer Driver
Hpplot. HlP-printer driver Help File
Hpprarbk. dll-hpjetadmin Support Program
Hpprarrk. HlP-hpjetadmin Support Program Help File
Hpvcm. HPM-Printer Driver
Hsflop. PDR-hsflop Virtual Device
Hticons. dll-Dynamic Link Library of terminal Devices
Hypertrm. CNT-terminal device Help File
Hypertrm. exe-terminal device application
Hypertrm. HlP-"Super Terminal" Help
Hzkbd. exe-common input method program
Hzvio95.exe-display driver
I Branch
I82593.dos-Network Adapter Driver
Ib401917.spd-Printer Driver
Ibm20470.spd-Printer Driver
Ibm20k. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Icm32.dll-Image Color Matching Program
Icmoi. dll-User Interface color matching Program
Iconlib. dll-Image Library
Iexplore. CNT-help index file (IE)
Iexplore. exe-internetexplore
Iexplore. HlP-Help File (IE)
Ifshlp. sys-file system installation Help File
Ifsmgr. VxD-File System Installation Management Program
Imageoit. exe-image editor cursor Program
Imclient. dll-Microsoft Network Components
IME. CNT-help index file (text input method)
IME. HlP-Windows Help File
IME. inf-installation information file (text input method)
Imegen. CNF-help index file (input method generator)
Imegen. exe-Input Method Generator
Imegen. HlP-Help File (input method generator)
Imeinfo. ini-Input Method Initialization File
Imm32.dll-win32imm application interface
Inbox. EXC-mail component
Indicdll. dll-language component
Inet. txt-ie self-report file
Inet16.dll-dynamic link library (ie2.0 supported)
Inetab32.dll-dynamic link library (supports Internet Mail)
Inetcfg. dll-dynamic link library (ie2.0 supported)
Inetcpl. Cpl-control panel file (configure ie2.0)
Inetmail. inf-installation information file (Internet Mail)
Inetwiz. exe-Internet Installation Wizard
Informs. WPF-sample file
Instbe. Bat-Microsoft Network Components
Instdict. exe-msdos command (input method installer)
Intb. VxD-13 Virtual Device disconnection
Intl. Cpl-Control Panel
INT-MAIL.CNT-help index files (Internet Mail)
IOS. ini-set the Security Protection Program
Iosclass. dll-CDROM Installer
Irmatr. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Isapnp. VxD-ISA bus plug-and-play Program
Joy. Cpl-game bar Control Panel
Joystick. inf-media installation information
Jp350.drv-Printer Driver
Jungle ~ 1. wav-audio files
K Branch
Kbdbe. KBD-Belgian keyboard format
Kbdbr. KBD-Ba keyboard format
Kbdca. KBD-French and Canadian keyboard formats
Kbdos. KBD-U.S. keyboard format
Kdcolor1.spd-Printer Driver
Kernel32.dll-32-bit Kernel
Keyb. com-load the control keyboard program into the memory
Kodakce. ICM-Kodak ICC configuration file
Krnl386.exe-core application
L Branch
Label. exe-doscommand to set the disk name
Lfnbk. exe-backup file with long file name
Lfnbk. txt-lfnbk self-report file
License. HlP-Windows Help File
Lmscript. exe-LAN Manager processing program
Login. exe-Win95 log on to the Netware File
Lq1600k. exe-lq1600k print driver
M Branch
Mailmsg. dll-Microsoft Network Components
Mailopt. inf-mail/mapi setting file
Mapi. dll-mail/exchange components
Mciavi. DRV-media driver
Mcicda. DRV-mcicd sound driver
Mciole. dll-mciole handle
Mcipionr. DRV-MCI Disc Driver
Mciseq. DRV-MCI sequencer driver
Mcivisca. DRV-mcivcr driver
Mciwave. DRV-MCI ware driver
Mdmnokia. inf-install the information file (modem)
Mdmnova. inf-installation information file (modem)
Mdmvv. inf-Modem)
Memmaker. exe-Memory Management Program
Memmaker. inf-Memory Manager settings
Mfcuia32.dll-olei public dialog Dynamic Link Library
MIDI. inf-plug-and-play MIDI device information
Minet32.dll-support for Internet Mail Dynamic Link Library
Mkecr5xx. MPD-SCSI driver
Ml3xec16. exe-application (mapi)
