Get rid of China Telecom's accelerated Internet access speed

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Step 1: [start]

Step 2: [Control Panel]> [network]

Step 3: [Local Area Connection]

Step 4: [properties]

Step 5: select [Internet Protocol] and click [properties]

Part 6: [general] Click [use the following DNS server addresss] and set it.

In Protocol DNS Server Settings:

In alternate DNS Server Settings:

Then click [OK]

Finally, restart your computer. (Remember)

Set your DNS in six steps and use the free service provided by opendns.

PC after restart Test Set successful:

The following figure shows the success:

Have you found that the speed of gawka web is improved? Congratulations! Not only is gawka faster, but even honeyee, which has always been slower than a snail like, is much faster.

Now that opendns is successfully set, you can download Firefox and opendns to work seamlessly with Tian Yi:

The following is a New York Times report on opendns:

November 1, 2006
A faster web-for free
Is it just me, or are the freebies starting to blossom once again on the web? Feels like it's 1999 all over again.
I 've got yet another great free one for you today, and it's a doozie. I
Read about it in PC world, and couldn't believe it: a service that
Purports to speed up your broadband Internet connection. It's called
Open DNS.
Works great, at least for me. Once I plugged the open DNS addresses
Into my router, the wait time for a complex web page went from 3-4
Seconds down to 1-2, on both my Macs and PC's.
In short, open DNS works by caching a key phase of web-page requests
(Namely, DNS requests) from its thousands of users, so that the site
You want is blasted to you in a fraction of a second.
There's no longer, no software to install, you don't give them any
Information about yourself, and you don't have to do anything different
Once you change your router's DNS server addresses. (Sounds technical,
But the site walks you through the instructions.) as a bonus, open DNS
Intercepts phishing scams and corrects web-address typos, sparing you
Those headaches. (the typo-correcting feature is where open DNS plans
To make its money; read the site to learn the whole plan .)
My wife and I are totally loving the new speed. Don't tell open DNS, But we even wowould have paid for it.

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