For windows Server iis, "Http 500 internal server error" SOLUTION

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I first read this article and found that ubuntu's htaccess will cause the server to have an http500 error. Then I saw this article and thought that the 500 error was a program error and it had nothing to do with the server, the 500 Error in iis is also a program problem. Let's take a look at the specific error.

The logon window cannot be displayed"
The firewall or netassistant installed on your computer sets the window blocking function. The solution is to press and hold down the "Ctrl" key in the lower left corner of the keyboard and click the corresponding logon project.

What should I do? "unable to display webpage Http 500-internal server error"
When you open your website, the browser only reports Http500-internal server error. I do not know the details of the webpage error because of the following two reasons:

1. Enter the same company name twice! Once the enterprise information is entered successfully, it can only modify all the information of the enterprise, but cannot be entered again!

2. required items are missing!
Follow these steps to configure the browser so that you can see the detailed error message on the webpage.
1. the browser reports an Http500 error. ()

2. Open the Internet browser tool menu> Internet Options. ()

3. Click the Advanced tab. ()

4. Locate "show friendly Http Error message" at the bottom, and remove the marker. (,)



5. Refresh the webpage and you will be able to see the error corresponding to the webpage. ()()

In this way, we can see that it is a program error. If it is an apache environment, we can enable the error prompt in php. ini, and the related error prompt will also appear.

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