Mlshext. dll-Microsoft Core extension Library
Mmci. dll-media Installer
Mmdevldr. VxD-plug-and-play device Loader
Mmdrv. HlP-Media Help File
Mmsound. DRV-media driver
Mmsystem. dll-media system kernel
Mmtask. Tsk-media background Task Switch
Mode. com-doscommand
Modern. Fon-font file (modem)
More. com-doscommand
Mouse. DRV-mouse driver
Movewin. Avi-video editing (how to move the window)
Mplayer. exe-Media Player
Source library of dynamic links to the interfaces of the Win32 Network
Msab32.dll-Microsoft address book
Msbase. inf-settings
Mscdex. exe-dos mscdex CDROM extension tool
Mscdrom. inf-class installation settings
MSD. exe-Microsoft diagnostic tool
MSD. ini-Microsoft diagnostics Initialization
Msdet. inf-system detection settings
Msdisp. inf-Display Settings
Msdlg. exe-Data Link Control Protocol
Msdos. inf-settings
Msdosdrv. txt-device driver self-report file
MSFT. VRL-uniform resource location file
Msgsrv32.exe-Windows 32-bit Virtual Device Information System
Mshdc. inf-Hard Disk control settings
Msjstick. DRV-plug-and-play game pole driver
Msmail. inf-mail/mapi Initialization
Msmouse. inf-mouse settings
MSN. txt-Microsoft Network self-report file
Msnet32.dll-Microsoft 32-bit network api library
Msnexch. exe-Microsoft network setup program
Msnpss. HlP-Microsoft Network Help File
Msnver. txt-Microsoft Network help information
Mspaint. exe-drawing tool
Mspcic. dll-PCMCIA class installation and control tools
Msports. inf-public settings
Mspp32.dll-Microsoft Network Printing Support Program
Mspwl32.dll-password list management library
Mssblst. DRV-Audio Card Driver
Mssblsi. VxD-Audio Card Driver
Msshrvi. dll-shared kernel Extension
Mssndsys. DRV-Windows Audio System driver
Mssp. vxp-Windows NT Security Support
Mstcp. dll-TCP user interface
Msviewut. dll-display the device Service Data Link Library
Mtmminip. MPD-SCSI driver
Mullang. inf-supports setting information for fonts in different languages
Mviwave. DRV-sound driver
N Branch
Nddeapi. dll-workgroups DDE sharing interface
Nddenb. dll-Microsoft Network DDE NetBIOS Interface
Ndishlp. sys-real-mode NDIS supports drivers
Net. exe-real-mode network customer software
Net. inf-network detection information
Net. MSG-Network Customer Information
Net3com. inf-network settings
Netamd. inf-network settings
Netapi. dll-network application interface Dynamic Link Library
Netapi32.dll-32-bit Network API Dynamic Link Library
File Transfer within netavxt. inf-MS
Netbeui. VxD-32-bit netbeui Protocol
NetBIOS. dll-netbiosapi Library
Netdca. inf-installation information file
NETDDE. exe-Windows dynamic network data exchange
Netdet. ini-Netware detection File
Netdi. dll-network device installation
Neth. MSG-network customer help information
Netos. dll-Nos detection DLL
Netwatch. exe-network observation program
Network. txt-network information self-report file
Notepad. exe-Notepad Application
Nodriver. inf-plug-and-play device information
Notepad. exe-Notepad File
Nscl. VxD-nscl Virtual Device
Nw16.dll-Netware customer
Nwab32.dll-The Address Book supports dynamic link libraries
Nwlscon. exe-log on to the document Console
Nwlsproc. exe-Netware login Processor
Nwnet32.dll-Netware customer
Nwnp32.dll-Netware component
Nwredir. VxD-Netware redirection
Nwserver. VxD-NCP service
Nwsp. VxD-NCP service security provision
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O branch
Oemreva. inf-installation information file
Ole2.dll-ole2.0 Dynamic Link Library
Ole2.inf-ole settings
Ole32.dll-32-bit ole2.0 component
Oleaut32.dll-OLE2-32 Automation
Olecl1.dll-object link and embedded client library
Oledlg. dll-Windows ole2.0 User Interface Support
