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Recently saw a lot of people are asking the switch, what is the router, the function, the difference, the author of these questions simple to do some answers.

First of all, the switch (aka Interchange Hub) function can be simply understood to connect some machines together to form a local area network. But the router and the switch have the obvious difference, its function is to connect the different network segment and to find the network data transmission most suitable path, can say the general situation individual user demand is not big. Routers are generated after the switch, just as the switch is generated after the hub, so the router and the switch have a certain connection, not completely independent of the two devices. Routers mainly overcome the inability of the switch to route forward packets.

At present, the personal comparison of multi-broadband access is ADSL, so the author of the ADSL access to a simple explanation. Now the ADSL cat purchased mostly has the routing function (many times the manufacturers at the factory when the routing function is blocked, because most of the telecommunications installation is not enabled routing function, enable DHCP. Turn on the ADSL routing function), if the personal Internet or a few units via ADSL itself can be, if the computer is more than you only need to purchase one or more hubs or switches.

Consider the fact that the price difference between hubs and switches today is very small, not a special reason, buy a switch. No need to pursue high prices, because today's product homogeneity is very serious, my cheapest switch now has no problem. To give you a reference quote, it is recommended that you purchase a 8-port to meet the expansion needs of the general price of about 100 yuan. Connect the switch and all the computers are on the switch. The only thing left to do is to plug the network cable of each machine into the interface of the switch and insert the cat's network cable into the uplink interface. Then set the routing function, DHCP and so on, you can share the Internet.

After reading the above explanation readers should have some understanding of the switch, routers, the current use is mainly based on the combination of switches, routers, the specific combination can be based on specific network conditions and needs to determine.

the difference between a switch and a router

Computer networks are often connected by a number of different types of network interconnection. If several computer networks are physically connected and not able to communicate between them, then this "interconnection" is of little practical significance. So often when it comes to "interconnection", it has been hinted that these interconnected computers can communicate, that is to say, from a functional and logical perspective, these computer networks have formed a large computer network, or the Internet, but also referred to as the Internet, interconnection network.

Connecting networks to each other to use some intermediate devices (or intermediate systems), the term ISO is called a trunking (relay) system. Depending on the hierarchy of the trunking system, there are five types of relay systems available:

1. The physical layer (that is, the first layer, layer L1) relay system, namely the transponder (repeater).
2. Data Link layer (second layer, layer L2), which is bridge or bridge.
3. Network layer (third layer, layer L3) relay system, i.e. router (router).
4. The mixture of bridges and routers The Bridge (Brouter) also has the function of bridge and router.
5. A relay system above the network layer, i.e. gateway.

When a relay system is a forwarder, it is generally not called a network interconnection, because it is just a network expansion, and this is still a network. High-level gateways are more complex and are currently used less. Therefore, the general discussion of network interconnection refers to the network connected with switches and routers. This paper mainly describes the switches and routers and their differences.

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