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Windows 7 released the server version-Windows Server R2. Compared to Windows Server 2008 released in January 2008, Windows Server R2 continues to promote applications in areas such as virtualization, System Management resiliency, network access, and information security, with a number of features that need to be paired with Windows 7.  The advent of Windows Server R2 is not just about expanding the applicability of server 2008, but how these mechanisms can accelerate the popularity of Windows 7 in the enterprise environment. The important new features of Windows Server R2 include the:hyper-v to join the dynamic migration feature as an improvement to the fast migration feature in the initial release; Hyper-V calculates the migration time in milliseconds. This is one of the strengths of the Hyper-V feature compared to VMware's ESX or other hypervisor. and strengthen the PowerShell management instructions for each server role.

featured 1:hyper-v 2.0─ virtualization features and usability        hyper-v 2.0 supports live migration dynamic migration and allows more Linux operating systems to be installed on VMS.        after windows server 2008 launch, Microsoft launched the built-in windows server  2008 on the virtualization platform hyper-v 1.0, although this version has basic virtualization features, but compared to other virtualization platform features, relatively weak, such as the lack of dynamic migration function, so do not stop the virtual host (VM) in the case, The VMs are migrated to other entity servers. This capability is supported by the hyper-v 2.0 on WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2, making this virtualization platform a big step forward in usability.        hyper-v 2.0 new features        support live  Migration dynamic Migration        dynamically adjusts capacity to virtual disks        VM Memory dynamic configuration feature        windows server 2008 r2        can be powered on a virtual image file on an entity host        VM can support an increased number of operating systems red hat linux        host supports up to 32 processor logic cores        boost VM computing performance          Featured 2:active Directory administrative Center, offline join domain, AD resource Recycle Bin ─ad Enhanced Management interface and deployment resiliencyActive Directory is always a pivotal server role in the Windows Server operating system, and in Windows Server R2, there are many features that are enhanced. For example, with a new ad management interface, you can use PowerShell instructions, you can also allow the computer to join the domain offline, and have the AD resource Recycle Bin, increase the ad members add and subtract elasticity. featured 3:windows PowerShell 2.0 with Server core─server Core mode support. NETWhile R2 improves Server Core's lack of support for the. NET Framework, and the inability to use PowerShell, it is now possible to work with PowerShell in the Server Core, where the command operation is the primary requirement, to make the operations managed by servers more efficient. featured 4:remote Desktop services─ for enhanced desktops and application Virtualization featuresNew Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RDCB) has also been added to the newer version of RDS. This feature consolidates all RDS application servers, including entity hosts or VMS. Featured 5:directacess─ provides a more convenient and secure remote online channelDirectAccess makes VPN tunnels easier to build, integrates multiple authentication mechanisms and nap, and helps to improve security in the online process. featured 6:branchcache─ New approach to speed up file access between branch officesBy using the file cache, you can access the files that have already been downloaded, in addition to faster access to share data, but also reduce the waste of external online bandwidth. featured 7:url-based qos─ Enterprise can further control the Web Access bandwidthEnterprises can prioritize the online definition of all personal-computer connections to specific websites, speeding up access to important web pages. featured 8:bitlocker to go─ support Removable storage device encryptionOne of the special steps of using BitLocker to go to encrypt your portable disk is that you can integrate smart cards to verify the authenticity of the user identity, making the control of the storage device more secure. featured 9:applocker─ application with higher degree of control on the individual sideAppLocker, which can be said to be an enhanced version of the software restriction principle, in addition to having all the old functions, the most important thing is that the enterprise can effectively prohibit or allow the execution of the application through the publisher information which is not freely modified.       At the same time, it also improved its own security performance. Microsoft says that starting with Windows Server R2, Windows Server will no longer be rolling out the 32-bit system version.       Microsoft will publish only 64-bit systems for Windows Server R2.       Windows Server R2 RTM was also compiled on July 14, 2009 with Windows 7, with a version number of 7600.16385 090713.1255. By setting up, Windows Server R2 can be used for free for 900 days. So there is no soft-change method on the Internet for the time being. Windows server R2 in simplified version:This underground download: Windows 2008_7600 Microsoft (64-bit DVD) Chinese version of this offer is Microsoft's official on MSDN release of the official version of Windows R2 original CD-ROM image, without any impurities, engraved disc collection Jiapin! Of course, since it is an official image that does not contain activation or cracking information, the Windows Server R2 activation method is provided below. Windows Server R2 activation method:oem7y3.27 NT6 Universal Perfect Activation program: Click here to download this software to activate your Windows OEM7F5 NT6 Universal Perfect Activation program: Click here to download this software activation of the Windows OEM7F7 Anniversary Edition activation program: click Download this software activated version of the Windows OEM7F7B Special machine Backup activation program: Click here to download the Windows 7loader usage of this software activation: First point slic present in BIOS, select your in the pop up option       Want to import the computer's OEM certificate, after successful will prompt, after the install 7loader, wait a moment the software will prompt you to restart automatically, after restarting the successful words are activated. Here's how: Log in with an administrator account, and then right-click Run Install.cmd as Administrator, and restart is activated! OEM serial Number: 22TKD-F8XX6-YG69F-9M66D-PMJBM ########################################## 1. After first installation, there is a 180-day trial period.
2. At the end of the 180-day trial period, activate SVR R2 with the following evaluation serial number to restore the 180-day trial period
Windows Server R2 web:kbv3q-dj8w7-vpb64-v88kg-82c49
Windows Server R2 STANDARD:4GGC4-9947F-FWFP3-78P6F-J9HDR
Windows Server R2 ENTERPRISE:7PJBC-63K3J-62TTK-XF46D-W3WMD
Windows Server R2 Datacenter:qx7td-2cmjr-d7wwy-kvcyc-6d2yt
3. At the end of the 180-day trial period, after the "rearm", re-enter the above serial number, restart the computer, the remaining time back to 180 days. The official Microsoft documentation declares that the command can only be reused 5 times.
4. After the above method 5 times, it will not be used again thereafter. The next step, modify a key value (SkipRearm) in the registry, you can again use the "rearm" command, the key value can be modified 8 times. #############################

Windows server R2 and activation hack method

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