Olesvr. dll-object link and Embedded Server Library
Olethk32.dll-ole real-name replacement library
P Branch
Packager. exe-object package
Paralink. VxD-remote network access parallel port driver
Pbrvsh. exe-"Drawing" Application
Pdos95.bat-enters the DOS state
Perf. VxD-System Performance Monitor
Pifmgr. dll-Program Information File Management Service Program
Ping. exe-tcpping Tool
Pmspl. dll-LAN Management Application Interface
Power. DRV-advanced power management driver
Pppmac. VxD-Windows virtual PPP driver
Print. exe-dos print file
Printers. txt-printed information self-report file
Progman. exe-Program Manager
Prtvpd. inf-printer upgrade settings
Q &
Quikview. exe-Quick View
Quit. exe-exit the DoS Status
R Branch
Readme. txt-Windows 95 self-report file
Regedit. exe-register Editor
Regserv. exe-Remote Registration
Regwie. exe-registration tool
Regserv. inf-Remote Registration
Restore. exe-doscommand
Rnaapp. exe-Dial-Up Network Application
Rnaserv. dll-Remote Network Access Service
Rnasetup. dll-dynamic link library for remote network access settings
Rnathunk. dll-supports dynamic link library for remote network access and conversion
Rnaui. dll-remote network access user interface dllrndsrv32.dll replication service program
Robotzcl. wav-audio file
Robotzwi. wav-audio file
Roman. Fon-font file
Route. exe-TCP/IP route command
Rpcltc1.dll-Remote Call Library
Rpcns4.dll-Remote Call Library
Rpcpp. dll-print driver for remote call
Rpcrt4.dll-Remote Call Library
RPCSS. exe-Remote Call node Image
Rplboot. sys-remote program loading
Rplimage. dll-remote program mount to disk imager
Rsrc16.dll-resource Calculator
Rsrcmtr. exe-resource Calculator
Rsrcmtr. inf-resource Calculator
Rumor. exe-DDE test/Game
Rundll. exe-run the program as an application
Rundll32.exe-32-bit shell component
S Branch
S3.drv-S3 display driver
S3.vxd-S3 Virtual Device
Saclien. dll-Microsoft Network Components
Samplevideos-Image File
Sapnsp. dll-Winsock Data Connection Library file required for Installation
Sb16.vxd-16-bit sound card Virtual Device
Sb16snd. DRV-16-bit Audio Card Driver
Sbwe. VxD-Awe sound card Virtual Device
Sbsbwe32.drv-Awe Audio Card Driver
Sbfm. DRV-16-bit Audio Card Driver
Scandisk. Bat-msdos6.x Scandisk replaces the Scandisk. Bat disk diagnostic tool of the stub module.
Scandisk. ini-disk diagnostic tool
Scandisk. PIF-PIF file when the disk diagnostic tool is installed
Scandskw. exe-disk scanning tool
Scanprog. exe-disk scanning tool
SCRNSAVE. scr-Screen Protection
SCSI. inf-SCSI Installation File Name Description
Scsiihlp. VxD-SCSI files
Scsiport. PDR-SCSI Virtual Device Port
Secur32.dll-Microsoft Win32 Security Service
Securcl. dll-Microsoft Network Components
Seiko24e. DRV-Printer Driver
Seikosh9.drv-Printer Driver
Serial. VxD-serial vcomm driver
Serife. Fon-font file
Server. HlP-server Help File
Setmdir. exe-SBS File
Setup. Bin-installation support file
Setup. BMP-install the wash bitmap file
Setup. exe-Windows95 Installer
Setup. inf-installation information file
Setup. txt-readme file during installation
Setup4.dll-installation support file
Setuppp. inf-installation information
Setupx. dll-installation support
Setver. exe-msdos version display, this program can be executed on the network
Sf4029.exe-Printer Driver
Share. exe-msdos sharing utility
Shell. inf-installation shell Information
Shell. VxD-Virtual Shell Device
Shell2.inf-color combination
Shell3.inf-color combination
Sizenesw. ani-active cursor
Sizewe. ani-active cursor
SKPSFA-1.SPD-Printer Driver
Slan. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Slcd32.mpd-SCSI drive
Slenh. dll-advanced energy saving options
Smalle. Fon-font file
