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The importance of the Internet is beyond doubt for China, which has 0.137 billion million netizens. Over the past 10 years, China's Internet industry has seen countless leading enterprises and technology elites. Their presence and efforts have created a splendid and prosperous internet industry today. In March 21, the "2007 Internet innovation leader International Forum" convened the Chinese Internet elites to review and summarize with overseas elites to look forward to the future of the global and Chinese Internet industry.
Eu istra head Clive Best: no second internet bubble
"Interactive TV will bring a new wave, and there should be no second internet bubble ." Said Clive Best, head of ISTRA institutions in the EU.
Clive Best is from the European Commission's Joint Research Center and has been conducting Web application research for 14 years. He believes that P2P has become the largest source of information on the Internet by 2003. Interactive TV is the field that is about to develop rapidly, and the Semantic Web is about to become a reality. He believes that the entry threshold and business model problems that have caused the first network bubble will no longer have a big impact on the Internet. "Because the business model of most enterprises is feasible, but these enterprises do not have a lot of funds, it is difficult to form a truly disruptive technology, so there should be no second network economic bubble ".
Another amazing judgment on the forum is that the global Internet will change fundamentally in 2010. Clive Best said that by 2010, 70% of Internet content will be provided by users rather than simply web browsing. This indicates that there will be a fundamental change in global communication.
At the same time, he also said that in 1993, the emergence of Web made it easy for technicians to establish websites. As of 2007, Web was becoming increasingly popular. According to the most accurate estimates, there are about 0.1 billion websites around the world, which is equivalent to one website for every 10 people. "How to make websites accessible has become a concern ." He believes that the importance of search engines in the future is enhanced rather than weakened.
For Web2.0, he believes that this is a new economic model. Web2.0 allows people to do traditional things in new ways. "The general public has become a reporter like a reporter. Young people who are using the internet today will be the mainstay of society in the future. As they grow older, they will gradually become the world's most important consumer power ." He said that Web2.0 has a huge change in people's ideas. Both economic and social effects will have this impact for decades.
Baidu's chief scientist William Zhang: four major factors driving Baidu's success
William Zhang, chief scientist of Baidu, said that in the future, a large part of Baidu's contribution to the Chinese internet will come from the talent field. "75% of the people in China who know the most about search are in Baidu. At the same time, Baidu's generation will become the backbone of China's Internet in the next decade ." He said.
William Zhang said about how to cultivate talents: "Everything is the most important thing ." He introduced that when he was at Harvard University in the United States, no matter which department, he taught only one thing, that is, the evolution of methods and methods for doing things. He said that if someone asks whether he is a scientist or a technician, he will say that he is a method. "I forgot everything I learned. However, no matter under any circumstances, a person finds a successful method as long as he finds a way to do things ".
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