Zend server and zend studio Installation Process

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Zend server is Community version, free, zend studio is the latest 9.0.1 version, crack, tutorial address: http://www.geekso.com/ZendStudio9-key/ I am installed successfully, crack successful, my Windows XP system is used. Attached to drive D.
This article is simplified because of the large number of original records. Some of them are their own content, for fear that others may not understand. Remind yourself later.
Source, which can be directly downloaded from the official website. I downloaded it to my hard disk and saved it,
Find the source: .. zend studio source \ zend server double-click exe file. Wait ---
Remove the framework from setup type --- custom ---- next ---- and select phpmyadmin and mysql server (separate separately download ).
(There are three types of installation systems: full, partial, and custom. Because thinkphp is not used in the framework of frameword, there are many options to customize it, various databases, according to your preferences. I do not select multiple)
Destination target folder: D:/Program Files à
Web server port 80
Zend server interface port 10081
Use the default port to set the site.
Finally, do the following action without starting zend server:
The installation is complete because the Zend Server has a configuration file encoding error, which requires manual modification.
Open the D: \ Program Files \ Zend \ ZendServer \ etc \ ZendEnablerConf. xml file in notepad.
Why ?? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
After completing the complete operation, it is normal.
D: \ Program Files contains four new folder: apache2; zendserver; zend; phpmyadmin.
In the lower right corner of the pc, the zend controller and apache are displayed.
You have not set the desktop shortcut for apache and server controller. You still need to set apache shortcut in D: \ Program Files \ Apache2 \ bin.
Controller is in D: \ Program Files \ ZendServer \ bin,
Both apache and controller are automatically started. Can be removed.
In this case, the test page of zend studio will appear in open localhost in browser.
Even if it succeeds, the password site of the server cannot be found to set the set password. It's also success.
In install ZS. This is much easier. install it multiple times.
Install on d: \ Program Files \ Zend Studio 9.0.1.
Run next until the end. Do not start launch ZS.
Start cracking account:
Go to D: \ Download \ from the source required by the new installation system \ learn the website-related \ zend studio source \ zend studio9.0 \ zendStudio9.0.1 cracking File
Drag the compressed file to D: \ Program Files \ Zend Studio 9.0.1 \ plugins, Which is overwritten by default. (You can also copy the post-paste file)
This process does not understand, can refer to the http://www.geekso.com/ZendStudio9-key/next next is, copy the registration code of this website copy,
Go to the desktop, open zend studio9.0,-"help-" notebook, and you cannot find aobut zend studio. A welcome page is displayed.
Select: provide to provide your licence license key: License
Click: continue. Of course, the check mark is displayed.
A little messy. I have installed it multiple times.
Open zend studio and the welcome page appears (this interface can be changed later, under help). The right side is the plug-in Plug-in you want to install by default, which cannot be used, for example, if you select jquery support (supported by jquery), The jquery library will be installed in the project you created and connected, of course, it is impossible to install the latest jquery1.6 version. For example.
After search: http://www.bkjia.com/kf/201202/118023.html
Content: In the Contents category, select the location and default Content of the new project. The options include:
O create a project in the workspace (workshop)-a new empty project will be created in your workshop. By default, when you open zend studio for the first time, a workshop will appear in the following locations: @ user. home/Zend/workspaces/DefaultWorkspace7
O create a project from the current resource-create a project that contains the source files outside the workspace directory. Click Browse to select an existing file.
O create a project on the local server-create a project on the local zend server. This option is optional only when the zend server has been installed.
NOTE: If zend server is installed, the local php project will be installed by default, and it will be automatically created in htdocs under the apache root directory.
You can also create a project in another directory.
Something can be discussed and learned from each other, qq343548315.

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