Smallf. Fon-font file
Smartdrv. exe-ultra-high-speed cache Program
Smartnd. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Smc3000.dos-Network Adapter Driver
Smc9000.vxd-Network Adapter Driver
Snapshot. exe-click
Snapshot. VxD-tap Virtual Device
Snip. VxD-Network Adapter Driver
Socket. VxD-Windows virtual socket Nic drive socket. VxD PCMCIA support
Sol. CNT-card games
Sol. HlP-card game Help File
Sort. exe-msdos classification Utility
Soundrec. CNT-recorder Help File Content
Soundrec. HlP-recorder Help File
Sparrow. WPD-SCSI drive
Sparrowx. MPD-SCSI drive
Spool32.exe-printer support
Spooler. VxD-printer sharing Virtual Device
Support for srammtd. VxD-PCMCIA
Sserife. Fon-font file
Sseriff. Fon-font file
Ssflywin. scr-Screen Protection
Ssstars. scr-Screen Protection
Star24e. DRV-Printer Driver
Star9e. DRV-Printer Driver
Start. exe-start the program
State. pBK-Microsoft network component
Stdole. TLB-ole2.0 File
Stdole32.tlb-OLE2-32 files
Stemo409.dll-Windows 95 Help File DLL
Stlso4ss. SPD-Printer Driver
Stls577u. SPD-Printer Driver
Storage. dll-ole Storage Management Library
Strn. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
SUBST. exe-msdos SUBST Utility
Suexpand. dll-lz dll Installation
Suhelper. Bin-installation support
Supervga. DRV-advanced VGA display driver
Surport. txt-Pss Support Information
Svcprop. dll-Microsoft network component
Svrapi. dll-32-bit public Server API Utility
Sxciext. dll-matrox display driver support files
Symbole. Fon-font file
SYS. com-msdos System Utility
Sysclass. dll-system library Installation
Sysdetmg. dll-system detection Library
Sysedit. exe-system Editor
Syslogo. RLE-System ID
Sysmon. exe-System Monitoring Program
Sysmon. HlP-system monitoring help
System. DRV-standard mode
Systhunk. dll-Windows OS real-name replacement library
Systray. exe-advanced energy-saving management
T Branch
T128.mpd-SCSI drive
T160.mpd-SCSI drive
T20n3. VxD-Network Adapter Driver
T30nd. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
T338.mpd-SCSI drive
Tada. wav-audio files
TAPI. dll-API call program
TAPI. inf-API call installation information file
Tapi32.dll-32-bit real-name replacement
Tapiaddr. dll-API call program
Tapiexe. exe-API call component
Tapiini. exe-API call component
Taskmam. exe-Task Manager
Tccarc. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Tctokch. VxD-Network Adapter Driver
Telephon. Cpl-call help
Testps. txt-postscript Test
Textchat. exe-Microsoft Network Components
THEMIC-1.WAV-audio files
Thinkjet. DRV-Printer Driver
View threed. vbx-Windows95
T1850.drv-Printer Driver
TimeDate. Cpl-time/date Control Panel
Times. TTF-time font
Timesbd. TTF-time bold
Timesbi. TTF-time bold italic
Timesi. TTF-time Italic
Timezone. inf-installation information
Timlp232.spd-Printer Driver
Tips.txt-tips and tips for reporting files
Tkphzr32.spd-Printer Driver
Tlnk. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Tlnk3.vxd-Network Adapter Driver
Tmv1.mpd-SCSI drive
Toolhelp. dll-16-bit open tool helper
Toshba. DRV-Printer Driver
Tour. exe-browse files
Tphaiii. ICM-printer Overview
Tracert. exe-TCP/IP iraceroute command
Tree. com-MS dos tree Utility
Treeedcl. dll-Microsoft Network Components
Treenvcl. dll-Microsoft Network Components
Triumphi. SPD-Printer Driver
Tsd32.dll-sound compression manager
Tseng. DRV-et4000w32 display driver
TTY. DRV-Printer Driver
TTY. HlP-tty printer driver help
Typelib. dll-ole2.0
U Branch
U9415470.spd-Printer Driver
Ubnei. DOS-Network Adapter Driver
Ultra124.mpd-SCSI drive
Ultra24f. MPD-SCSI drive
Umdm16.dll-common Modem driver components
Umdm32.dll-common Modem driver components
Unidrv. dll-Microsoft universal Printer Driver Library
