Gene6 FTP fails to start after Windows 2008 is cracked

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Gene6 FTP is a very good use of FTP server software, the function can say no worse than serv-u, green resource Network All servers are steps G6 FTP.

The latest green resources online has a Windows 2008 Enterprise version of the server. Also as usual download the green version, the results Gene6 FTP in win 2008 can not use the 2003 method to green no way to have to download the installation version

v3.10.0.2, download installation, Chinese all normal, when the registration of the problem, the Registration-key.dat copy to the installation directory, G6 services can not start, in order to this CC-tested version of the n many versions are the same situation.

Finally, we found a 3.7 version to replace the main file to take care of this.


The problem with installing GENE6G FTP Server under Windows 2008 can be installed normally, but if you registration-key.dat copy to the installation directory, you will not be able to start the service. So far, the CC has also tested a lot of the version of the most perfect solution for the moment is to replace the Server Master file method

The above step installs the procedure, joins the Chinese file, then replaces the G6FTPServer.exe copy the installation directory The following file can complete the crack work.


We just found the solution on the official web site, no need to replace the 3.7 main program.


You ' re done!

If you are running Windows 2008 or if service no longer starts after license installation, make sure you add G6ftpserver.ex e As exception in the control PANEL/SYSTEM/ADVANCED/PERFORMANCES/DEP.

Using Windows 2008 R2, run Dos-prompt as Administrator and type "Bcdedit.exe/set {current} NX OptOut" and reboot.

Go To:control Panel--System and security--system/

click/advanced system settings/

Choose The/advanced/page and click on/settings/under/performance/

Choose The/data Execution Prevention/page

Add/g6ftpserver.exe/as an exception

If you are are experiencing any problem, please contact us!

It means that if you use the 2008 system, you need the computer > Properties > Advanced system Settings-> advanced > Settings > Data Execution Protection set G6ftpserver.exe as a column

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