Windows 7 (32/64-bit) GHO Installation Guide (USB flash drive )~, Gho Installation Guide

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Windows 7 (32/64-bit) GHO Installation Guide (USB flash drive )~, Gho Installation Guide

This article introduces how to create a USB flash drive. Although similar tutorials are provided on the Chinese cabbage official website, I will explain them in detail here for the sake of completeness. Here, you can download the system package and software package by yourself. It's very simple. I will not introduce you here ~~

(You can copy the URL of this tutorial to the address bar)

Chinese cabbage Official Website: http://www.dabaicai. TV/

I am here for you to manually ~~~

You should enter the website with soy sauce purple ~ (If you enter a different website, it should be upgraded, but the download principle is the same ~)


Download (download installed version)

Because the browser used by the primary user is Firefox, the browser's built-in download function is used. If you feel that the network speed is not fast enough, you can use the download tool to download it. For example: thunder

(Click to save the file)

The downloaded file is

Installation Interface

(Click to start installation and try not to change the default settings. Because it is a silly installation, it is relatively simple ~)


After installation

(Run now)

Please note the following !!!!

Insert the USB flash drive into the USB Plug-in port. If the USB interface is used, insert it into the blue USB Plug-in port of the Computer (the interface corresponding to USB on the Computer Host). If the interface does not match, the legend of 3.0 cannot be realized ~~~

The interface looks like this ~~~

Generally, we can do the USB flash drive in four steps.

This step mainly reminds you of the installation sequence. You must pay attention to it! In step 2, You must select your own USB flash drive! Please note that! Generally, Kingston is shown in my figure. If Wang Yu will bring the SSK. After confirming it is correct, click one-key production to start the USB flash drive.


Because the system disk is well-prepared, it is not convenient for the small master to go back. The small master put two pictures on the Chinese cabbage official website ~ Sorry ~

(Make sure to simulate the startup and check whether the production is successful)

When you see this picture, it indicates that you have successfully created a USB flash drive ~ Congratulations! Step 1 is successful !!!~~~~

Then, place the system file in the folder specified in the USB flash drive file.

The address provided by the primary user is the ISO file system package, so you can put the following system package under the USB flash disk.

If it is a GHO file, put it in the GHO file package.


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