Unidrv. HlP-universal printer driver help
Unimodem. VxD-universal modem driver
User32.dll-32-bit user
V Branch
V86mmgr. VxD-v86mmgr Virtual Device
Vcache. VxD-vcache Virtual Device
VCD. VxD-virtual COM driver
Vcomm. VxD-vcomm driver
Vcond. VxD-Win32 Console
Vdmad. VxD-vdmad Virtual Device
Ver. dll-type win3.1 installer 16-bit Dynamic Link Library
Ver. New-Version Detection and File Installation Library
Version. dll-32-bit version Dynamic Link Library
Verx. dll-version dynamic library used by the installer
Vfat. VxD-vfat File System
VFD. VxD-Virtual Disk
Vflatd. VxD-virtual flat frame cache Virtual Device
VGA. DRV-VGA display driver
Vidcap. inf-plug-and-play VCD Information
Videot. VxD-video Virtual Device
Vip.386-TCP/IP Virtual IP Device
Vjoyd. VxD-game stick Virtual Device
Vkd. VxD-virtual keyboard Device
Vlb32.dll-mail/exchange components
VMD. VxD-win3.1 virtual mouse driver
Vmm. VxD-virtual storage management device
Vmm32.vxd-virtual storage management device
Vmouse. VxD-virtual mouse driver
Vnbt.386-NetBIOS transmission driver
Vnetbios. VxD-vnetbios Virtual Device
Vnetsup. VxD-network supports Virtual Devices
VPD. VxD-virtual LPT driver
Vpicd. VxD-Virtual Programmable interference Controller Device
Vpowerd. VxD-advanced power management Virtual Device
Vredir. VxD-32-bit Microsoft Network Client Program
Vsami. dll-AMI File Syntax analysis program
Vsasc8.dll-ASCII file syntax analysis program
Vsbmp. dll-BMP file syntax analysis program
Vserver. VxD-32-bit server program in Microsoft Network
Vsgif. dll-GIF File Syntax analysis program
Vshare. VxD-32-bit shared virtual device driver
Vsmsw. dll-win Write File Syntax Analysis
Vspp. dll-PowerPoint syntax analysis program
Vsrtf. dll-RTF File Syntax analysis program
Vstiff. dll-TIFF File Syntax analysis program
Vsw6.dll-word6 File Syntax analysis program
Vsword. dll-Word file syntax analysis program
Vswp5.dll-wordperfect5 File Syntax analysis program
Vsxl5.dll-Excel file/chart syntax analysis program
Vtcp.386-TCP/IP Virtual TCP driver
Vtdapi. VxD-vtdapi Virtual Device
Vtdi.386-transfer Driver Interface Support Program
Vxdldr. VxD-Virtual Device Driver Loader
W Branch
Wave. inf-plug-and-play audio and wave device information
Wdtoooex. MPD-SCSI driver
Wgpoadmn. dll-mail/exchange component
Whlp16t. dll-help Dynamic Link Library
Win87em. dll-80387 mathematical simulation Library
Winabc. HlP-smart ABC Help File
Winbx. HlP-Help file for Input Method of table shape code
Wincha. HlP-Help file for traditional cangjie Input Method
Windows. CNT-Windows95 Help File Content
Windows. HlP-Windows95 Help File
Winfile. CNT-File Manager Help File Content
Winfile. exe-Windows workgroup file manager
Winfile. HlP-File Manager Help File
Wingb. HlP-Help file of the Location Code Input Method
Winhlp23.hlp-Windows Help File
Winime. HlP-* refers to the Help File
Winnm. HlP-GBK internal code input method Help File
Wininit. exe-Windows Initialization File
Winipcfg. exe-TCP/IP configuration tool
Winnews. txt-winnews Information
Winpho. HlP-Help file for traditional phonetic Injection Method
Winpopup. exe-popup Tool
Winreg. dll-Remote Registration Support
Winpy. HlP-all-Input Method Help File
Winsock. dll-Windows integration API
Winsy. HlP-Dual-join input Help File
Winxsp. HlP-GBK dual-join input Help File
Winxzm. HlP-GBK Zheng code input method help
Winzm. HlP-zheng Code Input Method Help File
Wnaspi32.dll-Windows dll32-bit ASPI
Wpsuni. DRV-fax driver
Wpsunire. dll-WPS host resource execution Program
X Branch
Xcopy. exe-dos xcopy Tool
Xcopy32.exe-file copy program
XGA. DRV-XGA display driver
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