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HostUS merchants seem to have to "attempt" in the Chinese market, starting from providing SoftLayer Asian data centers earlier, because they are looking for new attraction after canceling the SL direct connection some time ago, for example, add KVM architecture scheme configuration, add Alipay payment, upgrade KVM configuration hard disk, and prepare to adjust the direct connections of the Hong Kong data center and add another data center from the current three data centers.


In his blog, Lao Jiang has repeatedly introduced the cheap VPS host products of HostUS merchants, as well as the corresponding evaluation data, and even some machines in their homes, the overall performance and stability are not excellent, but at least they are relatively stable. In addition, the prices and configurations of several special machines are quite competitive, users can choose to be entry-level and cost-effective learning and experience machines, or they can be selected as optional sellers.


Since HostUS merchants have KVM-based machines, Windows systems are basically supported, and Windows 2012/can also be mounted and installed on the panel, it is not satisfactory that it can be installed only after 2 GB of memory or above. Unlike RamNode, it can be installed in MB of memory (RamNode can be installed in Windows ), therefore, if the former directly uses the built-in panel installation, it will increase the cost.


The code is as follows: Copy code

PS: Currently, the HostUS KVM background does not support installation of Windows systems with less than 1 GB of memory, but we can also install them using the DD method. This is not yet studied by Chiang Kai-Jiang and will be shared later.


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Since HostUS provides the Windows system installation function, it takes a long time for Chiang to elaborate the process of using the HostUS KVM system to set up a Windows system.


1. Set the HostUS KVM system startup item/mount the Windows system


The newly purchased HostUS KVM-based VPS host is started by hard disk by default, and the Windows system is not mounted. Here we manually set the boot item and mount.


1. Set the boot items for the CD.



As prompted above, we set the CD-ROM disc boot in Setting and the kvm OS template to select Windows. After saving the file, restart the current system.


2. Mount Windows



Here we choose Windows2008 or 2012 system in CD-ROM/ISO, click the corresponding Mount. If our system memory is less than 2 GB, we cannot continue. This is not satisfactory. After loading, restart again.


2. Install the Windows system configuration on HostUS


1. Log on to the remote desktop system



After completing the above preparations, we can see the demonstration in the figure above, click the Console menu, and then click the Launch Console button to enter the system desktop.



If we can see that the above interface shows that the problem is not great, install it as prompted.



Here we select the system version and the basic full-featured installation.


2. Select custom installation and driver


Here are the default installation and custom installation. Select the second custom installation, but you need to select the driver. Generally, you do not know what to choose.



Prepare to select the driver.



As shown in the preceding figure, select the corresponding driver package folder and click OK to load the package.


3. Format the disk



Here we can see several drive letters. We need to format them all and repartition them.



Delete all of them, and re-deploy a NEW drive letter to install WINDOWS.


Third, HostUS installation process for Windows


After the above configuration is complete, we will wait for the system to copy files and install Windows. This takes a long time, because it is not an SSD hard disk yet, and it will not be much faster.



After the automatic copy and installation are completed, we need to cancel the CD driver and change it to hard disk boot.



Select HDD hard drive to start, save it, and then restart the system. After the startup is complete, go to the remote desktop. The following figure is displayed.



When you enter the system for the first time, we need to set the login account password. In this way, after the settings are complete, we will have a series of general system settings. After the settings are complete, we can apply them as Windows systems to the tutorial.


IV. Summary of installing Windows on HostUS KVM


1. If we choose to install the Windows system using KVM to save costs, it is completely unnecessary. The 2 GB memory solution will cost more than 10 US dollars a month.


2. At present, the KVM architecture does not use SSD hard disks, and the Windows system installation speed is not very good. Of course, if we need to choose one, it is our local tyrants, and from the perspective of cost effectiveness, Lao Jiang personally thinks that the OVZ solution is cheaper.


3. I personally think that the advantages of the KVM architecture solution are not very obvious. If you have a direct connection to the data center in Hong Kong, you will be competitive.
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